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Du pétrole (et du fossile), jusqu'où ?

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Sauvons le récif de l’Amazone. Coal’s Last Gamble: A choking industry bets on one more big score. Squeezing into a wobbly four-seater propeller plane is the only way to reach the tiny tribe of Tyonek, tucked deep in the roadless Alaskan wilderness.

Coal’s Last Gamble: A choking industry bets on one more big score

Gliding above the long mudflats and the serpentine curves of streams, I spot the fat white backs of beluga whales surfacing at the mouth of a river and an island covered by sunning sea lions. As the plane gets closer, the mudflats give way to swamps, which give way to dense evergreens. Shell begins production at world's deepest underwater oilfield. Royal Dutch Shell has started production at the world’s deepest underwater oil and gas field, 1.8 miles beneath the sea surface in the Gulf of Mexico.

Shell begins production at world's deepest underwater oilfield

The first oil pumped from the Stones field, 200 miles south of New Orleans, comes after billions of dollars of investment from Shell over the last three years. The achievement will anger many climate change campaigners, but will boost annual pay for Shell’s chief executive, Ben van Beurden, under the group’s controversial performance bonus arrangements.

The field is in much deeper water than the Macondo prospect, where six years ago BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and sank, killing 11 workers and causing environmental disaster. The latest costly addition to Shell’s production capacity comes despite Van Beurden’s repeated pledges on climate change. Native Americans Protesting Pipeline Attacked With Dogs And Pepper Spray. Protests are intensifying at construction sites for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Native Americans Protesting Pipeline Attacked With Dogs And Pepper Spray

This past weekend, pipeline crews sneakily began to bulldoze over sacred burial lands. When Native American protesters showed up to try to non-violently obstruct construction, the pipeline’s security personnel used unleashed pepper spray and attack dogs on the demonstrators. If you’re just learning about Native Americans’ actions at the pipeline construction, check out Care2’s previous coverage for additional context first. In brief, the Standing Sioux Rock Tribe is attempting to stop Energy Transfer Partners from building a 1,172 mile pipeline that crosses through over 200 critical waterways. We ought to be thanking these indigenous people for their environmental stewardship rather than macing them and subjecting them to dog bites as this video footage from the scene shows: Sign to Tell President Obama: Stop Auctioning off Public Waters and Lands! Despite historic flooding in Louisiana in August (described as the worst U.S. climate disaster since Superstorm Sandy), the Obama administration continued with business as usual.

Sign to Tell President Obama: Stop Auctioning off Public Waters and Lands!

As Gulf communities reeled from this devastating flooding, the administration auctioned off an area the size of Virginia for offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. This is unconscionable. Climate change has fueled and intensified the unprecedented flooding in not only Louisiana, but all across the Gulf. But the Obama administration is still not listening to warnings. Something needs to be done.

Cash investigation du 24-05-2016 à 20:55 - Climat : le grand bluff des multinationales en replay. Environmental Action Tell Obama: Keep It In the Gulf! President Obama's Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) just proposed to sell off 92.2 million acres of the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling.

Environmental Action Tell Obama: Keep It In the Gulf!

Doing so would unleash a climate catastrophe by tapping the eighth-largest carbon reserve on Earth and increase the chances of another oil spill like the BP Horizon disaster. Thanks to a massive public outcry by Environmental Action members and millions of others, Obama already reversed course on plans to drill off the Atlantic Coast, and recently placed a moratorium on new coal mining on public lands. But we only have until June 7, 2016 to tell BOEM that we want a Keep It In the Ground hat-trick by blocking new oil and gas leases in the Gulf too. APPEL DE PAU : STOP AUX FORAGES EN EAUX PROFONDES !

Trois mois après la COP21, les engagements salués comme « révolutionnaires » et contenus dans l’Accord de Paris vont-ils céder face aux logiques des compagnies fossiles ?


Complément d'enquête Total toujours roi du pétrole. Take Another Look. Le "plus grand aquarium de la planète" risque de se briser. En Argentine, Total exploite du gaz de schiste dans une réserve protégée. Les défenseurs de l’environnement protestent.

En Argentine, Total exploite du gaz de schiste dans une réserve protégée

Vaca Muerta… Un gisement de gaz de schiste de 30 000 km2 dans la province de Neuquén, en Patagonie argentine. Découvert en 2010, il devrait permettre au pays de retrouver son indépendance énergétique, perdue depuis trois ans, quand le pays est passé d’exportateur à importateur d’hydrocarbures. Contrairement à la France, l’Argentine autorise la fracturation hydraulique.

Et les entreprises étrangères, comme Total, sont prêtes à payer des milliards pour exploiter le gaz de schiste argentin, deuxième réserve mondiale. Et pour attirer ces investissements, le gouvernement est disposé à toutes les concessions. Stop Big Oil From Drilling on Coral Reef. Target: Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow Goal: Stop oil companies from drilling in the Belize Barrier Reef.

Stop Big Oil From Drilling on Coral Reef

Belize’s barrier reef could soon be irrevocably harmed by oil drilling if guidelines proposed by the country’s energy authorities are followed through. This reef is one of the most ecologically unique locations on the planet. Demand that Belize not open it up to oil drilling. The Belize Barrier Reef is recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a World Heritage Site.

Leave the damn fossil fuels in the ground, says big nerdy study. To keep the climate somewhat safe and relatively stable, 82 percent of the world’s coal reserves, half of all natural gas, and every drop of Arctic oil must be left in the ground, according to a new study from researchers at University College London.

