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Welcome to Created Equal. Underground Railroad Student Activity. Underground Railroad Student Activity. The Atlantic Slave Trade. Slavery Images. USI Home Page. Image Information. Image Reference auction_Richd_1861.

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Black Peoples of America. 2 sequence from slavery to the white house finie. SLAVERY - My schoolbag. Solomon Northup as he appears in the original book and Chiwitel Ejiofor, who has been much-praised in the lead role of the film On PBS : Three reviewers give their opinions.

SLAVERY - My schoolbag

Routes commerces college. Séquence : SLAVERY AND SEGREGATION - [Anglais en LP académie de Lyon] Slavery and the Making of America. Black history in the US. Page mise à jour le 4 février 2013 From MLK to ObamaUne séquence complète niveau 3ème proposée par Catherine Court-Maurice (Collège Le Chapitre) Télécharger la séquence Académie en ligne (CNED)2 séquences complètes niveau 3ème (avec enregistrements audio et corrigés)

Black history in the US