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Foods That Are Hazardous to Dogs. Most dogs love food, and they’re especially attracted to what they see us eating. While sharing the occasional tidbit with your dog is fine, it’s important to be aware that some foods can be very dangerous to dogs. Take caution to make sure your dog never gets access to the foods below. Even if you don’t give him table scraps, your dog might eat something that’s hazardous to his health if he raids kitchen counters, cupboards and trash cans. For advice on teaching your dog not to steal food, please see our article, Counter Surfing and Garbage Raiding.

Avocado leaves, fruit, seeds and bark may contain a toxic principle known as persin. Birds, rabbits, and some large animals, including horses, are especially sensitive to avocados, as they can have respiratory distress, congestion, fluid accumulation around the heart, and even death from consuming avocado. Avocado is sometimes included in pet foods for nutritional benefit. Dogs are far more sensitive to ethanol than humans are. All Natural Dog Food: Dehydrated Raw Dog Food | Like Homemade Pet Food.

Natural Raw Diet For Dogs. Many of the commercial dog food companies would have us believe that they actually use human grade meat in the production of their food, when in fact the sources of this "meat" are not even fit for animal consumption.In some areas of North America this list can also include euthanized companion animals from clinics and shelters, roadkill, zoo animals, livestock which die from disease or disability.The "meat" is purchased from a rendering plant which also receives material from slaughterhouses such as hair, feathers, hooves and any part of the mammal which is condemned for human consumtion.

This list includes tumorous growths, contaminated blood and any carcass containing high levels of drugs or pesticides.This material is then cooked. Grease rises to the top and is removed. This is the source of animal fat in most foods. The moisture is then removed from the mixture and it is now "meat and bone meal".The list of questionable ingredients goes on. What is a Natural Raw Diet ? 10 Homemade Dog Treat Recipes + Allergy Free. Baking is my moment of Zen. I really mean moment – it takes about a moment to dump a bunch of stuff in the bread maker and turn it on. Well that’s not entirely true. I like to bake cookies and eating them even more. I just lost some junk from my trunk and while I want to bake, I don’t want to eat extra sweets. Fortunately, I now have someone who likes homemade cookies that I will not be tempted to eat – meet our new dog Lacey! Hello. My name is Lacey. Lacey is a fear aggressive Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dachshund mix.

We are working with a behaviorist to help Lacey using positive reinforcement training. Lacey like positive reinforcement training very much. Lacey has issues . Let’s bake some! 6 Allergy Free Dog Treat Recipes Our dog professionals recommend we do not feed treats or food containing corn to a dog with behavioral issues. Dried Sweet Potato Dog Chew Recipe Rawhide chews are slathered in broth containing wheat or corn or both. I make these for all the dogs on my Christmas list. Cheese Flavored Dog Biscuit Recipe for Two Dogs | Dog Care - The Daily Puppy. Most dogs are crazy about cheese. Its flavor, texture and aroma -- much like peanut butter -- pleases the most discriminating canine connoisseur. For the two-dog household, these large-batch recipes for savory gourmet cookies made with an assortment of cheeses are ideal for occasional treats and training rewards.

Have a question? Get an answer from a Vet now! Cheesy Teddy Bears Featuring Parmesan and cheddar, these cheesy teddy bears are sure to please your pups. Turkey and Swiss Cheese Twists Packed with fiber and wholesome ingredients, these tasty cookies will get rave reviews from your pooches. Nutty Cheese Squares The combination of nuts and gourmet cheese makes these crunchy cookies irresistible to your four-legged friends, and they're fun to make. Tips For all the recipes, you may add a little more water or flour to help form the dough.Although cheese is a tasty ingredient in home-baked goodies, cheese should always be fed in moderation to prevent constipation. References Photo Credits. Pet Treats & Pet Recipes. Hi Nancy and furry assistants.

I hope everyone is enjoying the springtime finally. In response to Alice in March 24th letter asking about dog food recipes. All of us animal lovers want only the best for our furry friends. If I might I would like to resort to a bit of history for a moment. Chicken Liver Cat Food Chicken livers ( 1 container) chicken broth, (canned or cover livers and add about 1 T. dry boullion. 2 jars baby food (1 green vegetable and ! Rinse livers, cover with water, or broth Simmer until almost done, add rice and finish cooking.

