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Facebook Twitter COM port (APNUS002).pdf. COM port redirector. A COM port redirector is specialized software (often including device driver and user application) that includes the underlying network software necessary to access networked device servers that provide remote serial devices or modems.

COM port redirector

Overview[edit] The purpose of the redirector is to make the virtual COM port exhibit behavior that closely resembles that of a "real" COM port, i.e., a COM port driver for local serial port hardware. A virtual COM port itself is a relatively simple software mechanism that can be implemented by driver software similar to that of a conventional COM port driver. The main challenges arise in two other areas: the network connection to the device server and the behavior of the device server. These issues are described in the Technology section below. Applications use a COM port redirector through one or more virtual COM ports that the redirector creates, as configured by the user.

Network protocol support that is compatible with the device server. Variants[edit] Truck diagnostic cable OBD 6+9pin. OBD Diagnostics, Inc. - OBD2 All-In-One Scan Tool w/ USB. This is an adapter between the J1939 round Deutsch 9-pin connector (test equipment side - mates to the J1939 vehicle) and an OBD2 style 16-pin connector (female vehicle side - mates with an OBD2 test connector).

OBD Diagnostics, Inc. - OBD2 All-In-One Scan Tool w/ USB

The J1939 +/- data lines are connected to the CAN +/- lines, and the power and ground lines are also connected. The most common application is to connect a GPS Tracker that is meant for an OBD2 vehicle to a vehicle that has the 9-pin round Deutsch connector. The power lines are appropriately connected to provide power to the tracker.

This adapter will allow an OBD2 scan tool (with the appropriate software) to connect to the round J1939 connector. Bear in mind that most OBD2 software and scanners are based on reading PIDs, which are single parameters. Wiring Connections Also Available. NEXIQ Technologies , 401015 Caterpillar Deutsch 9-Pin Adapter. J1939 and J1708 Adapter/Converter: J1939 to RS232, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Wireless. The VNA family is a high-performance, low-cost, low latency J1939 and J1708 adapter for heavy-duty vehicles.

J1939 and J1708 Adapter/Converter: J1939 to RS232, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Wireless

The family implements J1939 to RS232, J1939 to USB, J1939 to Bluetooth, and wireless J1939 to WiFi (802.11b) interfaces. Devices support dual J1939/CAN networks and a single J1587/J1708 network. Caterpillar Communication Adapter - III. Important Safety Information Think Safety Most accidents that involve product operation,maintenance, and repair are caused by failureto observe basic safety rules or precautions.

Caterpillar Communication Adapter - III

An accident can often be avoided byrecognizing potentially hazardous situationsbefore an accident occurs. Aperson must bealert to potential hazards. This person shouldalso have the necessary training, skills, andtools to perform these functions properly. Improper operation, lubrication,maintenance, or repair of this product canbe dangerous and could result in injury or death.Do not operate or perform any lubrication,maintenance, or repair on this product untilyou have read and understood theoperation, lubrication, maintenance, andrepair information. Safety precautions and warnings are providedin this manual and on the product. Attention! Caterpillar cannot anticipate every possiblecircumstance that might involve a potentialhazard.