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Welcome to World Anvil. Mars Portal — RedMapper. Medieval Demographics Done Better - Google Sheets. Old Disease Names By Sylvain Cazalet. Old Disease Names By Sylvain Cazalet This is a glossary of terms used to describe diseases in times gone by.

Old Disease Names By Sylvain Cazalet

I have generally, but not invariably, omitted terms that can be found in a modern medical dictionary. I have also included a few terms that appear in Bills of Mortality that are not strictly diseases. (1) A * B * C * D * E * F * G * H * I * J * K * L * M * N * O * P * Q * R * S * T * U * V * W * X * Y * Z A Abasia: Hysterical inability to walk or stand. Abdominal Angina: Term used to describe recurrent, severe and sudden abdominal pain in the elderly. It is used today to mean pain resulting from a poor blood supply to the bowel but in the past it could also mean diverticular disease/diverticulosis. What if Earth were a super-Earth? For nearly four years, NASA's Kepler spacecraft whisked through space, surveying our corner of the galaxy.

What if Earth were a super-Earth?

It monitored more than 150,000 stars, looking for planets about the size of Earth that belonged to other solar systems. The mission didn't disappoint; Kepler found countless examples of a type of planet known as a super-Earth. These faraway planets might remind you of home — they're rocky, smaller than gas giants, located near their star and sport a relatively thin atmosphere. Welcome to Mystery Flesh Pit National Park, One Redditor’s Colossal Feat of Worldbuilding. If you took the most Cronenbergian episodes of The Magic School Bus, blended them in a cosmic meat smoothie with the avanc from China Miéville’s The Scar, and then sprinkled in some good ol’ American tourist trap schlock, you still might not approach the eldritch delights of Mystery Flesh Pit National Park, located just south of Odessa, Texas, off Highway 20.

Welcome to Mystery Flesh Pit National Park, One Redditor’s Colossal Feat of Worldbuilding

As the name suggests, it’s a giant flesh tunnel opening through the Earth’s epidermis, dermis, hypodermis, and more, revealing colossal esophagi and leviathan spleen. Background Ambience Generator. ♥ I'm a scholar of 14th c.

Background Ambience Generator

Italian music and a huge Eco/Name of the Rose fan -- when someone sent this to me, I expected it to be super cheesy -- new age notions of medieval sounds + Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, etc. etc. Instead, I'm super captivated. Ancient Earth globe. Ultimate Fantasy Writer's Guide. Collaborative World Building: Dawn of Worlds. These 4 Ancient Apocalypses Changed the Course of Civilization - The Crux. Life, as they say, goes on.

These 4 Ancient Apocalypses Changed the Course of Civilization - The Crux

Until one day it doesn’t. For ancient societies, without the means to predict natural disasters, destruction could often come suddenly and completely by surprise. Below are four of the most devastating natural events in recorded human history, and the societies that they wiped off the map. The Storegga Slides. PlanetMaker. World Anvil Worldbuilding tools & RPG Campaign Manager. Foodbuilding as Worldbuilding — Creating Fantasy Cuisines.

Artifexian. World Anvil World Building, Tools, RPG Campaign Manager and Community. Flood Map: Water Level Elevation Map. Please support this site by sharing it with your friends and followers Disclaimer: Please note that just this elevation flood map is not sufficient enough in full extent for the analysis since there are many other factors like surface runoff, flow diversion, land type etc. are also responsible for the flood coverage along with elevation.

Flood Map: Water Level Elevation Map

But we think this flood map should help in some extent in the following areas: Flood Map may be useful to some extent for flood risk assessment or in flood management, flood control etc. Flood Map may help to provide flood alert/flood warning if flood water level at certain point is rising. What is PARACOSM? What does PARACOSM mean? PARACOSM meaning, definition & explanation. World Anvil World Building, Tools, RPG Campaign Manager and Community. World Machine : The Premier 3D Terrain Generator. World Anvil World Building, Tools, RPG Campaign Manager and Community. Untitled. RPG-ology #13: Cities – Christian Gamers Guild. This is RPG-ology #13: Cities, for December 2018.

RPG-ology #13: Cities – Christian Gamers Guild

When I wrote about Country Roads I promised to return at some point and write about city streets. However, as I thought about it, I realized that before you can understand city streets, you have to understand cities–why they exist, why they form where they do, and what factors govern their patterns. So this is a look at cities; we’ll come back to the streets another time. The Savant's Rants: Europe's Navigable Waterways. So I came across this resource that I think is helpful for using rivers as a central element in RPGs - it's the UNECE interactive map of Europe's Navigable Waterways (click here for the PDF download but note it's at least a 2MB file when compressed to JPEG).

The Savant's Rants: Europe's Navigable Waterways

It's very, very detailed, and although the legend/key (in English, French, and Russian) doesn't appear in the above image, it's readily accessible in the bottom right of the PDF version. Looked at from an overall perspective, the map shows the waterways by several characteristics: Type (free-flowing river, canalised river, canal)Class (regional vs international significance) In addition, major local features are detailed such as: What Was The Worst Time To Be Alive In Human History? We currently live in the safest time in human history. Sure, “strongman politics” has made a comeback, many of the planet’s biggest problems remain unsolved, and there was that god-awful year where half of the world’s most beloved celebrities dropped dead.

Nevertheless, relatively speaking, the 2010s are a great time to be alive. So, what was the crappiest time to be alive? This question was inadvertently raised by a recent historical study attempting to figure out how the European monetary system changed after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Writing in the journal Antiquity, the researchers were looking for evidence of pollution from silver processing in the ice cores buried deep in the European Alps.

