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COVID-19 Crossroads

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Could imperialism be the reason why COVID-19 has changed human behavior on a massive scale when the human species struggled pathetically for decades to make any significant adjustments to our behavior in the face of a dire climate crisis? ~ Jenny Wagner

Tracking Our COVID-19 Response - 5 Charts That Show Sweden’s Strategy Worked. The Lockdowns Failed. Government officials in Sweden announced this week that the government expects to maintain its mild restrictions on gatherings “for at least another year” to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

5 Charts That Show Sweden’s Strategy Worked. The Lockdowns Failed

HERD IMMUNITY IS A NECESSARY OPTION TO COMBAT THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. The COVID-19 disease was declared a global pandemic by the WHO on March 11, 2020.


COVID-19 is caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. Its spread has proven extremely challenging to control and the health impacts across the globe have been devastating and on the rise. Currently the global impact on individual health, healthcare systems, and economic markets is expected to grow and may ultimately dwarf that of any other modern epidemic. Government Orders Alone Didn’t Close the Economy. They Probably Can’t Reopen It.

In the weeks before states around the country issued lockdown orders this spring, Americans were already hunkering down.

Government Orders Alone Didn’t Close the Economy. They Probably Can’t Reopen It.

They were spending less, traveling less, dining out less. Small businesses were already cutting employment. Early Lessons Larned and Way Forward. Whitepaper 2 - When Can We Go Out 3.25.20.pdf. Abstract Edmond J.

Whitepaper 2 - When Can We Go Out 3.25.20.pdf

Safra Center for Ethics | COVID-19 White Paper 2 1 Department of Government and Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 2 Department of Philosophy, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 3 Department of Economics, Barnard College and Columbia University, New York, NY 4 Microsoft Research The authors would like to thank Marc Lipsitch (Department of Epidemiology, Harvard T. Public Health, Harvard University) and Rebecca Kahn (Harvard T. University) for assistance. 2. COV020_WhenHowLoosenFaucet_v4. COVID-19 Taught Me My Lizard Brain is Racist (and Yours Probably is Too) - Learning Service.

This is a guest post by educator and coach Jenny Wagner.

COVID-19 Taught Me My Lizard Brain is Racist (and Yours Probably is Too) - Learning Service

I have no desire to be repatriated right now. I feel this with visceral certainty while watching my six month old daughter sitting on a rug in our bedroom, happily chewing on the limbs of a teddy bear. My husband sits next to her, savoring his morning coffee in front of the television, listening to the latest coronavirus updates in Wolof and French on TFM, a major Senegalese news outlet. I Work in a Grocery Store; Don't Call Me a Hero.

Once we were all gathered in the back, seated on overturned milk crates, my boss removed a folded-up piece of paper from his pocket and began to read a letter from our company’s management that thanked us, presumptively, for our “confidence and steadiness” and offered our store a bonus.

I Work in a Grocery Store; Don't Call Me a Hero

He quoted a customer who called our efforts “a lifeline.” Before the close of the meeting, my boss led us in a round of applause for our own hard work and dauntlessness. Though I clapped, something didn’t sit right with me. Unlike medical personnel and emergency responders, we didn’t sign up for potentially life-threatening work. We can’t check the temperature of people entering our store or maintain a safe distance from one another.

The plan is to have no plan - PressThink. In this space I am parking my short description of the de facto plan the Trump government has for getting the United States out of the public health emergency caused by the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The plan is to have no plan - PressThink

This is my read on what the government’s guidance and actions amount to. I will revise the text and add new links as more information flows in. My purpose in posting it is to challenge the American press to be a lot clearer in its descriptions. Stated another way, the plan is to default on public problem solving, and then prevent the public from understanding the consequences of that default. To succeed this will require one of the biggest propaganda and freedom of information fights in U.S. history, the execution of which will, I think, consume the president’s re-election campaign. Coronavirus: Trader Joe's Stores Open Despite Sick Workers.

Gabriele Holtermann-gorden / Sipa USA via AP People wait in line outside Trader Joe's in Cobble Hill in Brooklyn, March 16.

Coronavirus: Trader Joe's Stores Open Despite Sick Workers

The journalists at BuzzFeed News are proud to bring you trustworthy and relevant reporting about the coronavirus. To help keep this news free, become a member and sign up for our newsletter, Outbreak Today. With their Hawaiian shirts, free samples, and friendly vibes, Trader Joe’s stores can seem more laid-back than other supermarkets. But employees working during the coronavirus pandemic fear for their health and the safety of customers. The Food Industry Wants The Government To Second Hospitality Workers To Production Lines.

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Hand drying. Product Review Electric hand dryers have a lower carbon footprint and save resources compared to paper towels, but COVID-19 has changed how we view these products. by Brent Ehrlich Washing hands properly is one of the primary ways of controlling the spread SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.

hand drying

Drying hands properly is also important, as wet hands are more likely to provide an avenue for spreading pathogens. Yet even this seemingly simple act has reignited a contentious issue: what is the best way to dry your hands after hand washing? Both the paper towel and high-speed electric hand dryer industries have claimed their products provide superior bathroom hygiene, with the paper towel industry touting better removal of pathogens and the hand dryer industry touting HEPA air filtration and less potentially contaminated litter. This article is BuildingGreen Premium content Two ways to read the full article and get CEUs: Already a premium member? MEDIALIST. How do smart people make smart decisions? COVID-19 Crux. HÆLTH.IT. Privatus. SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine. COVID-19. PANDEMOCRACY. SOCIETAS. Epidēmia. COVID-19 Clues.

TESTING US. Back.Track. Zoonology. Ring Around Rosy. Covid 19.