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parametric – digital futures Description: Grasshopper Level I will serve as an introduction to the parametric plugin Grasshopper for Rhino3D. Participants will be exposed to beginner/intermediate level workflows and design strategies... Digital Futures Workshop Series Pratt Institute School of Undergraduate Architecture Revit Workshop Level I Location- Higging Hall Auditorium Date + Time- 2010.02.20, 12-6pm (w/ a 30min break @ 2:45pm) Requirements-... MultiSection Pipe 01/////////////////////////////////////// Dec07// Master degree at Politecnico di Torino with a computational design thesis TMD_tsunami memorial design competition, network as design tool::: prof.Roberto Apostolo, prof.Mario Grosso, Arch.Andrea GrazianoJan08// Join at studioGriffa, Turin as project architectFeb08// at DRL TEN exhibition, Architectural Association, London with K_pavilion project ::: visiting Zaha Hadid Architects London, attends co|de lecture: Shajay Booshan, Danilo Arsic Feb08// K_pavilion publicated at DRL TEN book.Mar08// UIA infopoint competition.May08// MCA, Mario Cucinella architects "Una stanza di luce" workshop at Cavallerizza Chiablese, TurinJun08// Workshop “Parametric Architecture” tutors Ludovica Tramontin Asp(e)x and Erich Schoenenberger(Su11 architecture+design, Pratt Insitute, NY, USA)Jul08/// Torino World Design Summer School “Prototyping the city” assistant tutor of EcologicStudio-Architectural Association, NSU-GSAPP-Columbia University and Politecnico di Torino+ Configuration 0 project.

access  R&Sie... BACK to index PracticeasLifeSpan: lostinparis spidernethewood barakhouse physics/ A simple particle system physics engine for processing. I've designed this to be application / domain agnostic. All this is supposed to do is let you make particles, apply forces and calculate the positions of particles over time in real-time. Anything else you need to handle yourself.

Cody Davis Cloth Series | 2011.03 I developed a series of images using Autodesk Maya nucleus solver and ncloth. One of the variations was used for the cover of Composites, Surfaces and Software: Towards a High Performance Architecture, edited by Greg Lynn, Mark Foster Gage and Stephen Nielsen. Contributors for the book include Frank Gehry, Chris Bangle, Lise Anne Couture, Greg Foley, Bill Kreysler, Adriana Monk, William Pearson and Yale School of Architecture Dean Robert A.M. Stern. “Charybdis” and cover image provided for Composites, Surfaces and Software: Towards a High Performance Architecture | edited by Greg Lynn, Mark Foster Gage and Stephen Nielsen | 2011.03

Surface Patterns With The ShopBot Writer for Grasshopper The file is meant to be used for academic, and other non-profit institutions for non-commercial, non-profit internal research purposes. This file was created (and tested) in Grasshopper version (0.7.0055). Results may vary if using a different version. Grasshopper Shop Bot Writer (369kb - right click and 'Save Link As') Tutorials How to Edit R Charts in Adobe Illustrator A detailed guide for R users who want to polish their charts in the popular graphic design app for readability and aesthetics. How to Make an Animated Map in R, Part 4 In the the last part of the four-part series, you make a longer animation with more data and annotate. Transitioning Map, Part 3: Animate Change Over Time How to make a bunch of maps and string them together to show change.

[F]antastic + Interactive - ComputationalMatter [F]antastic + Interactive Self Organizing Curves + Point Attractors Influence - Grasshopper + Python Research V.1 [28.June.2011] - via GH_Python """Organizes the Curves by using a threshold value based on distances between each curve pt. A second set of Independent attractors in the form of points adds a new range of influence to the self organizing system .""" click images for full resolution Definition w/ Python Component Base Curves Gens [6] CurvePointsAttraction Level [6] AttractorPtThreshold Level [0] Fashion meets Architecture with Jorge Ayala Once again, Fashion skills help emerging designers’ through different disciplines in order to bring their ideas to the table. Mexico City-born Jorge Ayala, London/Paris-based architect approached his proposal on

Stylianos Dritsas « Scriptedbypurpose Stylianos Dritsas is working in the architectural practice of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates in London for the past two years. He is involved in the design development of a series of large-scale high-profile buildings around the globe. Prior to that he studied Design and Computation in MIT where he earned his Masters of Science. Galapagos and GSA solver It's still early stages of testing and development of some recent work I've been doing to enable access to GSA solver directly within Grasshopper (and importantly Galapagas). The attached example is still primitive, I'll find a moment to extend it to include a stiffness per mass objective, but it does demonstrate a few aspects of using this technique. All feedback appreciated, including requests for more components to save manual generation of GWA attributes (which is shown for the point load generation). Grasshopper DefinitionsGSA SAP SpaceGASS Egret Robot

craft_id AADRL v10 2008 © ludovico lombardi . Published on January 06, 2009. Craft_ID researches legibility in complex urban scenario thrived on formal and spatial architecture articulation coherence. PYC/WEBLOG» Blog Archive » graphical relationship script sequencer on Sketchup: current progress It has been a while since the working demo of this script sequencer on sketchup. Not long after that I realized the issues with scripting in as3+js (even with adobe air) lots of restrictions and limiations, really not ideal for a software, so I spent some time to re-program everything on the nodegraph side without the complication of as3+html webdialog+js. The baisc framework is now working i.e. node sequence, connections, special node(slider), communication between the 2 software, referencing sketchup entities, auto evaluate on changes etc., nothing much changed on the ruby side for now. hopefully I can make this available after getting a few examples done along with a basic tool palette to work with points, vectors, lines and faces.

Post-Planetary Design Freeman Dyson talks about near term and long term human travel off planet in his Noah’s Ark Eggs and Warm-Blooded Plants lecture at the recent Starship Century conference, A. C. Clarke Center [UCSD] conference. "On June 30, 2004, the Cassini spacecraft entered orbit around Saturn to begin the first in-depth, up-close study of the ringed planet and its domain.