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The shadows of israpael

[Adv] Forgotten Temple (v1.7 Final) Please also look at my new project - "Dimension of DooM". The Forgotten temple - Adventure type map. This map is one of the few adventure type maps available now. You can download it and try to solve all puzzles and clear all challenges! So far it has about 25 min of gameplay and many interesting and unexpected puzzles (including things that were added in latest updates). More then 130.000 downloads so far, more then 200 lets plays on youtube, the most known adventure map there is! This was one of the first ever created adventure/puzzle maps for minecraft (actually 3rd ). You can download current version here: (final version! This map Includes following: - Puzzles (whole lot of different ones) - Hidden stuff - Locked Doors - Switches and Buttons - High score counting system (FIRST EVER*) - Puzzles with minecarts - Lava - Jumping paths (optional) - Dispensers - Puzzles with sound blocks (!)

Screenshots: Adventure Map: The Forgotten Temple. Minecraft - Forgotten Temple Part 1 (Custom Map) Minecraft - Forgotten Temple Part 3 (Custom Map) Minecraft - Forgotten Temple Part 2 (Custom Map) [Short Adventure Map] The Crevice. Just a short adventure quest map i made! Plot : You are camping out in the wilderness when you come across a crevice, Amazed at natures creation you decide to explore, but without any ladders to get back up you must find a way out! 5aeKVYanzg4 RULES : You are NOT alowed to destroy any blocks other than clay and paintings, : You are NOT alowed to craft any items, for you will find them in the map : You are NOT alowed to destroy spawners, but only disable them with torches.

Installation Info : I know this has been explained a trillion times before. 1)Download the file to a known location 2)Extract the file using Win.Rar or ZIP 3)Open up the minecraft directory, (Can vary on different operating systems) The path is... FnZFlrLPMnc Download You can use the custom texture pack i made for this particular map too... to install simply go into the minecraft directory and place the file into your texture pack, DO NOT UNZIP OR EXTRACT THE FOLDER. Minecraft - The Crevice (Custom Map) [Adv] Four Towers Adventure Dungeon Map. Welcome to Master of the Arena! This is an action packed fully automated, mob spawning, ground pounding, lava flowing, round counting experience.

In order to defeat this map you will need to keep moving and of course kill gobs of mobs as the doors open and close with a full array of monsters. To become the Master of the Arena you must survive all 9 rounds without dying. Unique dispensing means you will never play the same game twice (Items and mobs). This map will work for SSP or SMP although I am making one specifically for SMP that will be more dificult for multiple players. Download: Master of the Arena (single player) or Master of the Arena MP (Multi player) How to play: Enter the control room. Video by timbloemen Specifics: Spoiler: First doors open about 16 seconds after pushing the start button.

Resettable: If you die and want to reset here are the simple instructions. 1. Rules: Play on easy or greater Play vanilla Minecraft No cheats Hints: Minecraft - Four Towers (Custom Map) Part 4. Minecraft - Four Towers (Custom Map) Part 1. Minecraft - Four Towers (Custom Map) Part 2. Minecraft - Four Towers (Custom Map) Part 3. [Adv] Prof. Grizwald and the Curse of the Pyramid. Looking good there! However, there's a rule alot of people handle: 'pictures or it didn't happen'. Those are mostly the people that pee in their pants, fearing for virussus on each single thing, but ofcoarse there are other reasons: People want to know what they download.

Sure, they know it's some piramid adventure map, but with pictures they can see what it looks like. As for making pictures: -Make pics of diffrent things and aspects of the map. Don't make multiple pictures of one thing, there's no use for that. -Make pictures of the things that look the best of the entire map. Follow that, and people will go all "Whoa, looks nice!

I'll download this later, sounds promising! Minecraft - Prof. Grizwald and the Adventure of the Pyramid (Custom Map) Part 1. Minecraft - Prof. Grizwald Part 4. Minecraft - Prof. Grizwald Part 3. Minecraft - Prof. Grizwald Part 2. [Adv] EscapeCraft - Beta. "You awaken in a small room. Strange messages are written on the wall.

