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La vraie recette du bon clash sur Marmiton. LE LOISIR FRANÇAIS - S'il y a bien un loisir français, c'est la cuisine.

La vraie recette du bon clash sur Marmiton

S'il y a bien un plat à réussir sur Internet, c'est le clash. Mesdames, Messieurs: tous les ingrédients sont dans cet article. Cher lecteur, il m'aurait été impossible de traiter de manière exhaustive la notion vaste et ensoleillée du loisir français, thème de cette rubrique depuis plusieurs semaines, sans que nous nous intéressions l'espace d'une chronique à la cuisine et la gastronomie en France. Une passion française. Un hobby, un art de vivre, un motif de rupture, parfois. Et l'arrivée d'Internet et des réseaux sociaux n'a fait qu'accentuer ce partage, car, désormais, nous pouvons nous régaler d'un plat sans avoir à le faire goûter à notre entourage: il suffit de lui mettre sous le nez, à tout moment de la journée, une photo dudit plat.

Les Jacquie et Michel du foodporn amateur Certains cuisiniers un peu trop enthousiastes imposent ainsi une vision de la cuisine dont la consultation confine au supplice. Cielito Querido Café. Architecture, Design Cielito Querido Café Posted by Thomas Bouillot × 17/01/2012 at 20:53 Cielito Querido Café est une chaine de café Mexicaine qui réalise un gros travail sur l’aspect de ses boutiques.

Cielito Querido Café

L’ensemble des points de vente ont un design commun qui tourne autours des jeux typos, des couleurs vives et de matériaux naturels. Le branding a été réalisé par le studio Cadena+Asoc et les différents intérieurs par le studio Esrawe. Share on Tumblr. Mexico Travel Information. Mexico is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Every year millions of people flock to this gorgeous country for some rest and relaxation. People sometimes forget that Mexico is enormous and there are many other regions to visit than the well-known ones. You can make the most out of your Mexico vacation and spend time traveling from one city to the next exploring, sightseeing, shopping, hitting the beaches and more. Here are five top destinations in Mexico to get you on the right track and help you find the perfect place for your Mexico getaway.

Beautiful Outdoors of Hotel-Be-Tulum. Be Tulum Hotel is a new luxury hotel in Tulum, Mexico. Hotel Be-Tulum is beautiful both from the inside and outside as well. The beautiful outdoors has been given special attention which makes it distinctive from others. The careful selection of native materials that blend into the environment and spacious terraces along with private pools gives you the freedom and privacy you need. This beautiful hotel has 20 exclusive suites between the tropical forest, white sand and the sea whereas it also has comfortable and sophisticated interiors, designer furniture and space where every glance falls on magnificence, radiance and natural detail….

More photos here Spread your love! Cool Hunting Presents: Cuixmala. Deep in the Jalisco state of Mexico lies what for many, is a secret paradise.

Cool Hunting Presents: Cuixmala

The coastal resort of Cuixmala, contained within a 25,000 acre nature preserve, was founded by Sir James Goldsmith in the 90s. The eco-friendly destination features beautiful cabanas, casitas and houses, along with all the amenities one would expect from an exclusive escape. From horseback riding to prop plane flying to sailing along the Pacific Coast, the resort has something to offer everyone. While Cuixmala is the definition of laid-back luxury, the resort is far from the main focus of the area. The nature reserve is host to a group of full-time biologists, offering refuge to a number of endemic and endangered species. We recently had the chance to catch up with one of the owners of Cuixmala, Goffredo Marcaccini and the head Chef to learn about the history, cuisine and importance of the property. Cool Hunting Video Presents: Cuixmala from Cool Hunting on Vimeo. To see the original post, click here. "Colors of Mexico City" One of the most surprising things about Mexico City is that it is easy to find calm in the middle of twenty million people.

"Colors of Mexico City"

In the cool silence of a church interior, in an unexpected public garden sheltered by high walls, on a thoughtful bench along a quiet back street, there are plenty of peaceful harbors in which to rest. The crazy colors that are part of life here – they are indeed deliberate, jaunty, reverential. The vivid hues of the street blend seamlessly with the muted tones of places of worship - rather than clashes, there are complements: crimson and gold, amethyst and aquamarine, all a symphony over windowsills and archways.

Honeywell Recruits Top Mexican Engineering Graduates for Innovations in General Engineering across Aerospace Sector. Honeywell has a history in general engineering.

Honeywell Recruits Top Mexican Engineering Graduates for Innovations in General Engineering across Aerospace Sector

Not only does the American company have 122,000 employees worldwide, but it also has been giving back to the general engineering community since 2008. GE organizes university programs in which science and math initiatives are promoted to engineering graduates in the cities of Monterrey, Chihuahua and Mexicali. The fact is, with over 19,000 engineers worldwide working to respond to global trends in safety and energy efficiency, Honeywell knows good engineering.

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