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PEARLTREES, et si c'était l'outil de curation par excellence ?

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Le nouveau Pearltrees, tactile et collaboratif en temps réel. Médias & Publicité : Pearltrees imagine le Web sans Google. Le français propose d'indexer les contenus et les rassemble par «réseaux d'intérêts».

Médias & Publicité : Pearltrees imagine le Web sans Google

Depuis dix ans, Google s'impose sur Internet. Pearltrees, ou la fixation et la classification du web. Pearltrees : un concurrent à Google ? Nous les geeks… on aime les outsiders.

Pearltrees : un concurrent à Google ?

Et comme tout ceux de notre génération (ou presque), nous étions « Fans » des premiers Macbooks et iMac. Fans car cela était contraire à la suprématie du géant Microsoft. Maintenant qu’Apple atteint une taille critique, c’est à son tour de subir les foudres de la presse et des « geekous » que nous sommes sur divers aspects de la politique Steve Jobienne. Il en va de même pour Google qui au début avait tout les suffrages (contrairement à ses rivaux de l’époque tels que : Altavista ou Yahoo!) Et qui maintenant subit le courroux vengeur de sa super-puissance.

Et bien pour toutes les personnes qui suivent de près ou de loin mon compte Twitter, vous avez pu remarquer mon attrait en janvier dernier pour une startup française qui porte le drôle de nom de : Pearltrees. Pearltrees, la Perliculture de vos Bookmarks - Japonation sur « It’s rare to look at a bookmarking tool and feel convinced that it’s going to win a design award. » Tels sont les mots que Dana Oshiro de Readwriteweb US utilisa pour décrire Pearltrees, l’outil de visual bookmarking made in Paris, qui a pour but de nous recommander du contenu en fonction de nos intérêts.

Pearltrees, la Perliculture de vos Bookmarks - Japonation sur

Sur l’interface (Flash), chaque page bookmarkée est représentée par une bulle (appelée perle). Les utilisateurs organisent leurs perles en les rassemblant dans des dossiers de perles appelés Pearltrees. Le tout se controle en drag-n-drop. Pearltrees Visualizes How You Organize the Web. This post is part of Mashable's Spark of Genius series, which highlights a unique feature of startups.

Pearltrees Visualizes How You Organize the Web

If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. The series is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. Pearltrees Dives Into Social Curating With Pearltrees Team. Content curation and mapping service Pearltrees has decided to focus on the fact that people want to do things in groups and has as of today upgraded its core product with a groups functionality, called Pearltrees Team.

Pearltrees Dives Into Social Curating With Pearltrees Team

Now accesible just by logging in, Pearltrees Team allows you to hook up with other people in order to create a Pearltree collaboratively in realtime. Ideally this goes down as such: You really care about fashion so you search for fashion in the Pearltrees search box and are confronted with really elaborate visual cluster displays of fashion blogs, each blog its own “pearl.” You decide that anyone who likes The Sartorialist is probably a good egg and click on the puzzle piece in the Pearltrees detail window in order to ask if you can join the team. If the team leader accepts, you then can see all the Pearltree curation happening as it happens as well as as comment on individual Pearltree decisions. You can also share your team curation easily via Facebook and Twitter. The Curation Buzz... And PearlTrees. Posted by Tom Foremski - April 12, 2010 My buddy Dave Galbraith is the first person I remember to first start talking about curation and the Internet, several years ago.

The Curation Buzz... And PearlTrees

He even named his company Curations, and created a tool/site for curation: Wists. And his site SmashingTelly - is great example of curation, a hand-picked collection of great videos. Today, much is written about curation and the Internet but it all seems mostly talk because we don't really have the tools we need. Pearltrees brings curation to next level, adds Team feature. As the Internet grows, finding content that's relevant to you becomes tougher.

Pearltrees brings curation to next level, adds Team feature

Sure, there's your basic Web search and then there's aggregation, similar to what Google and Yahoo do with news headlines. But another form of information discovery is starting to gain some momentum: curation. Just about a year ago, I wrote a post about a French company called Pearltrees, which was just launching a service that was best described as bookmarking, but with a social twist. The idea is simple, really. Pearltrees, socializing and curating content on the web. Content of any type is not useful unless you can find it, organize it and interact with it.

pearltrees, socializing and curating content on the web

In the enterprise companies have tried many different schemes to try and get business content collected in a central repository, organized, tagged, version controlled, and searchable. This has often taken the route of "content management" systems. Content management systems to varying degrees, do an adequate job of getting some content into a controlled system environment. There are challenges with content management systems on two fronts though, getting content into the system in the first place (getting employees to participate in inputting content in some way) and getting the right content into the hands of the person who actually needs it. Search helps find content and tagging can increase searchability of course, but the whole system is only as good as the ability to input and tag the content, which inherently requires broad participation.

