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Escape Mutants -- Vaccine Dynamics (COVID-19)

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Delta -- Escape Mutants -- Vaccine Dynamics (COVID-19)

Modeling (Escape Mutants) ‘Leaky’ Vaccines Can Produce Stronger Versions of Viruses. By studying chickens, researchers say they have proven the theory that more virulent viruses can evolve from so-called “leaky” vaccines.

‘Leaky’ Vaccines Can Produce Stronger Versions of Viruses

The current debate over vaccinating toddlers is small potatoes compared to the potential risks of using “leaky” vaccines to prevent disease. According to a new study published today in the scientific journal PLOS Biology, some types of vaccines could allow more virulent versions of a virus to survive, putting those who are unvaccinated at greater risk of severe illness.

Mike Boots, "The Need for Evolutionarily Rational Disease Interventions: Vaccination Can Select for Higher Virulence"

Andrew F. Read, "Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens" KimIverson Virus Can Mutate. Rise of the VARIANTS @whatsherface. USA "Pandemic of the Unvaccinated" -- Escape Mutant Narrative. TLAV (Ryan Chrtian) on Escape Mutants. QuantaMag: Vaccines Are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve. Andrew Read became a scientist so he could spend more time in nature, but he never imagined that would mean a commercial chicken farm.

QuantaMag: Vaccines Are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve

Read, a disease ecologist who directs the Pennsylvania State University Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics, and his research assistant Chris Cairns meandered their way through a hot, humid, pungent-smelling barn teeming with 30,000 young broiler chickens deep in the Pennsylvania countryside. Covered head to toe in white coveralls, the two men periodically stopped and crouched, collecting dust from the ground with gloved hands.

Israel (COVID-19 Breakthrough Cases)

Luc Montagnier (Escape Mutants) Breakthrough After Vaccines and After The Natural Infection. WSJ: "Vaccines are not a panacea" Eert Vanden Bossche, VIdeos. DrMobeenSyed: Are Vaccines Causing Variants? (Responding to the French Nobel Laureate) Countering Geert Vanden Bossche’s dubious viral open letter warning against mass COVID-19 vaccination. [Editor’s note: Scott Gavura had circumstances pop up that prevented him from producing a post for today.

Countering Geert Vanden Bossche’s dubious viral open letter warning against mass COVID-19 vaccination

As a result, I’m posting this. Some of you might have seen it already published elsewhere (although this is an edited/abridged version of the original post). If you haven’t, it’s new to you. Moderna Covid-19 vaccine is less potent against variant but still protective. Moderna is studying adding booster doses to its vaccine regimen after finding its Covid-19 vaccine was less potent against a coronavirus variant that was first identified in South Africa, the company said Monday.

Moderna Covid-19 vaccine is less potent against variant but still protective

In lab research that involved testing whether blood from people who had received the vaccine could still fend off different coronavirus variants, scientists found that there was a sixfold reduction in the vaccine’s neutralizing power against the variant, called B.1.351, than against earlier forms of the coronavirus, Moderna reported. There was no loss in neutralization levels against a different variant, called B.1.1.7, that was first identified in the United Kingdom. Both variants are thought to be more transmissible than other forms of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. advertisement Moderna said that despite the reduction in neutralizing antibodies against B.1.351, the antibody levels generated by its vaccine “remain above levels that are expected to be protective.” Pfizer vaccine may be less effective against South African and UK coronavirus variants, according to Israeli study (businessinsider)

Covid-19 Double Mutant Can Escape Antibodies, But Vaccine Can Protect Majority: Study. SARS-CoV-2 immunity-escape variants, 7 January 2021. Will Delaying Vaccine Doses Cause a Coronavirus Escape Mutant? The pandemic has entered a new phase.

Will Delaying Vaccine Doses Cause a Coronavirus Escape Mutant?

Millions of people around the world are now receiving their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine each day. In a few countries, including the UK, millions will wait for up to 12 weeks before they receive their second dose. Vaccinating as many people as possible with initial doses before moving on to second doses is intended as the fastest means of inducing a good level of protection within the population. Dire Coronavirus Prediction: Virus Evolving to Escape Current Vaccines, Treatments – “May Be Condemned to Chasing After the Evolving SARS-CoV-2 Continually” “We have to stop the virus from replicating and that means rolling out vaccine faster and sticking to our mitigation measures like masking and physical distancing.

Dire Coronavirus Prediction: Virus Evolving to Escape Current Vaccines, Treatments – “May Be Condemned to Chasing After the Evolving SARS-CoV-2 Continually”

Stopping the spread of the virus will stop the development of further mutations,” Ho says. The study also found that certain monoclonal antibodies used now to treat COVID patients may not work against the South Africa variant. ‘Escape Mutations’ May Drive New COVID Resurgence. Staying home as much as possible and away from other people through the spring could save some 30,000 lives, according to a model from the IHME The E484K mutation is already causing misery in Manaus, Brazil, a city of 2 million people that sits in the Amazon rainforest.

‘Escape Mutations’ May Drive New COVID Resurgence

Brazil, like the U.S., fell short last year in its efforts to ease the COVID-19 crisis. Like former President Donald Trump, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro downplayed the risk of the virus, and many people there declined to follow public health recommendations like wearing masks or social distancing. As a result, Manaus was so hard-hit during its surge of cases last spring that scientists who studied blood samples there estimated that more than 75% of the population might have been infected. New Study of Coronavirus Variants Predicts Virus Evolving to Escape Current Vaccines, Treatments. A new study of the U.K. and South Africa variants of SARS-CoV-2 predicts that current vaccines and certain monoclonal antibodies may be less effective at neutralizing these variants and that the new variants raise the specter that reinfections could be more likely.

