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Computational insights. Where Did My Post Go? (beta) Scraping websites using the Scraper extension for Chrome. If you are using Google Chrome there is a browser extension for scraping web pages.

Scraping websites using the Scraper extension for Chrome

Instructional and Educational Videos, Animated Explanations, - Explania. The 20 best tools for data visualization.

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Selected Tools. By Sindice. Free Data Visualization Software. VisiNav. VisiNav is a system to search and navigate web data, collected from a multitude of sources.


In summary, the system demonstrates how to combine data from multiple sources into a single unified view, how to search and navigate the aggregated dataset, and how to re-use query results from web data in external applications. On a conceptual level, VisiNav deals with objects. Objects can have attributes and links to other objects. Disco Hyperdata Browser. The Disco - Hyperdata Browser is a simple browser for navigating the Semantic Web as an unbound set of data sources.

Disco Hyperdata Browser

The browser renders all information, that it can find on the Semantic Web about a specific resource, as an HTML page. This resource description contains hyperlinks that allow you to navigate between resources. 9 Powerful Free Infographic Tools To Create Your Own Infographics - DATA VISUALIZATION. Powerful Free Infographic Tools To Create Your Own Infographics A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Infographics Infographics are everywhere, and we can’t get enough of them!

9 Powerful Free Infographic Tools To Create Your Own Infographics - DATA VISUALIZATION

By presenting information in a compact and creative format, infographics are able to quickly convey knowledge and engage its viewers. Most Infographics are fun to read and provide valuable information. Important to marketers, submitting unique infographics to the web that have to do with your niche, is one of the best things you can do for online marketing! World Economic Datas. Clickstream Data Tools. Online Business Optimization by Omniture. Piwik - Web analytics - Open source. Yahoo! Web Analytics. Impure Blog. Polychart. Sparklines. News 15 June 2013 - Version 2.1.2 Relased This release adds support for jQuery 1.10.0 and other bug fixes and minor improvements.


See the full changelog for details of all changes. 26 January 2013 - Version 2.1.1 Relased This release adds support for jQuery 1.9.0 along with a couple of other bug fixes. Quadrigram. Gephi, an open source graph visualization and manipulation software. Crazy Egg – visualize your visitors. The Power of Maps. Maps are both necessary tools for analysis and crucial delivery visuals for foresight and warning products.

The Power of Maps

They constitute a very powerful type of delivery form, as they change both the world and the mind. Multiple Outcome Measurement. Jolicharts. Demo Videos. Selected Tools. Webtrends, The Global Leader in Mobile and Social Analytics. AccuTrack SPC™ - Keyword Level Phone Call Tracking Product. The Marketer’s Challenge Digital marketing teams are tasked with optimizing campaigns across Search, Social, Mobile, Display or Email channels, with the objective of driving positive ROI.

AccuTrack SPC™ - Keyword Level Phone Call Tracking Product

Yet, optimization requires effective management of an array of tools and platforms. At Mongoose Metrics, our goal is to give you the technology necessary to navigate the dimensions of Impact, Time and Risk, without adding to the complexity. IMPACT—Reveal the full ROI of your marketing efforts. FeedBurner. iPerceptions - Customer Satisfaction Measurement. Visualization Tool. InfoGraphics (Visual Maps) Create and share visual ideas online. Venngage.

Infographics and charts - interactive data visualization. Data Science Toolkit. File to Text. Usage Command Line on OS X and Linux Download, extract into a new folder, cd into it and run .

File to Text

/install This will create a set of scripts you can run directly from the command line, like this: html2text | text2people The command above fetches the New York Times front page, extracts a plain text version, and then pulls out likely names. File2text -h ~/scanned_documents/*.jpg > scanned_text.txt This will run OCR on all the JPEG images in that folder (the same command also works on PDF, DOC and XLS files). Commands that take in inputs that aren't natural-language text or html treat their arguments as the strings to process, rather than file names. Ip2coordinates "" Ocropus - The OCRopus(tm) open source document analysis and OCR system.

OCRopus™ is an OCR system written in Python, NumPy, and SciPy focusing on the use of large scale machine learning for addressing problems in document analysis.

ocropus - The OCRopus(tm) open source document analysis and OCR system

OCRopus 0.7 is the latest release of the OCRopus OCR system. It features a new text line recognizer based on recurrent neural networks (and does not require language modeling), models for both Latin script and Fraktur, and some new tools for ground truth labeling. Installation: To install, use: $ hg clone -r ocropus-0.7 $ cd ocropus/ocropy $ sudo apt-get install $(cat PACKAGES) $ python download_models $ sudo python install $ .

/run-test. IP Address to Coordinates. Usage Command Line on OS X and Linux Download, extract into a new folder, cd into it and run .

IP Address to Coordinates

/install This will create a set of scripts you can run directly from the command line, like this: Geolocation and Online Fraud Prevention from MaxMind. Browsing the web of data. Google wonder wheel. GoogAWHO. Prezi - presentation editor. Information Visualization Manifesto. Posted: August 30th, 2009 | Author: Manuel Lima | Filed under: Uncategorized | – “The purpose of visualization is insight, not pictures” Ben Shneiderman (1999) – Over the past few months I’ve been talking with many people passionate about Information Visualization who share a sense of saturation over a growing number of frivolous projects.

The criticism is slightly different from person to person, but it usually goes along these lines: “It’s just visualization for the sake of visualization”, “It’s just eye-candy”, “They all look the same”. When Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda Viégas wrote about Vernacular Visualization, in their excellent article on the July-August 2008 edition of interactions magazine, they observed how the last couple of years have witnessed the tipping point of a field that used to be locked away in its academic vault, far from the public eye.

Even though a clear divide is necessary, it doesn’t mean that Information Visualization and Information Art cannot coexist. Sprint. SOFTWARE. Dzinpress. Online Business Optimization by Omniture. Toolbox. Remote data visualization. GazeHawk - Eye Tracking For Everyone - Usability Services & Software. Edistorm.

Information Architects. Infographics. Mashable. From navigating the Web in entirely new ways to seeing where in the world twitters are coming from, data visualization tools are changing the way we view content. We found the following 16 apps both visually stunning and delightfully useful. Visualize Your Network with Fidg’tFidg’t is a desktop application that aims to let you visualize your network and its predisposition for different types of things like music and photos. Currently, the service has integrated with Flickr and, so for example, Fidg’t might show you if your network is attracted or repelled by Coldplay, or if it has a predisposition to taking photos of their weekend partying.

As the service expands to support other networks (they suggest integrations with Facebook, digg,, and several others are in the works), this one could become very interesting. BigSpy places stories at the top of the screen as they are dugg. Data browsers. Google-refine. SIGMA. Tabulator.