The concept is fairly simple really. Curation Becomes Social: Pearltrees Launches 'Team' Version. Posted by Tom Foremski - December 7, 2010 [For much of this year I have been working with Pearltrees, which offers a visual web site curation service based on the visual metaphor of 'pearls' please see below for an example.]

Curation Becomes Social: Pearltrees Launches 'Team' Version

Pearltrees this week launched a "Team" version of its curation service that allows groups of people to collaborate on curating a topic. Up until now each Pearltree was the responsibility of one person. Alexia Tsotsis at Techcrunch reported: Ideally this goes down as such: You really care about fashion so you search for fashion in the Pearltrees search box and are confronted with really elaborate visual cluster displays of fashion blogs, each blog its own “pearl.”

Pearltrees is part of a growing number of companies that offer curation services. In addition, pre-fetching of web site content means that it is possible to browse a Pearltree faster than surfing from site to site. Pearltrees Reaching 10 Million Page Views-Will Introduce Private Curation “Soon” Pearltrees, the Social Curation Tool. If there is one thing I like about koozies, that is their ability to become a unique and personalized gift. Regardless of where you will be handing them out, a koozie can be ideal memento for any occasion, whether it be for a get-together, corporate party, fundraiser, or a sports celebration. A koozie is a highly functional and innovative product recognized for its many uses. Koozies at can embellished with a design of your own choosing. You will be given the opportunity to select the design that you want to be printed on the koozies.

So, for instance, if you will be using them for a fundraising event, you can have a personalized message imprinted on them. PearlTrees Social Curation Community by Marvin Whitehead. Curation Done Right: Pearltrees’ Visual Curation. Pearltrees est ouvert! ? L’alpha publique de pearltrees est en ligne, stabilisée, ouverte.

Pearltrees est ouvert! ?

Ce n’est bien sur qu’un premier pas vers la vaste communauté d’éditeurs du Web que j’appelais de mes vœux dans le précédent billet. Mais c’est un pas véritable, je crois. Plusieurs centaines d’éditeurs bâtissent en ce moment leur propre Web. Ce Web peut-être drôle ou sérieux, profond ou léger, il peut-être roboratif, contemplatif ou d’actualité. Pearltrees: Ses vidéos, favoris et bien plus encore. Pearltrees pour visualiser et partager vos navigations. With the Traveling Geeks @ Pearltrees.

The Traveling Geeks met with Patrice Lamothe from Pearltrees (@pearltrees) for nearly two hours at the beginning of the Traveling Geeks tour. This guy is running the Internet startup buzz playboo k like perfect, at least for a French startup: he did a tour in the Silicon Valley visiting local influencers and bloggers, sponsored the Traveling Geeks and Leweb, talking at Leweb in plenary session (twice…), creating plug-ins, buttons, that can be placed everywhere on social sites, his site is in English, and so on. As a result, he got heck of a good visibility. And we were very kindly welcomed in the company which looks like an US startup: lots of coffee and… US sized patisserie. The company raised $3m of funding (2m€) out of business angels and family offices.

So, Pearltree wants to “curate the web” on a graphical basis. The site was launched in beta form at Leweb. I’m rather skeptic of the outlook for such a tool. Also, the founder said he will think later about building a business model. Pearltrees : cartographier vos bookmarks. Il existe de nombreux outils de gestion et partage de bookmarks (social bookmarking) : Delicious, StumbleUpon, Yoolink, etc. La gestion des favoris sur ces sites se fait par mot-clé ou tag. Pearltrees - Wikip?dia. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Pearltrees Pearltrees est un service qui permet à ses utilisateurs d'organiser, d'explorer et de partager des pages web, des notes, des photos ou des fichiers. Suivant la logique de curation de contenu (faire ressortir le meilleur contenu du web), Pearltrees fait à la fois office d'agrégateur de contenu mais aussi de moteur de recherche communautaire. Son concept repose sur l'idée que la multiplication des contenus (blogues, images, vidéos, etc.) rend nécessaire une organisation humaine du web[1]. Emparez-vous du Web Avec Pearltrees ! Pearltrees. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à.