New Study of Coronavirus Variants Predicts Virus Evolving to Escape Current Vaccines, Treatments

The study was published in Nature(link is external and opens in a new window) on March 8, 2021. A preprint of the study was first posted to BioRxiv(link is external and opens in a new window) on January 26, 2021.

Complacency: Escape Mutants -- Vaccine Dynamics (COVID-19)

Talia Kustin, Evidence for increased breakthrough rates of SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern in BNT162b2 mRNA vaccinated individuals. Concerning Data about Vaccine Efficacy (COVID-19 - Escape Mutants) Neutralizing Activity of BNT162b2-Elicited Serum. Kai Wu, mRNA-1273 vaccine induces neutralizing antibodies against spike mutants from global SARS-CoV-2 variants.

SARS-CoV-2 immunity-escape variants ( Darkhorse: FB 'warns' us against Geert Vanden Bossch podcast (from Livestream #77) Lineage B.1.617. Variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 Total number of B.1.617 sequences by country as of 21 April 2021[1]Legend: 100+ confirmed sequences 2–99 confirmed sequences 1 confirmed sequence None or no data available.

Lineage B.1.617

COVID-19: Vallance corrects mistake to say 60% of people being admitted to hospital with coronavirus are unvaccinated. Sixty percent of people being admitted to hospital with COVID-19 are unvaccinated, the government's chief scientific adviser has said.

COVID-19: Vallance corrects mistake to say 60% of people being admitted to hospital with coronavirus are unvaccinated

Earlier, Sir Patrick Vallance told a news briefing that figure was for double-jabbed people. But he later corrected himself on Twitter, saying the original statistic was false. He posted: "Correcting a statistic I gave at the press conference today, 19 July. "About 60% of hospitalisations from COVID are not from double-vaccinated people, rather 60% of hospitalisations from COVID are currently from unvaccinated people. " Speaking at the briefing alongside Boris Johnson - who appeared remotely from Chequers where he is self-isolating - Sir Patrick said hospitalisations could rise to over 1,000 a day.

Covid Surges In 4 Of 5 Most Vaccinated Countries—Here’s Why The U.S. Should Worry. Topline Countries with the world’s highest vaccination rates—including four of the top five most vaccinated—are fighting to contain coronavirus outbreaks that are, on a per-capita basis, higher than the surge devastating India, a trend that has experts questioning the efficacy of some vaccines (especially China’s Sinopharm) and the wisdom of easing restrictions even with most of the population vaccinated. Key Facts. Why Are Cases Rising in Israel, the Most Vaccinated Country? An elderly woman receives a booster shot of her vaccination against the coronavirus disease at an assisted living facility, in Netanya, Israel. Photo: Ronen Zvulun/REUTERS On December 9, a big bright yellow DHL jet loaded with Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine landed in Israel, where it was welcomed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a dramatic photo op at Ben Gurion airport.

Days later he became the first person in the country to be vaccinated, live on television, followed by millions of Israelis. Seychelles Sees Rise in Coronavirus Cases Despite Vaccinations. Marie Neige, a call center operator in Seychelles, was eager to be vaccinated. Like the majority of the residents in the tiny island nation, she received China’s Sinopharm vaccine in March, and expected to be fully protected in a few weeks.

On Sunday, she tested positive for the coronavirus. “I was shocked,” said Ms. Most Vaccinated Nation Seychelles Reintroduces Curbs as Covid Cases Surge. Sign up to our Next Africa newsletter and follow Bloomberg Africa on Twitter Seychelles, which has fully vaccinated more of its population against the coronavirus than any other country, has closed schools and canceled sporting activities for two weeks as infections surge. The measures, which include bans on the intermingling of households and the early closure of bars, come even as the country has fully vaccinated more than 60% of its adult population with two doses of Covid-19 vaccines. ‘Coronavirus spikes’ happening in 80% of most vaccinated countries – TOTT News.

As the nation of Seychelles began to offer free coronavirus vaccinations early this year, President Wavel Ramkalawan told reporters that the country was planning to reach herd immunity within weeks. It was an ambitious target for a small, geographically isolated island nation in the Indian Ocean. But with its economy heavily reliant on tourism, the country called in favours to attain a vaccine supply from regional allies. Reuters: WHO reviewing Seychelles COVID-19 data after fully vaccinated people test positive. YT: Chile, Israel and the problem with vaccinations. Mutant viruses are threatening the polio eradication effort. Innate immune system (wikipedia) When Will Covid End? We Must Start Planning For a Permanent Pandemic.

N Proteins Vaccines (AKA NK Vaccines)

Clinical significance. Melinda Wenner Moyer, Vaccines Are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve. COVID-19 Variants Emerge while Vaccines Start to Roll Out. Antifragility & immunity (COVID-19) NK Cells (COVID-19) We need a Backup Plan in case the Vaccine isn't Enough. Innate Immunity & the COVID-19 Vaccine. Concerns about Vaccines (COVID-19) Ron Sender, The total number and mass of SARS-CoV-2 virions. Vaccine Dynamics (COVID-19)