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10 Books Every Artist Must Read

10 Books Every Artist Must Read
I love reading books on art. Not just the kind with pretty pictures, either. But the kind with words. It baffles me how few of my classes during art school actually had required texts. Thankfully I was lucky enough to stumble into the world of art books on my own, and I believe I’m a better artist for it. Here are ten books that I sincerely believe every artist out there should purchase and read—at least once. Art & FearIf you’ve ever started to have thoughts in your head about “am I talented enough?” And there we have it. Do your art a favor and read any of these you haven’t already. Looking for more good books? And now check out my follow up, 10 Books Every Artist Must Read (that have nothing to do with making art).

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Drawing Anatomy Lecture Series Note: We are in transition over to a new site Visit our new store here: Drawing Anatomy Lecture Series These instructional DVDs focus on specific anatomy and will give more detailed instruction than the Drawing Manual Lecture Series. 10 Books Every Artist Must Read (that have nothing to do with making art) The 4-Hour Workweek Tim Ferriss gets a bad rap. His polarizing personality seems to distract from the content of his books. And the content is great. Sculptris Ecorche 01 Yesterday I started doing an ecorche in sculptris. Not enough people give Z-brush's new younger brother enough credit, so I thought I’d see if I could do a serious anatomical study in it. It occurred to me this afternoon that it might be worthwhile to document it here. So, without further ado, Sculpting an ecorche in Sculptris... I started by doing anatomical drawings showing the origins and insertions of the first muscle groups I would be sculpting: pectoralis major and the biceps brachii.

Don’t go to art school — I. M. H. O. The traditional approach is failing us. It’s time for a change. I’ve had it. I will no longer encourage aspiring artists to attend art school. 10 Tips for Becoming a Hotshot Character Concept Artist Every artist want to be a well known artist that can be identified by anyone in the industry. He or she wants to work on film, television or in games. But despite that we don’t know how to achieve our goal. How to Start. Another Note The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases: Page 01 Prologue Another Note - The Los Angeles BB murder files When Beyond Birthday committed his third murder, he attempted an experiment. Namely, to see if it were possible for a human being to die of internal hemorrhaging without rupturing any organs.

Hourly rate or project fee: What makes freelancers more money? We all know that figuring out what to charge is one of the most nerve-wracking parts about freelancing. There are two main ways to charge for your work: per hour or per project. This has long been a topic of debate for freelancers. Will the client reject a high hourly rate? What happens if the project goes beyond a certain timeline? Starting a counseling practice: Getting honest with yourself Launching a private practice is an exciting and terrifying proposition for most therapists. The truth is, many of us were trained in non-profit, agency environments and developing a vision of a for-profit business is foreign. Therapists also often have limited experience talking or thinking about money and starting a private practice is starting a business. A business is about making money by definition.

8 Contract Provisions Every Freelancer Should Know If you've been freelancing for any amount of time, you've probably heard how important it is to get your client agreements in writing. As a former freelance writer and now lawyer who works with freelancers, I won't tell you otherwise. It's not just that a good contract can protect you if a client relationship goes south – it's that a good contract helps avoid misunderstandings before they start. The very act of putting a contract together forces you and your client to articulate and clarify your expectations up front. That said, some parts of a contract can be more important than others. Or at least they seem to come up more often in disputes.

Mood glasses dial up viewable psychedelia, no drugs required. Details: Bence Agoston forgoes drugs to achieve viewable psychedelia, mind expanding, hallucinatory-like images with his Mood sunglasses. The effect is achieved with six special layered lenses which can rotate around their center point. The lens patterns are based on optical effects such as Moire-effect. When the lenses are rotated relative to each other, vision is changed for the wearer. Individual patterns can be varied with others so that the number of variations – depending on the number of lenses – can be vast.

Kleerup + Lykke Li – Until We Bleed (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix Fans of The Music Ninja know PatrickReza very well. The 19 year old original/remix Dubstep producer from Los Angeles, California has hijacked the top charts of hypem numerous time with his delicately crafted remixes. There are american producers that have gone the full brostep route, and there are others who still remain purist to the genre. PatrickReza is right in the middle and sometimes we don’t even know where he is. It is his eclecticism in dubstep that makes him one of the most exciting upcoming producers. How to Flirt and Make Friends at a Nude Beach The first time Jordan Blum met his fiancée, Felicity Jones, both were naked. But don’t get too excited: Before Jordan met Felicity, he met her mother — also naked. 38-year-old Blum and 26-year-old Jones met at Rock Lodge, the family-oriented nudist co-op in New Jersey that both of their families frequented. Soon thereafter, they founded Young Naturists of America, an organization for twenty- and thirtysomething nudists that, Felicity says, is New York’s greatest untapped resource for sweet, sensitive, respectful men. As long as you’re willing to take your clothes off. Sexed-up dating gimmicks like VH1’s Dating Naked — and its Dutch progenitor Adam Zoekt Eva Aflevering — present nudity as an eroticized setup for unyielding social panic.