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FEED-Vegetation do's & don'ts

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Fermented Chicken Feed: Why & How in 3 Easy Steps! (click on "read more" if necessary, then scroll all the way down) A FEW BENEFITS OF FERMENTING CHICKEN FEEDImproves the nutritional value of feed, making various components more usable (aka: bioavailable) to the chicken and increasing the protein contentEasier to digestSupports digestive health and immunity with probiotics, reducing bad microorganisms in the gutBigger eggs with better quality shellsMoney-saving.

Fermented Chicken Feed: Why & How in 3 Easy Steps!

Feed is nearly doubled in volume after fermenting. Make Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with the Mother for pennies a gallon. If you keep chickens, chances are you’ve heard that adding apple cider vinegar (ACV) with “the mother” to their drinking water is good for them.

Make Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with the Mother for pennies a gallon

The benefits of apple cider vinegar in humans have been touted for centuries, some have been substantiated and others, scientifically disproven. Its use in chickens is a more recent concept and as such, is less studied. Using ACV in the drinking water of chicken improves gut health and reduces slime in the waterers. Fermented Chicken Feed: Why & How in 3 Easy Steps! Help! My Chickens are Molting - Timber Creek Farm. My Chickens are Molting!

Help! My Chickens are Molting - Timber Creek Farm

It’s the very end of August and some changes are happening on the farm. The sheep are about to have their fall haircuts. The rabbits are eating a lot of food during the cooler evenings. The piglets are moving on to their new homes. Leaves are showing a slight change in color and the summer garden is waning in production. Northeast Organic Farming Association: Massachusetts Chapter. Feeding Chickens at Different Ages. Chickens at different stages of development require different feed formulations.

Feeding Chickens at Different Ages

Commercially prepared rations are a nutritionally balanced food source; poultry nutritionists formulate feed to ensure that chickens get all the nutrition they need daily, therefore, anything that is added to the diet dilutes the nutrient balance they should be getting daily. Even healthy snacks should only be given in moderation so as not to tip the balance, or scale, too far in any direction. I strongly recommend against dabbling in assembling homemade feed blends. Imprecise calculations and the wrong ingredients can affect growth in young chickens, egg production in layers and result in negative, long-term health consequences. "Mixing rations is the most complex aspect of poultry management and isn't something you should undertake if you're just starting out. Feeding Chickens at Different Ages. Patent US20120132140 - Method for Breeding Musca Domestica - Google Patents. The present invention relates to a method for breeding Musca Domestica and, more particularly, to a method for increasing the yield and growing speed of larvae of Musca Domestica.

Patent US20120132140 - Method for Breeding Musca Domestica - Google Patents

Musca Domestica (house fly) belongs to family Muscoidea of order Muscomorpha of class Insecta. Characteristics of Musca Domestica include wide distribution, short living period, high propagating ability, and high adaptability. Musca Domestica is a fully transformed insect that undergoes complete metamorphosis and frequents human habitants. Easy Ways to Sprout Seeds for Your Chickens. By SueThis Article Contains: An Explanation of Why Someone Would Want to Sprout An Explanation of the Difference Between Sprouting and Growing Grass (Fodder) A Simple Sprouting Method A Simple Method for Growing Grass (Fodder) An Explanation of Why I Choose Sprouts Rather Than Grass (Fodder) I wanted to share an EASY way to do sprouts in hopes it would give someone encouragement to try it as an excellent feed source for their chickens.

Easy Ways to Sprout Seeds for Your Chickens

First a little Background Information Why is sprouting a good idea? The main reason folks sprout their seeds and grains is to make the nutrients in them more available for digestion. NatureWise Feather Fixer Poultry Feed for Molting. Feed for feather growth during molt, and for mite prevention.

NatureWise Feather Fixer Poultry Feed for Molting

Feed as the sole ration a the first sign of feather loss for hens and roosters over 16 weeks of age; transition to NatureWise Layer 16% after molting is completeMay also be fed to laying hens and mature roosters year-round for optimal feathering and brilliant plumageDon't let feeders run emptyKeep clean, fresh water available at all timesProvide appropriate-size grit as neededMake oyster shell available free choice from the onset of layIf feeding a crumble-form product prior to feeding Feather Fixer, a week's transition of mixing the former product with the pelleted Feather Fixer may be required to encourage the birds to consume the pellets. Turkeys & Ducks: Feather Fixer may be used for mature turkeys & ducks as a maintenance or show feed.Not intended for use in breeding turkeys or ducks.

Herbs and Their Uses for Your Chickens' Health. By Vicki – (Photo courtesy of S.

Herbs and Their Uses for Your Chickens' Health

Strantz) Fresh or dried herbs in your nesting boxes not only work as insecticides, but also have anti-bacterial properties, work as rodent control and stress relievers. They will help a laying hen feel safe and relaxed while she is sitting, calm a broody hen, and repel rodents, flies and other parasites. Herbs for Chicken Health: How to Make an Herbal Feed Supplement for Backyard Chickens. No matter if you already have — or dream of one day owning — a few backyard, egg-laying hens… …you can learn how to maintain a healthy flock with the use of herbs!