Leave the damn fossil fuels in the ground, says big nerdy study

And that’s just considering the energy resources already counted as assets-to-be-burned by fossil fuel companies, meaning they can be extracted for a profit at current commodity prices. The dark side of Brazil: Oil giant Petrobras moves into 'deepest Amazon' The Suruwaha are an isolated tribe, highly vulnerable to introduced diseases. © Adriana Huber/Survival Brazilian state oil company Petrobras has started exploring for oil and gas in one of the most isolated parts of the Amazon, endangering several isolated Indian tribes.

The dark side of Brazil: Oil giant Petrobras moves into 'deepest Amazon'

Local sources report that Petrobras has installed 15 barges with high-capacity generators, pipelines and mining machinery on the Tapauá River in Amazonas state. The exploration is taking place close to seven indigenous territories including the lands of the Suruwaha, Banawa, Deni and Paumari Indians. Although Brazil’s constitution stipulates that indigenous people must be consulted about all projects that will affect their land, Petrobras has failed to consult the indigenous peoples in the area. BP sends more drilling rigs to the Gulf of Mexico than ever before.

BP isn’t about to let a little worker-killing, ecosystem-wrecking, fisheries-destroying explosion and oil spill slow it down in the Gulf of Mexico. The company deployed two more oil rigs to the Gulf in recent weeks, boosting its fleet to nine — its largest ever in the area. It brought in the West Auriga rig, known as an ultra-deepwater drillship, and the Mad Dog platform, which was damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Fuel Fix reports: The two new rigs reflect “the vital importance of the deep-water Gulf of Mexico to the future of BP,” Richard Morrison, the company’s regional president for the Gulf, said in a written statement.Every year for the next decade, the British oil giant plans to spend about $4 billion on its deep-water fields in the Gulf. Will fracking in the Gulf of Mexico lead to the next Deepwater Horizon? If you read the financial papers, you may be aware that the Gulf of Mexico is looking like a giant, underwater piggybank. Pression des exploitants du fossile.

Tell President Obama to Protect the Atlantic. 100+ Scientists Urge Obama to Wait on New Science before Permitting the Use of Seismic Airguns in the Atlantic Ocean. Marées noires (hydrocarbures) Offshore profond : enjeux, expertise et innovation. Shell to drill world’s deepest offshore oil well in Gulf of Mexico. Royal Dutch Shell plans to stick its oil-extracting tentacles deeper under the Gulf of Mexico than any oil company ever has. Shell is preparing to drill 9,500 feet — nearly two miles — beneath the surface of the sea to suck oil out of a reserve that was discovered eight years ago, 200 miles southeast of New Orleans. The deepest oil well currently in operation, at 8,000 feet deep, is operated nearby in the Gulf, also by Shell. Du danger des plateformes immergées au large de l'île du Levant.

Projet Abyssea 2014. Le pétrole est la mort de la forêt amazonienne. M. Oil showdown in the Amazon. Les compagnies pétrolières forent toujours plus loin - Environnement. Les écologistes ont beau parler du pétrole et du gaz comme des énergies du passé, vouées à l'épuisement, la ruée vers l'or noir n'a jamais autant attisé l'intérêt des compagnies pétrolières. Dans cette course à la moindre goutte de brut, la devise semble désormais se résumer en une formule : toujours plus loin, toujours plus profond. Shell a obtenu des autorisations pour cinq puits d'exploration dans l'océan Arctique, au nord de l'Alaska, et entamé cette semaine en Guyane le forage d'un puits d'exploration offshore à très grande profondeur.

Le gouvernement opposé à la fracturation hydraulique. Mexique, Brésil, Ecosse (etc.) : le pari incertain du pétrole « offshore » Dans leur très grande majorité, les sources de pétrole encore intactes se situent au large, de plus en plus loin des rivages et de plus en plus profond. L'accès aux champs offshore devient un enjeu aussi vital que délicat pour nombre pays pétroliers majeurs. C'est la plus importante nouvelle sur la planète pétrole depuis cet été : le Mexique vient d'autoriser l'ouverture de son industrie pétrolière aux investissements privés.

Grosse affaire : le 18 mars 1938, la nationalisation du pétrole mexicain par le président Lazaro Cardenas fut sans doute le premier grand acte victorieux d'insoumission de la part d'un pays du Sud vis-à-vis des puissances industrielles du Nord ; cette nationalisation ouvrit la voie qui conduisit les pays exportateurs d'or noir à s'affranchir peu à peu des majors anglo-saxonnes et françaises à partir des années soixante.

Parce que la production pétrolière mexicaine s'épuise, et pas qu'un peu. Plateformes en mer du Nord (Getty). La Méditerranée menacée par des forages pétroliers. « Ces prospections en Méditerranée, comme au large de la Guyane, participent d'une logique mortifère et obsolète d'une extraction d'énergie fossile toujours plus profonde, toujours plus chère et toujours plus risquée. Half of the Spanish Mediterranean could be opened to oil and gas exploitation. All Press Releases… Oceana estimates that nearly 12 of the 26 million hectares of Spanish Mediterranean waters are under threat of oil and gas exploration. Spain: reverse your decision to allow oil exploration off the Canary Islands.

Mrs. p pauwels, Belgium Sep 16, 07:01 Name not displayed, ON Mrs. Cecilia Garcia, Spain. Afghanistan : 8 compagnies étrangères, en lice, pour le droit d’explorer les champs pétroliers et gaziers.

Exploitation fonds sous-marins Guyane

Arctique / exploitation en zones limites.