I then scoop the food with an ice cream scoop, and put the scoops in a flat plastic container with a lid. Dear Nancy, I make my own Frosty Paws for our dog, which she loves. Frosty Paws 1 32 oz. Combine and mix well in blender. Turkey Gobblers (Pet Treats) 1 C ground turkey 2 C white flour 1 C cornmeal 1 Egg 3 T. vegetable oil 3/4 C Water Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Bread Machine Chicken Flavored Pet Treats 1 C. Dog Treats Recipe with Pumpkin – Homemade dog biscuits. This was a post which almost didn’t get written. You see, I’ve started to get a bit self conscious about over sharing. Not in that creepy “I feel the need to let everyone know what sort of bathroom rituals I have or funky positions we just tried” kind of over sharing.

I’ll leave those to the uninhibited TMI peeps. I’m talking about not wanting to be one of those who are so overly obsessed that they have to tell, and show, and tweet, and facebook every single detail of their new cat/kid/grandkid/puppy. Now if you are talking about a puppy, feel free to inundate us with your lore, I can nearly guarantee we’ll be rapturous listeners. However I don’t want to make that assumption towards everyone else. You know what they say about assumptions. So count this as a fair warning given, this is about to become a puppy-centric post and I may be slightly fanatical about our two. With that cleared out of the air, if you are still reading you are either: A: Cool with the dog sharing.

-Todd Ingredients: Good Pet Reward Snacks Recipe. Homemade Cat Treats From Your Kitchen. I was scouring the internet wanting to find some healthy tasty cat treats I can make at home for my two pet felines. I thought it would also be great to give these homemade yummy treats to my friends as gifts for their cats. I found the first three recipes I’ve listed below at FreeCatHealthTips. com. They seem pretty easy to make, and not very expensive. They actually sound tasty. 6 ounces of un-drained tuna 1 cup cornmeal 1 cup flour 1/3 cup water Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. HAM It Up Cat TREATS (makes 2 1/2 to 3 dozen) 1 jar (2-1/2 ounces) strained ham baby food 5/8 cup wheat germ 5/8 cup non-fat milk powder 1 egg, beaten Preheat oven to 350 degrees. NOTE: Beef or chicken baby food may be substituted for ham baby food. 1-1/2 cups rolled oats 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1/2 cup flour 1/2 cup tuna oil, chicken or beef bouillon Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

I also found a site that offer natural cat treat recipes. Cheese Treats au Naturel (makes about two dozen) Chicken Cookies (makes about 18) Dog Food FAQs: Protein. Does a high protein percentage (as shown on the package) mean that a pet food is automatically better than others with lower percentages? No, a higher percentage of protein doesn't mean that a pet food is automatically better than others with a lower percentage. Similarly, a lower protein percentage isn't automatically bad, provided that the protein included in the food comes from a good source (such as real chicken or real lamb meat). Don't rely solely on the percentage of crude protein shown in the guaranteed analysis on the package.

While it is tempting to assume that a high percentage of protein means that a food contains a lot of beneficial protein (and is therefore better than comparable foods), this is not always the case. Why do dogs need protein? Dogs actually require 22 amino acids (the building blocks that make up proteins). Can I tell which proteins are better than others? How much protein does my dog need? Can I feed my dog too much protein? 7 Human Foods That You Can Feed Your Dog. Ami Dobelle | | Pets If you have a dog, you’ve probably seen that adorable pleading face at mealtime with its big, sad puppy eyes looking up at you as if to say, Please let me have just one little bite! So what if you cave in to the begging? Is all human food bad for dogs? The surprising answer is no. There are actually many human foods that are good for your dog, too.

If your dog is ever sick with diarrhea, boiled hamburger meat or chicken combined with plain, boiled white rice will help settle its upset doggie stomach. WATCH NOW: The Holistic Hound’s Tasty Treats WATCH NOW: Tanner’s Raw Diet 7 Human Foods That You Can Feed Your Dog Keep in mind that some dogs can have sensitive stomachs and allergies to specific foods. You Might Also Enjoy: Natural Companions with Tyson Kilmer. Super "People" Foods For Pets. 10 “People” Foods for Dogs. Can my dog eat that? Apples, salmon, pumpkin, beans, yogurt... people foods that are safe for your dog to eat.

As a responsible and informed dog lover, you probably know that too much “people food” can make your dog ill or overweight, but there are some human foods that can be safely added to your dog’s meals in moderation to give a nutritional boost to Queenie’s diet and add a bit of variety to her food bowl. Just remember: any additions to your dog’s meals shouldn’t comprise more than 25 percent of her weekly caloric requirement. 1.Yogurt is a good source of available calcium and protein. When choosing yogurt, pick one that has live active bacteria and no sugars or artificial sweeteners. The active bacteria may act as probiotics. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Click here for 10 more "people" food for dogs.