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Wireless Power Solutions

Wireless Power Solutions
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Category:MOST The Pearce Research Group at Michigan Tech in Open Sustainability Technology focuses on open and applied sustainability, which is the application of science and innovation to ensure a better quality of life for all, now and into the future, in a just and equitable manner, whilst living within the limits of supporting ecosystems. Specifically we are interested in exploring the way solar photovoltaic technology can sustainably power our society and how open-source hardware like open source appropriate technologies (or OSAT) and RepRap 3-D printing can drive decentralized local production and manufacturing (and maybe even social change)[1]. See Advancing Open, Sustainable Technology with 3D Printing We have a strong open access policy. Pearce Publications: Energy Conservation • Energy Policy • Industrial Symbiosis • Life Cycle Analysis • Materials Science • Open Source • Photovoltaic Systems • Solar Cells • Sustainable Development • Sustainability Education Completed Projects[edit]

Renesas Electronics International - Ultrasonic measurement instruments ZigBee Wireless Standard - Ember - ZigBee Alliance Promoter Utilities This page is currently under review for update. Content related to the URDB has moved to Utility Rate Database Page. Electric_utility: A corporation, agency, or other legal entity that owns and/or operates facilities for the generation, transmission, distribution or sale of electricity primarily for use by the public. U.S. Average Energy Prices Map of average US residential electricity price by utility service territory (EIA 2010 data). How does your electric utility compare with others on accessibility to your energy data? Dive into the maps and info pages to see what data your utility provides you! Utility company representatives, please fill out the questionnaire to have your electric utility represented on the map. Utility Rate Database The Utility Rate Database (URDB) is a free storehouse of rate structure information from utilities in the United States. Learn More...

Phidgets Inc. - Unique and Easy to Use USB Interfaces Intelligence When and Where You Need It in The Internet of Things The aerospace and defense industry has benefited from the vision of the Internet of Things for decades. Often referred to as the connected battlefield or network-centric warfare, information sharing and collaboration with a wide variety of ground, sea, air, and space assets greatly enhances the quality of battlefield information and situational awareness. Intelligence is being built into these assets at a record pace, enabling autonomous activity rather than simple remote control. As a result, the reliability, security, and safety of the systems controlling these devices are paramount. Sophisticated surveillance and intelligence-gathering payloads for these assets often come from different manufacturers, so cooperation among manufacturers and the use of standards such as the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) are important for interoperability.

Hands–On Mobile™ Thermal Comfort :: A Condition of Mind :: In Simple Terms Part I - Introduction Part II - Hormones Our Flagship Programs: Energy and Indoor environmental Quality in Modern or Modernized Buildings Popular Topics Academic Scores due to IEQ Advice for Consumers Building Efficiency Categories Building Orientation Building Enclosures Built to Code: Means what? Comfort: A Condition of Mind Conduction Animation Control Valve Theory Convection Animation Dedicated Outdoor Air System Duct Tape: Not for Ducts Effectiveness Coefficients Earth Tube Heat Exch.' Energy and IEQ Energy/Exergy Efficiency Embedded Pipes in Concrete Exergy & Sustainability Filter Fist-a Cuffs Floor Temperatures Flooring R values Flooring and Boiler Efficiency Forensic Services Health and HVAC systems Health and IEQ Heat, Air, Moisture Modelling Heated Hardwood Flooring History of Radiant Heating Human Factors Human Thermal Plume Humidity & the Environment HVAC & Energy Efficiency Hybrid HVAC Systems IAQ Investigator IEQ Research Infiltration Is slab insulation needed? Mean Radiant Temperature Moisture Monitoring Lead

System-on-chip Complete Solutions - Sigma Designs Enabling the Internet of Things - Building Connected Products and Experiences