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Réfugiés climatiques

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CCFD-Terre Solidaire. Report shows the disproportionate effects of climate change on the global poor. It’s not news that climate change disproportionately affects the poor — but a new report from the World Bank gives us a better idea of just how stacked the deck really is.

Report shows the disproportionate effects of climate change on the global poor

The report is one of the first to connect climate and poverty at the level of the household. According to the Bank, a warming world will send an additional 100 million people into extreme poverty (living on $1.90 per day, according to the new standard) by 2030 — and nearly half of those people will live in India. Climate change might force this Native American tribe off of the land it’s been on for generations. The term “climate refugee” is going to become more and more familiar as the years pass.

Climate change might force this Native American tribe off of the land it’s been on for generations

It refers to people whose homes will be destroyed by climate change — flooded or made unlivable by fire, drought, or famine — who will then need to find another place to live. Our great staff writer on justice, Aura Bogado, recently dug into this term as she looked at a case in New Zealand: Erika and Teitiota, both originally from Kiribati, decided to leave their climate-threatened South Pacific home because the sand they were trying to live on was sometimes inundated by the ocean. Climate change is forcing people to migrate and the world doesn’t have a plan to handle it.

How should governments treat people who are forced to migrate due to climate change? That question is on the working agenda for the upcoming Paris climate talks, at least sort of — and that’s a good thing. As it stands, there’s no clear definition of what, exactly, a forced climate migrant is; nor is there an international legal framework to deal with the mass movement of people (and, sooner than you might think, entire nations) displaced because of global warming.

Paris could go a long way toward further recognizing the phenomenon, as well as helping to shape how to deal with it. If it doesn’t, some of the world’s most vulnerable people will remain in a bizarre legal and political limbo. The United Nations’ 1951 Refugee Convention governs who is deemed a refugee, and what rights they’re afforded as a result. How Climate Change Could Cause the Next Big Refugee Crisis. The current refugee crisis has not emerged solely because of the problems caused by climate change, but environmental and humanitarian groups are warning that the next major crisis could be, and that we need to start preparing now.

How Climate Change Could Cause the Next Big Refugee Crisis

The threat of war, general civil unrest, and religiously motivated violence have been among the key driving forces that have led to hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing Syria and surrounding regions and entering Europe with the hope of finding safety. Le dérèglement climatique pousse toujours plus de migrants sur les routes. New Zealand rejects climate refugee asylum bid. Leaked IPCC report: Humans are adapting — but hunger, homelessness, and violence lie ahead. If you are anything like us, you’re waiting for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to publish the next installment of its epically important assessment report with bated breath.

Leaked IPCC report: Humans are adapting — but hunger, homelessness, and violence lie ahead

Rejoice: The waiting is over, thanks to an intrepid sneak who leaked the doc ahead of schedule. Ioane Teitiota sera-t-il le premier réfugié climatique ? LE MONDE GEO ET POLITIQUE | • Mis à jour le | Par Laetitia Van Eeckhout En septembre, un habitant des Kiribati, archipel du Pacifique menacé par la montée des eaux, a demandé à la Nouvelle-Zélande, le statut de réfugié.

Ioane Teitiota sera-t-il le premier réfugié climatique ?

C'est la première fois qu'une personne réclame l'asile en invoquant directement un motif climatique. Avec l'élévation du niveau des océans, la désertification et les catastrophes naturelles à répétition, cette démarche devrait se multiplier. >> Lire aussi : La vraie-fausse "pause" du réchauffement climatique La plupart des victimes du réchauffement se déplacent au sein même de leur propre pays. Will Climate Refugees Get Promised Aid? America’s first climate refugees. Sabrina Warner keeps having the same nightmare: a huge wave rearing up out of the water and crashing over her home, forcing her to swim for her life with her toddler son.

America’s first climate refugees

“I dream about the water coming in,” she said. The landscape in winter on the Bering Sea coast seems peaceful, the tidal wave of Warner’s nightmare trapped by snow and several feet of ice. But the calm is deceptive. Spring break-up will soon restore the Ninglick River to its full violent force. In the dream, Warner climbs on to the roof of her small house. Even that isn’t high enough. Les migrations climatiques s'accélèrent en Asie-Pacifique. Les catastrophes liées à des événements climatiques ont déplacé plus de 42 millions de personnes en Asie-Pacifique ces deux dernières années, a indiqué la Banque asiatique de développement (BAD) dans un rapport publié mardi 13 mars.

Les migrations climatiques s'accélèrent en Asie-Pacifique

"L'Asie-Pacifique est la zone la plus sujette aux catastrophes naturelles, que ce soit en termes de nombre absolu de catastrophes ou de populations touchées", selon le document. Environ 31,8 millions de personnes dans la région ont été déplacées par des typhons, sécheresses et autres événements météorologiques extrêmes en 2010, une année particulièrement dure, marquée notamment par des inondations massives qui ont forcé dix millions de Pakistanais à fuir. Réfugiés de l'environnement : introduction.

Publié le: 04. 08. 2009 Les chiffres varient, une certitude demeure : de plusieurs dizaines de millions à ce jour, les réfugiés de l'environnement pourraient se chiffrer en centaines de millions dans les années à venir... Or, tant sur le plan juridique que sur le plan pratique, aucune volonté politique claire n'existe alors que l'heure est à l'urgence... Lots of people, animals, and plants will be homeless thanks to climate change. Climate Survivor: "This Is Affecting Everyone" Written by Molly Rauch On February 11th, 2013 I went to the White House to call on President Obama to give us a climate plan.

Climate Survivor: "This Is Affecting Everyone"

Joining with partners and allies at, Forecast the Facts and Credo Action, we brought the names of almost 250,000 people to the Obama administration. We also heard from survivors of Hurricane Sandy about how climate chaos affected their lives. Sandy survivors are on the front lines of global warming. They are living through the sometimes-excruciating effects of the extreme weather that, scientists tell us, has already arrived as a result of human-generated alterations to our earth’s climate.