Chickens eat green plants — and lots of them. They also eat all manner of insects — and lots of them. Stay Healthy: Herbs for Raising Chickens - Holistic Survival Show. Welcome!

Stay Healthy: Herbs for Raising Chickens - Holistic Survival Show

If this is your first time visiting Jason Hartman's website, please read this page to learn more about what we do here. You may also be interested in receiving updates from our podcast via RSS or via email if you prefer. Herbs for Chicken Health: How to Make an Herbal Feed Supplement for Backyard Chickens. Home Farm Ideas. Category: Feeding & Watering Written by: CDfromKY Wanting to give my first flock the very best care I could brought me to do some research on chicken nutrition.

Home Farm Ideas

I had spent about 35 years working as a Nurse so it had been many, many years since I had lived on a farm. When one spends lots of years with medicines, needles, ill patients, bedpans, and the roar of a busy ER or ICU one's farm knowledge becomes rather dormant. I found I needed to refresh my memories on a few things. This whole thing came about when they started laying eggs. 1. 2. 3. 4. Fresh Eggs Daily®


Mealworm farming. Is there a tread discussing raising mealworms? I've looked around but can't seem to find anything recent. I started a mealworm farm a month ago and have so many pupae that I'm getting worried! BUT, I want to be able to freeze many, many thousands for next winter since my girls don't like snow and there's no bugs to eat in the winter anyway. Don't know when enough will be enough and in the meantime, my mealies are growing fast and furious! UPDATES**** BYCer's mealworm farms ..... condensed information from 3 perspectives!! Gallo Del Cielo's page: Raising mealworms. Also see feeding mealworms and how to make your own feeder Jump to: timetable and life cycle , stock, container, ventilation, temperature, light, moisture and relative humidity , food, supplements, cloth/newspaper covering, cleaning, separating out worms , colony cycling/maintenance, sifting, storage, freeze-roasting, dusting, uses, nutritional value, Problems: pupa or beetle die off | mites | moths, other worm species, raising superworms, and comments on my experiences so far.

Bluebirds relish mealworms, which are the larvae of the darkling beetle (Tenebrio molitor Linnaeus, also called yellow mealworm or golden grub). Bluebirds will eat larvae (worms), pupae and beetles (before the shell gets hard), but prefer the worm form. You can buy mealworms from a pet store (expensive - price depends on quantity but figure about $25/1,000) or mail order (less expensive - about $6-16/1,000 - see list of suppliers). How to Raise Mealworms: 15 Steps (with Pictures.

Edit Article Two Parts:SetupUpkeep Mealworms are widely used as feeder insects for birds, fish, reptiles, rodents, and other pet animals. If you have multiple pets that feed on mealworms, it makes sense to start breeding your own. Setting up your own mealworm farm is less expensive than you might think, and you can have it up and running in very little time. Toxic Plants and Their Effects - - Rocking T Ranch and Poultry Farm - Chickens, guinea fowl, bantams, hatching eggs.

Dragonflies and Dandelions - links to articles. The links and articles in this section range from the BASICS for general flock care to the very specific articles at an advanced level ... for definitions to terms you may not be acquainted with, please refer to the TERMINOLOGY thread in the PRACTICAL MATTERS category for definitions (in particular the FEED terminology thread) Feeds and Nutrition FAQ article has a great symptoms chart and the relevant vitamin deficiency associated with it.

Recquirements of Birds. Feeding & Watering Your Flock. Chicken Treat Chart The Best Treats For Backyard Chickens. This is a list of everything you can feed a chicken. Product Review > Gro-2-Max. Flock Block Substitute Recipe. Healthy Boredom Buster for Chickens. Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the Northeast United States as I type this. Henpeckers. DIY Chicken Salad Bar. I had been planning to build a covered 'salad bar' in the run for my chickens for awhile.

Kamut Grain Organic - Also Known As  Khorasan Wheat, King Tut's Wheat, Kamut Wheat and Kamut Berries - My Spice Sage. “I’m so glad I found MySpiceSage. The quality, freshness, and variety of products you offer are greatly superior to the sources I’d been using. Why and How to Ferment Your Chicken Feed. I want to share with you a process that’s fascinated me for some time, but I wasn’t ready to share my discovery until I’d had enough experience with it — one year later.

Homemade Whole Grain Chicken Feed… Updated and Now Corn-Free! I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately about one of my most popular posts, Garden Betty’s Homemade Whole Grain Chicken Feed. Garden Betty’s Homemade Whole Grain Chicken Feed. KAMUT® Khorasan Wheat. Flavor and Natural Goodness “Buttery rich, nutty flavor” are the superlatives we hear most often when people describe why they love KAMUT® brand khorasan wheat products. Montana Flour & Grains. Garden Betty’s Homemade Whole Grain Chicken Feed. Comprehensive list of poisonous plants and trees. Plants Toxic to Chickens. I originally made this a post, but I think it’s an important enough topic to have it’s own page as well. Spring has sprung, and the chickens are getting much more outside time. With that in mind, while doing spring yard cleanup, it’s smart to pay extra attention to things that could potentially damage your foraging hens. The winter snow covers so much, and invariably I find things like screws, nails, candy wrappers, Styrofoam pieces & cigarette butts that somehow find their way into my yard.