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Kent Larson: Brilliant designs to fit more people in every city. See The Invention That Just Changed Biking Forever. What is the solution to a greener, more physically-fit planet?

See The Invention That Just Changed Biking Forever

Biking! Even though forward-thinking cities already use bikes for their transportation, the US has been lagging behind. Even though biking is fun and practical, there are some drawbacks that may keep people from taking it up. The Greenest Office Building In The World Is About To Open In Seattle. Seattle’s Bullitt Center is being heralded as the greenest, most energy-efficient commercial office building in the world.

The Greenest Office Building In The World Is About To Open In Seattle

It’s not that the six-story, 50,000-square-foot building is utilizing never-before-seen technology. But it’s combining a lot of different existing technologies and methods to create a structure that’s a showpiece for green design--and a model for others to follow. A project of the Bullitt Foundation, a Seattle-based sustainability advocacy group, the Bullitt Center has an incredibly ambitious goal. From the website: The goal of the Bullitt Center is to change the way buildings are designed, built and operated to improve long-term environmental performance and promote broader implementation of energy efficiency, renewable energy and other green building technologies in the Northwest. ShapeShift. Responsive Cities: Kent Larson at TEDxBoston. Don Tapscott: Four principles for the open world.

Folding Concrete?! Flat-Pack Building Blocks of the Future. This may be the biggest invention since that long-standing, still-universal staple of the construction industry: the red clay brick.

Folding Concrete?! Flat-Pack Building Blocks of the Future

A single identical unit, multiplied by four, forms a rigid structural element – stack these and set them side by side, and you have nothing short of a material revolution. Watch the videos to fully see how these function! Created by Dror Benshetrit after years of toying with related geometries and building methods, this super-simple, gravity-driven block system has as many applications as one can imagine. Poniendo en duda la dureza de la ciudad. Joshua Klein on the intelligence of crows. Científicos encuentran los agujeros negros más grandes en la historia - Tecnología. Boarding a moving train: The way to speed up rail travel? The 'Moving Platforms' concept envisions city-wide tram networks that are integrated with a high-speed rail service.

Boarding a moving train: The way to speed up rail travel?

When a tram runs next to a high-speed train, the tram speeds up and train slows down. The moving tram "docks" with the moving train, allowing passengers to cross between tram and train without either vehicle stopping. Moving Platforms. Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action. Michael Pawlyn: Using nature's genius in architecture. Jarvis Cocker - Running The World. The Astounding Design Of Eixample, Barcelona. Constructed in the early 20th century, Eixample is a district of the Spanish city of Barcelona known for the urban planning that divided the district into octagonal blocks.

The Astounding Design Of Eixample, Barcelona

Influenced by a range of schools of architecture, Eixample Barcelona was designed in a grid pattern with long streets, wide avenues, and rounded street corners. Despite being in the center of a thriving European metropolis, the district provides improved living conditions for inhabitants including extensive sun light, improved ventilation, and more open green space for public use. And of course, the result from the grid-like structure is astounding from above: Throwable Ball Camera Takes Full Spherical Panoramas. Quantum locking. STRANDBEEST.

Kempf. I've been spending time over the last month getting to grips with Petra Kempf's remarkable publication You are the City.


Subtitled "Observation, organization, and transformation of urban settings", the main element of this publication are 22 sheets of clear acetate, onto which are printed different conceptual layers and frameworks of a city. It's based on a earlier project called Met(r)onymy 1, from 2001. T-shirt charges your phone by absorbing ambient sound. First there were tie-dyes, then there were hypercolors.

T-shirt charges your phone by absorbing ambient sound

Could piezoelectric fabrics that charge your mobile phone while you wear them be the next big T-shirt fad? That's what the French telecom company, Orange, is counting on, reports the Telegraph. The shirts utilize ambient sound as a catalyst to produce electric voltage, and are being rolled out just in time for the Glastonbury Music Festival in Britain.

Developers hope that the shirts will offer a convenient, eco-friendly way for festival goers to charge their phones while they're rocking out away from the grid. The material used in the shirts is made from a product called piezoelectric film, which is capable of transforming sound waves into an electric charge via the compression of interlaced quartz crystals. Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex. Alex Steffen: The shareable future of cities. Seven Deadly Monkeys @ PechaKucha Puebla. Ground-breaking ideas & strategies in business, economics & sustainability for innovative leaders. Design Matters: Doing Better with Less. Plastic-Bottle Bulbs Shed Some Light on the Situation - Design.

For the millions who live in the shantytowns of the developing world, there are better things to spend money on than electricity.

Plastic-Bottle Bulbs Shed Some Light on the Situation - Design

But many corrugated-iron-roofed shacks, like the ones seen throughout the poorer neighborhoods of Manila, Philippines, lack windows to let in natural light, leaving residents the choice of complete darkness or running expensive electric bulbs all day. However, a new development project called Liter of Light aims to solve that predicament through an unexpected and highly affordable technology: old soda bottles. Introduction to Manhattan Timeformations.