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Onestopenglish: Number one for English language teachers. Lucille Lever (EslScripts) AdvEng1 3rd Period Jeopardy Quiz Template Complete. Free ESL Fun Games, Interactive Grammar & Vocabulary Games for Classrooms. Classroom Timers - Fun Timers. Free technology teacher training videos for teachers. TweetDeck & 100s of Twitter tools for Teachers. I have posted about Twitter a few times before.

TweetDeck & 100s of Twitter tools for Teachers

Twitter in Classroom part 1. ; Twitter in Classroom 2 ; Twitter in Classroom part 3; Updates: Facebook and Twitter in Classroom and Georgia Department of Defense: Tactical Guides of Social Media. This post share some examples of other available Twitter tools which gives extra boost on your tweeting. My top tool is TweetDeck. Best feature in TweetDeck is that i can see multible columns in one view, very quick look and i know whats happening, like example today i have 15 columns open. First all friends, my top list, my iPad list, mentions, #RSCON3, #finnedchat, favorites, direct messages, new followers, #edtech, #mlearning, #ipadchat, #ipaded, Facebook, Linkedin. I also open new columns for daily needs, like follow my new blog post retweeting (for thanking them), follow interesting hashtags, sometimes i follow one person, who has some spesific information, like Scott Newcomb @snewco from mlearning or @web20classroom Steven W. That was funny. Printable Teacher Worksheets For The Month of August.

Back to School Reading Series - Get Ready Quick!

Printable Teacher Worksheets For The Month of August

- What A Timesaver! View Now... August Lesson Series - Reading Builders - Writing Practice View Now... August Printable Worksheets Look at the wonderful events that happen in August. August Specific Worksheets Back To School Worksheets Emergency Lesson Plans. 10 Strategies for saving a lesson that’s going badly wrong. Don’t tell me you’ve never taught a lesson that’s gone wrong in your life… I simply don’t believe you.

10 Strategies for saving a lesson that’s going badly wrong

Lessons can go wrong for a wide range of reasons and in my humble opinion, your ability to pick up these situations and turn them around is one of the markers of a great teacher. There are several tricks you can have up your sleeve for remedying a lesson gone wrong, here are just a few: Extension activities One of the most common reasons for pupils acting up in lessons is simply that they’re bored. For this reason it’s a great idea when you’re planning your lessons to plan a range of extension activities which can tap into the abilities of the different types of learners in your class. Change tack – explain things in a new way Student as teacher Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in a situation where part of the class understands the task well, whilst other pupils are struggling. Use collaborative or group work Pupils will often work best when working together. A change of scene Start again. eBackpack. - Free ESL worksheets made by teachers for teachers.

PowerPoint Presentations. There are several PowerPoint presentations available within the Guide to Grammar and Writing.

PowerPoint Presentations

These presentations make for rather hefty files and downloading may take some time over phone lines. Each presentation's size is noted below. Some Notes on the Use of PowerPoint Presentations The presentations listed above were prepared on a Macintosh with Powerpoint 98. We know that they work with that product installed on the computer (either PC or Macintosh), and we know that they work with Office 2000. Either that, or you can download the presentation to your desktop, open your Powerpoint software, and then open the downloaded file. The presentations are not timed in any way, and you can move through them at your own pace. Some sounds are embedded in the presentation, coordinated (in theory, anyway) with the moving graphics. When you move the mouse cursor across the slide, an icon will appear in the lower left-hand corner of the window.

ESL Printables: English worksheets, lesson plans and other resources. RubiStar Home. K-12 Rubrics and Assessment. Free English teaching materials for ESL. TOEFL Equivalency Table - TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS Score Comparison Chart. TOEFL Equivalency Table Do you find all of the different English language test scores confusing?

TOEFL Equivalency Table - TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS Score Comparison Chart

Do you have trouble comparing a TOEIC score to a TOEFL score? Well, that's understandable because there are a number of different language tests and they all have different systems. Even the TOEFL Paper Based Test, TOEFL Computer Based Test (TOEFL CBT), and TOEFL Internet Based Test (TOEFL iBT) all have different scoring schemes. The table below shows comparisons between various test scores and level systems (like TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS) and the VEC level system. Also see:English Language Competency Descriptors for the IBT TOEFL Test (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 310 Kb.)

More Information About TOEFL, TOEIC & IELTS What is TOEFL? What is TOEIC? What is IELTS? Elective Courses . Language Schools in Vancouver. Homepage. Vancouver English Centre 250 Smithe Street. Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Teacher Resources, and Rubrics from Mrs. Wiscount's Webpage - ESL & ELL.