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This Pearltree is for Club TED at Avon Old Farms School in Avon, CT. We will pearl any video that we watch in the club.

Knowledge is obsolete, so now what?: Pavan Arora at TEDxFoggyBottom. Education Ted Talks. Dan Ariely on the Truth About Dishonesty, Animated. By Maria Popova “It’s all about rationalization.”

Dan Ariely on the Truth About Dishonesty, Animated

From the fantastic RSA Animate series comes an illustrated distillation of behavioral economist Dan Ariely’s new book, The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone — Especially Ourselves, which you might recall. Here, Ariely highlights some of the fascinating psychological mechanisms that steer our moral compass — and often do so in directions different from our self-conception as righteous people — explaining everything from why we cheat on our diets to how the world ended up in a massive financial crisis, and offering lab-tested behavioral insights on what we can do about it all.

If you think about the whole financial crisis, we’ve taken people and we’ve put them in situations which basically are guaranteed to blind or, at least, to distort their vision. And we expect people to overcome that. Donating = Loving Bringing you (ad-free) Brain Pickings takes hundreds of hours each month. Renny Gleeson: 404, the story of a page not found. ‘This Is Water’: Complete Audio of David Foster Wallace’s Kenyon Graduation Speech (2005) Last month, on the occasion of the author’s 50th birthday, we posted a large collection of free essays and stories by David Foster Wallace.

‘This Is Water’: Complete Audio of David Foster Wallace’s Kenyon Graduation Speech (2005)

But we missed a rare item: the complete audio recording of the commencement address Wallace gave at Kenyon College, in Ohio, on May 21, 2005–three years before he took his own life. The text of the speech has been published on the Internet and as a book called This Is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life, but the complete audio version has been hard to find. In the speech, Wallace talks about the challenge of moving beyond the superficial kind of freedom that can be acquired through power and wealth, toward a truer liberation that arises only when we become more fully conscious of the world outside our “tiny skull-sized kingdoms.”

Ted Talks. Shimon Schocken: The self-organizing computer course. 10 talks on making schools great. With just over a month to go before the 2012 presidential election in the US, eyes around the world are on the contest between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

10 talks on making schools great

The election may well come down to a few key issues. So what matters most to Americans? The TED Blog read this Gallup poll from late July on issues that citizens want the next president to prioritize. Conveniently, these are topics that speakers often address on the TED stage. So, every week until the election, we’ll bring you a playlist focusing on one of the top-rated issues. Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity. Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education.

Sugata Mitra's new experiments in self-teaching. Chaîne de TEDEducation. View full lesson: Everything in our universe has mass — from the smallest atom to the largest star.

Chaîne de TEDEducation

But the amount of mass has remained constant throughout existence even during the birth and death of stars, planets and you. How can the universe grow while maintaining its mass? Todd Ramsey answers that question by unravelling the law of conservation of mass. Lesson by Todd Ramsey, animation by Vegso/Banyai. Arvind Gupta: Turning trash into toys for learning. TEDxMaastricht - Simon Sinek - "First why and then trust" What a Non-Partisan Plan for U.S. Entrepeneurship Would Look Like - Derek Thompson. The Republican National Convention praised small businesses and the Democratic response will praise the administration's role in helping job creators.

What a Non-Partisan Plan for U.S. Entrepeneurship Would Look Like - Derek Thompson

But what would a non-partisan plan for entrepreneurs look like? The theme of the first day of the Republican National Convention was "We Built It," a rallying-cry from entrepreneurs who insisted that they didn't need government to start their businesses. This week, we can expect the Democratic response to highlight the ways Obama's administration has empowered job creators. But what would an entrepreneur-first platform, stripped of party politics, really look like? Last week, I asked readers for answers. Barry Schwartz: Using our practical wisdom. Barry Schwartz on our loss of wisdom. TED-Ed website launches in beta, lets teachers customize video lessons. TED-Ed Launches Groundbreaking Website with New Tools for Customized Learning TED-Ed Platform Allows Teachers to "Flip" Video Content and Create Tailored Lesson Plans.

TED-Ed website launches in beta, lets teachers customize video lessons

TED Reveals Top 20 Most-Watched Talks, Sir Ken Robinson Tops The List. Warning: Clicking through to see the top 20 most watched TEDTalks is akin to finding a new show on Netflix.

TED Reveals Top 20 Most-Watched Talks, Sir Ken Robinson Tops The List

It will kill your day. If you must (and you really do) see the top 20 talks in TED six-year history, clear your calendar, shut off your email, go to the bathroom and open your mind. You’re about to learn something. TED tabulated data from its top sources including, YouTube, Hulu, iTunes, and several others. Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone? Sam Richards: A radical experiment in empathy.

TEDxNYED - Dennis Littky - 03/05/2011. Jonathan Haidt on the moral roots of liberals and conservatives. Sebastian Thrun: Google's driverless car. Ludwick Marishane: A bath without water. James H Kunstler dissects suburbia. Paul Romer's radical idea: Charter cities. RSA Animate - Crises of Capitalism. Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies. Chris Anderson: How YouTube is driving innovation. Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address. Charlie Todd: The shared experience of absurdity. Natalie Warne: Being young and making an impact.

Derek Sivers: How to start a movement. Cindy Gallop: Make love, not porn. Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds. Philip Zimbardo: The demise of guys?

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