Only one thought is on your mind. Escape. " Escapecraft is a room-escape puzzle game, Minecraft-style! Decipher clues, solve riddles, exploit the idiosyncratic physics of everyone's favorite game! This is a "teaser" to gauge the communities interest. Successful completion of the game requires a thorough knowledge of the mechanics of Minecraft (redstone, water, etc). Rules: - Don't break blocks unless you place them. - Difficulty must be set to Normal or Hard - No cheats There are two download links. Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think! Also check out EscapeCraft2! After a couple requests, I've decided to add an option for you all to donate.

Installation: - Download file and unzip to your minecraft folder (on Windows 7, go to C: -> Users -> *USERNAME* -> AppData -> Roaming -> .minecraft -> saves ) - Rename folder "World#" (where '#' is a number 1-5). Walkthrough Room 1 Spoiler: Room 2 Check the floor... carefully... Minecraft - Escapecraft v1 Part 1. Minecraft - Escapecraft v1 Part 2. [Surv] ★★★ Survival Island ★★★ 308,000+ DL's ★★★ Crismajor said: How did you create the map? I assume he used a program like mcEDIT (iff so props brah, that sucker is hard to use) any way day three and here is my survival house its not pretty but it works (especially since i have found no hositle mobs and i set it to hard.) i have a small farm plot and a lone plane i named bob :3 isn't bob cute?

Now the rest of the island as you can see i replanted some trees, (which haven't grown and is been three days already >. <) and i pulled all the lights out from the small mine i made to get to the coal and put cacti there for good measure. Minecraft - "Survival Island" Part 1: Precious Dirt. Minecraft - "Survival Island" Part 2: I have a sense of impending doom.

Minecraft - "Survival Island" Part 3: Mushroom on toast. Minecraft - "Survival Island" Part 4: Other breads are available. Minecraft - "Survival Island" Part 5: Food and Shelter (and Zombies) Minecraft - "Survival Island" Part 6: Burn you hellish fiends! Burn! Minecraft - "Survival Island" Part 7: You don't want to see me getting wool from a sheep!

Minecraft - "Survival Island" Part 8: help! Minecraft - "Survival Island" Part 9: Challenges Complete! Minecraft - "Survival Island" Part 10: The Curator's Lost Treasure. Minecraft - "Survival Island" Part 11: Up and away! [Puzzle] The Legend Of The Flint & Steel ( Over 20,000 DL) - Minecraft Forum - Page 3. Minecraft - The Legend of the Flint and Steel. [Adv] The Redmurk Mystery.

The Redmurk Mystery Current version seems to work fine with Minecraft 1.1 from what I can see. If you spot anything; please let me know. Setting: You have arrived at the remote port town of Redmurk, surprisingly there appears to be no one around and further exploration reveals the town to be empty. A look around the nearby homes shows signs of struggle yet there are no signs of battle or disaster. Perhaps you should investigate? This is my first crack at an adventure map, so any criticism is appreciated. You can download it here Please post any feedback as well as your final score after completion. Installation: Unzip the files and place the Redmurk folder into \.minecraft\saves Rules: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Videos: Edit: List was getting a little long so I just made a youtube account and added all I could see to Favourites: Huge thanks to all who made these videos! Version History: Spoiler: v1.5 v1.6 Previous versions: Minecraft - The Redmurk Mystery Part 1 [Custom Map] The Redmurk Mystery Part 3 [Custom Map] Minecraft - The Redmurk Mystery Part 2 [Custom Map] USS Enterprise Refit [UPDATED FEB3 + YOGSCAST!] 58oP0WJn3BM Download I originally built this ship on a SMP server and finished it about a month ago. I've been sitting on it for awhile and I've finally put it all together as a playable single player level. This is my second attempt after a server map reset so it's the "NCC-1701-A" registration. (Also The Undiscovered Country was be best movie) It has a full interior, a wide compliment of tools and resources throughout the ship.

Included in the download is the World folder, a set of Star Trek player skins, a .schematic file and a very basic "sci-fi" texture pack, you'll have to merge it with whatever custom pack you are using. Backlit Deflector dish The Bridge Transporter Room Captain's Quarters Senior Officer's Lounge Warp Core Engineering Control Cargo Bay Ship's Plaque (featuring a typo) The rest of the map is completely undeveloped.

Because of a mess up on my part you either need to run a no cloud.png or set graphics to fast otherwise the clouds will be right on the saucer deck level. Dr. Mr. Minecraft - Star Trek Custom Map Part 2. Minecraft - Star Trek Custom Map Part 1.