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What Makes These Librarians TikTok? The Loss of School Librarians Is Hurting Kids (and Teachers) Librarians aren’t just for elementary school. As student progress, having media- and research-savvy librarians helps prepare students to excel in college by helping them develop their research skills, or their ability to find, evaluate, and use information. Without those librarians’ expertise, students are less prepared for the rigor of college-level work. Lack of libraries widens the gap between rich and poor.

Low-income schools and schools serving other marginalized populations lost libraries and librarians at a greater rate than schools that don’t. This matters because school librarians are most important for students who are considered to be at risk. Teachers lose a collaborative partner. Librarians also bring a lot to teacher planning. The Loss of School Librarians Is Hurting Kids (and Teachers)

10 reasons school librarians are more important than ever. The Importance of School Librarians. As parents, we tend to get involved in our children’s education: Are they getting enrolled in the right classes?

The Importance of School Librarians

Did they make the team? We are concerned if they aren’t afforded access to technology, or if they are being bullied at school. If a school down the road is performing better, parents often lobby to get their child enrolled there, even if their addresses do not allow it. These issues are all easy to get passionate about, even for the casual parent. Where we fall short, however, is when it comes to the fundamentals: the important things that actually have proven, direct effects on learning, such as ensuring that every one of our kids has access to school librarians—yes, librarians. For those who don’t spend a lot of time in American schools, it’s easy to overlook how big of an issue we face as a nation.

To have any chance for success in school, a child must be able to read at or above the reading level for his or her grade. 10 Reasons Librarians Are More Important Than Ever. Read how these passionate and savvy educators support schools and students every day.

10 Reasons Librarians Are More Important Than Ever

It's National Library Week, and we couldn't resist paying homage to one of the most important members of the school community: librarians. Also known as library media specialists, librarians play a unique role in our schools. Often asked to take on a wide range of duties, these passionate and savvy educators deserve more than only a week of praise. And in case you need a reminder of all that librarians do for our students and our schools, we've put together a list -- but it's only a start. 1. In many schools, the library media specialist is the go-to expert on all things tech. 2. School Library Journal. LibraryAware What is NoveList? Three (Cheap) Ways to Market Your School Library. Marketing can be tough in any library, but in a school library, where we are often solo librarians, it can be particularly difficult to fit it in.

Three (Cheap) Ways to Market Your School Library

Here are three easy and cheap ways to market your school library and let everyone know about the fantastic things you’re doing! Table tents A table tent is an easy and inexpensive way to let students know what's going on at their library. People come in and out of a school library all day long, whether for classes, events or some study time, but posters on doors and walls can get lost in the noise. A table tent puts your ads right in front of them at the table where they sit. I use Google slides to easily create images that are the right size to fit on a half sheet, and download them as an image. Newsletters When people think about creating email newsletters, they think they need tons of information to fill it up. School Library Connection. An initiative of the American Library Association. Schools See Steep Drop in Librarians, New Analysis Finds. Why school librarians matter: What years of research tell us -

When schools have high-quality library programs and librarians who share their expertise with the entire school community, student achievement gets a boost. Since 1992, a growing body of research known as the school library impact studies has consistently shown positive correlations between high-quality library programs and student achievement (Gretes, 2013; Scholastic, 2016). Data from more than 34 statewide studies suggest that students tend to earn better standardized test scores in schools that have strong library programs. What the net neutrality vote could mean for schools, students. Are school librarians going way of the milkman? Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has been shedding school librarians faster than any district in North Carolina over the past five years, and there’s a debate going on about whether that makes a difference for students.

Are school librarians going way of the milkman?

This year, 31 of the district’s 168 schools have libraries led by staffers other than media specialists, who have master’s degrees and specialized training to run libraries. Ruby Jones, a school board member and retired teacher, calls that “mind-boggling” in a district that names literacy as its top priority. She says it’s crucial to bring back media specialists in high-poverty schools where few students can read at grade level. “Many homes of high poverty do not have one piece of literature in their homes,” Jones said. “These same students do not have transportation to a public library. Antioch University Seattle School Library Certification Program - Debbie Abilock, MLS, a former school administrator and school librarian, co-founded and directs the educational vision of NoodleTools, a research-to-writing platform, designed for privacy, that is used by thousands of schools and universities.

Antioch University Seattle School Library Certification Program -

NoodleTools focus on educational goals has earned the trust of subscribers and educators. Unlike almost all of the software and services created for educators, neither NoodleTools’ public or subscription sites conceal web bugs, beacons, pixels or tags that track students or faculty. The site contains no advertising and all work created remains the intellectual property of the students and teachers who have created it. Email: Helen Adams is an online instructor for Antioch University-Seattle in Seattle, Washington.

School Libraries Work. New Research Report from Scholastic Confirms the Importance of School Libraries and Librarians. Contact: Anne Sparkman (212) 343-6657.

New Research Report from Scholastic Confirms the Importance of School Libraries and Librarians