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10 Books Every Artist Must Read

10 Books Every Artist Must Read
I love reading books on art. Not just the kind with pretty pictures, either. But the kind with words. It baffles me how few of my classes during art school actually had required texts. Thankfully I was lucky enough to stumble into the world of art books on my own, and I believe I’m a better artist for it. Here are ten books that I sincerely believe every artist out there should purchase and read—at least once. Art & FearIf you’ve ever started to have thoughts in your head about “am I talented enough?” And there we have it. Do your art a favor and read any of these you haven’t already. Looking for more good books? And now check out my follow up, 10 Books Every Artist Must Read (that have nothing to do with making art). Related:  zsuzsi901222mexico

Drawing Anatomy Lecture Series Note: We are in transition over to a new site Visit our new store here: Drawing Anatomy Lecture Series These instructional DVDs focus on specific anatomy and will give more detailed instruction than the Drawing Manual Lecture Series. We apologize, and want you to be aware, that because these videos were filmed in a classroom setting, there is some classroom noise in the background. Downloads: You MUST have a reliable high-speed internet connection and a large enough hard drive to download these files! 10 Books Every Artist Must Read (that have nothing to do with making art) The 4-Hour Workweek Tim Ferriss gets a bad rap. His polarizing personality seems to distract from the content of his books. Your Money or Your Life The single most important book on personal finance you can read. I Will Teach You To Be Rich Yes, the title is terrible. How to Win Friends & Influence People You need to read this. Anything You Want Derek Sivers offers the fascinating perspective of an artist who almost inadvertently wandered into the world of business. Permission Marketing One of the best Seth Godin books out there. All Marketers Are Liars Seth Godin’s so good, he gets two books on the list. The Power of Habit Habits control us. Influence Why do people do the things they do? 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing Simple, concise, and accurate.

Don’t go to art school — I. M. H. O. The traditional approach is failing us. It’s time for a change. I’ve had it. I will no longer encourage aspiring artists to attend art school. I have a diploma from the best public art school in the nation. But I am saddened and ashamed at art schools and their blatant exploitation of students. This is embarrassing. Artists are neither doctors nor lawyers. Don’t do it. Don’t start your career with debilitating debt. Please. You’ve got other options. You don’t have to go to college to be an artist. There are excellent atelier schools all over the world that offer superior education for a mere fraction of the price. There are more. And then there are the online options. Sitting at a computer I have direct access to artists all over the world. With all of these options it can be a little daunting. The $10k Ultimate Art Education There. Moving forward There has never been a better time to be an artist. But I encourage all aspiring artists to think long and hard about their options.

10 Tips for Becoming a Hotshot Character Concept Artist | CGVILLA Every artist want to be a well known artist that can be identified by anyone in the industry. He or she wants to work on film, television or in games. But despite that we don’t know how to achieve our goal. We are hopeful that provided article will be helpful for you to achieve your goal and can be a guide to a good career in character design. Master the Fundamentals You must focus on fundamental areas of drawing and painting. Learn how to explore shapes. combining those try to create your character. Know Your Audience Knowing your audience is very important. If, on the other hand, you’re designing a character for the next big comic book movie targeting adults in their 20s and 30s, realism will probably be received in a much better light. Create Something Original Unique thinks attracts everyone in a large scale. Think unique all the time. Tell a Story In a character there are things that has a story behind and they tell their story by itself. Flesh It Out Love What You Do, Not What You Make

Paintings : Erik Pirolt Sturmgeist - Førstefiolinisten: Oil on canvas - 2012 Førsteviolinisten Kaninhullet Vibrert rom gråter ikke Riot break: Oil on canvas - 2012 Lusian Gravethy car Terje Dragseth Hitler Hourly rate or project fee: What makes freelancers more money? We all know that figuring out what to charge is one of the most nerve-wracking parts about freelancing. There are two main ways to charge for your work: per hour or per project. This has long been a topic of debate for freelancers. Will the client reject a high hourly rate? We’re not going to come down on a side, but we do want to tell you which solution is best for your type of work and project: 1. Hourly. 2. Hourly. Charging per hour is generally a good way to make sure that clients respect your time and communicate only when they need to. 3. Project. Charging per project is also the easiest way to increase your rates and test out your market’s tolerance for higher rates. 4. Hourly or Project. However, it is possible to combat scope-creep when you charge a project fee; you just have to be confident when you ask for a contract amendment or an additional contract to cover those expenses. 5. Project. 6. Project. 7. Project. Chances are you’re going to feel cheated. 8. Project.

