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Story Idea Generator. Story Starters. Plot Scenario Generator. Pitch Generator - TV Tropes. Magical Phenomena Generator. Short Story Ideas - Scenarios. Scenario Generator Sometimes you don't have any idea what to write about.

Short Story Ideas - Scenarios

You might have a character you like but haven't a clue what sort of story to put them in. Perhaps you just want a basic idea on which to build a story. This generator will give you a setting for your story - sometimes a very unusual setting! The Newspaper Clipping Image Generator - Create your own fun newspaper.

Fiction writers storyline and plot idea generator. Click here to generate a compelling plot This plot generator creates original and random storylines for plays, novels, short stories, soap opera, TV series or a movie script.

Fiction writers storyline and plot idea generator

The plotlines generated are not guaranteed to make sense but they do inspire writers by triggering a creative chain of thought. Most of the results might be off-the-wall but some are pure gold. S Bookcase: Story generators and prompts: fantasy, genreless, tarot, starters and quotes.

Writers prompts 'First words' prompts have been updated again.

s Bookcase: Story generators and prompts: fantasy, genreless, tarot, starters and quotes.

Lots more prompts! 83 prompts for the month of november, for NaNoWriMo participants. Cool Bits Story Generator. 11/19/2007 Added more Cool Bits. 10/31/2007 Added a new element: motivation.

Cool Bits Story Generator

Also added new sentence structures to use it. 6/23/2007 Just created a Random Art Prompt Generator. Writers Workshop. The Bonsai Story Tree Generator takes coherent text and turns it into... well, I'm not sure what.

Writers Workshop

It's not GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) -- it's more like QIGO (Quality In, Garbage Out). Only, the garbage often makes a sort of strange, surreal sense... Judge for yourself. :-)