Starting a counseling practice: Getting honest with yourself | Private Practice Kickstart Launching a private practice is an exciting and terrifying proposition for most therapists. The truth is, many of us were trained in non-profit, agency environments and developing a vision of a for-profit business is foreign. Therapists also often have limited experience talking or thinking about money and starting a private practice is starting a business. So, where do you start when creating the perfect private practice for you? Insurance driven solo private practices focused on 1:1 services Insurance driven group private practices focused on 1:1 services Cash-pay driven solo private practices focused on 1:1 services Cash-pay driven group private practices focused on 1:1 services Cash-pay private practices that have equal parts speaking, consulting, and psychotherapy Cash-pay private practices that are focused retreats, workshops, and intensive therapy Agency like insurance group practices focused on group, 1:1 services, and low-fee workshops for the community

8 Contract Provisions Every Freelancer Should Know If you've been freelancing for any amount of time, you've probably heard how important it is to get your client agreements in writing. As a former freelance writer and now lawyer who works with freelancers, I won't tell you otherwise. It's not just that a good contract can protect you if a client relationship goes south – it's that a good contract helps avoid misunderstandings before they start. The very act of putting a contract together forces you and your client to articulate and clarify your expectations up front. That said, some parts of a contract can be more important than others. 1. The Scope of Work (or sometimes the "Statement of Work") is a common source of trouble for freelancers. 2. Who actually owns that logo you're designing, you or your client? 3. Clients often request changes even when you give them what they originally asked for. 4. Few things cause more disruption in a freelancer's life than a client suddenly moving up a deadline. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Mood glasses dial up viewable psychedelia, no drugs required. | MOCO LOCO Details: Bence Agoston forgoes drugs to achieve viewable psychedelia, mind expanding, hallucinatory-like images with his Mood sunglasses. The effect is achieved with six special layered lenses which can rotate around their center point. The lens patterns are based on optical effects such as Moire-effect. When the lenses are rotated relative to each other, vision is changed for the wearer. The patterns on the lenses are transparent and RGB color-coded. “The ideal situation for use is during travel, when people listen to music, just looking out the window and watching the ever-changing sights, in perfect harmony with the music. The frame is made of ABS and is 3D printed, the lenses are UV-filtered and transparent. Source: Via MOCO Submit.

La envidia y el síndrome de Solomon | EL PAÍS Semanal En 1951, el reconocido psicólogo estadounidense Solomon Asch fue a un instituto para realizar una prueba de visión. Al menos eso es lo que les dijo a los 123 jóvenes voluntarios que participaron –sin saberlo– en un experimento sobre la conducta humana en un entorno social. El experimento era muy simple. Haciéndose pasar por oculista, Asch les mostraba tres líneas verticales de diferentes longitudes, dibujadas junto a una cuarta línea. La conformidad es el proceso por medio del cual los miembros de un grupo social cambian sus pensamientos, decisiones y comportamientos para encajar con la opinión de la mayoría” (Solomon Asch) La respuesta era tan obvia y sencilla que apenas había lugar para el error. Cabe señalar que solo un 25% de los participantes mantuvo su criterio todas las veces que les pre­­guntaron; el resto se dejó influir y arrastrar al menos en una ocasión por la visión de los demás. El síndrome de Solomon pone de manifiesto el lado oscuro de nuestra condición humana.

How to Flirt and Make Friends at a Nude Beach -- The Cut The first time Jordan Blum met his fiancée, Felicity Jones, both were naked. But don’t get too excited: Before Jordan met Felicity, he met her mother — also naked. 38-year-old Blum and 26-year-old Jones met at Rock Lodge, the family-oriented nudist co-op in New Jersey that both of their families frequented. Soon thereafter, they founded Young Naturists of America, an organization for twenty- and thirtysomething nudists that, Felicity says, is New York’s greatest untapped resource for sweet, sensitive, respectful men. As long as you’re willing to take your clothes off. Sexed-up dating gimmicks like VH1’s Dating Naked — and its Dutch progenitor Adam Zoekt Eva Aflevering — present nudity as an eroticized setup for unyielding social panic. “Of course it’s possible,” said Rick Johnson, executive director of Gay Naturists International. “We just tell people, don’t gawk,” Blum says. In other words: How do nudists flirt? But isn’t having nowhere to hide awful, I ask? “Limit the guest list.”

Instagram for illustrators - 10 basic tips for gaining great followers — Ohn Mar Win Illustration This is not a definitive guide for gaining follows - it’s based on my own personal experience since I started in September 2014. Please do not be tempted to 'buy' follows or likes - a few clicks in the profile link will reveal if someone has 200 FB follows and 10K on IG...something doesn't add up! Here are 10 quite simple tips... 1) Make art everyday. 2) Aim to post 2-3 times a day roughly 4/5 hours apart so followers see fresh images throughout the day on your feed. 3) Content.