London Medieval Murder Map — Violence Research Centre. Fantasy Maps & Plate Tectonics. Have you been to ‘Queen Maeve’s Vulva’? Ireland’s oddest placenames. A koan is a paradoxical riddle without a solution.

Have you been to ‘Queen Maeve’s Vulva’? Ireland’s oddest placenames

It’s also an apt definition of many of Ireland’s placenames. These encoded glimpses into our culture, psyche and past practices offer insights into the lives of our ancestors, knowledge of lost environments and a profound sense of just how long we have been beetling away on this island. Nate Mangion is creating the World of Elyden. Introduction Hi, my name is Nate Mangion (more commonly known as Vorropohaiah on the internet) and I'm a worldbuilder by nature.

Nate Mangion is creating the World of Elyden

Been doing it for most of my life. I am interested in all aspects of worldbuilding (autocorrect hates that word, but I’m sticking with it). Mythologies, cosmogonies, histories, culture, cartography (one of my favourite subjects), taxonomy, linguistics (one of my least favourite subjects)… all these and so many more fields and sciences all play a role in the creation of a world. 10+ Questions To Ask When You’re Trying To Build A World – Crafty House. Quora. Tolkien’s Map and the Perplexing River Systems of Middle-earth. Remember when I said that the map of Middle-earth had 99 problems and mountains were 98 of them? Well, it’s time to talk about that one remaining problem: rivers. I’ll mostly be talking about the Anduin here, since it’s the most major river on the map. But first: why do I keep coming back to Tolkien? Tolkien’s Map and The Messed Up Mountains of Middle-earth.

We’ve got to talk about Tolkien’s map of Middle-earth. Medieval Fantasy City Generator by watabou. This application generates a random medieval city layout of a requested size. The generation method is rather arbitrary, the goal is to produce a nice looking map, not an accurate model of a city. All the actions and options are accessible via the context menu. Hot keys: 👉For development news and related stuff please check a dedicated reddit community. The first version of this generator was created for the monthly challenge #17 of the proceduralgeneration subreddit. Vulgar generates fantasy languages with a click / Boing Boing. Vulgar constructs languages for fantasy fiction or whatever other purpose you can imagine, applying consistent rules to the custom phonemes you feed it.

Five Worldbuilding Mistakes Even Enthusiasts Make – Mythcreants. The Expanse has a well-thought-out hard scifi setting that still ignores scientific reality. Imgur user shows map of every river basin in the US. A stunning new map shows the complex network of rivers and streams in the contiguous United States. Created by Imgur user Fejetlenfej, a geographer and GIS analyst with a ‘lifelong passion for beautiful maps,’ it highlights the massive expanse of river basins across the country – in particular, those which feed the Mississippi River.

Writing and RPG-Related Generators. Watch as the world's cities appear one-by-one over 6,000 years. Watch the rise of human cities, beginning with [arguably] the world’s first city in 3700 BC and continuing up to the present. Use the controls at the bottom to pause/resume the map and to move back and forth in time. Let This New York Times Best-Selling Author Help You With Your Magic System. Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions. FAQS About Worldbuilding. Generating fantasy maps. Updated Worldbuilding Round-Up – MARSHALL RYAN MARESCA. Updated Worldbuilding Round-Up – MARSHALL RYAN MARESCA. Great map of the United States overlaid on Europe at the correct Latitude (via Randy Olson)

World Builders I: Rubric for Climate Page in PowerPoint E Viau CSULA. ProFantasy Community Forum - FT3 Grid - Tropic of Cancer / Capricorn How? H.I. #56: Guns, Germs, and Steel. Zebra vs Horses (Americapox Part 2) Dialect — Thorny Games. In 'Dialect', we follow the story of a community in isolation as seen through their language. We explore how the community's speech evolves as they face challenges, establish values, and contrast themselves from the society they've left behind. We'll embody characters within the Isolation, using this emergent language to express the interactions within the community.

In the end, we'll witness the decline of the language and examine how the community lost its identity. Worldbuilding. Given a planet this similar to Earth, it is not surprising that here too life arose, based on proteins in water solution, and in time developed photosynthesizing plants which formed and now maintain an oxyrritrogen atmosphere. Hodges. List of Prices of Items in Medieval England. Note: these costs will be wildly varying depending on circumstance. What Did Medieval Items Really Cost? And How Much Did An Archer Make? Climate Types for Kids. 20 World Building Questions for Authors to ask Themselves. World Building 101. Forests in the olden days. List of all Landforms. CBA Research Reports. The Medieval Farming Year @ The Penultimate HârnPage. 5249. A Brief History of Water and Health from Ancient Civilizations to Modern Times - IWA Water Wiki - Open Access Information for the Global Water Community.

Historical Geography of Transportation: The Emergence of Mechanized Systems. World Building Academy. Taking escapism to the next level. Why does Earth have deserts? Grymvald Gazetteer: Worldbuilding Wednesday - Underground City, Kingdom, & Ocean. The most disruptive technology of the last century is in your house. Gygax's Legendarium.

Heaven & Earth. Worldbuilding. 7 Worldbuilding Tropes Science Fiction and Fantasy needs to Stop using. Göbekli Tepe. Fundamentals of Transportation - Wikibooks, open books for an open world. The Sliding Scale of Technology And Magic - Crit Confirm. A Multitude of Settings : A Typology of RPG Gameworlds. Real World Maps vs Fantasy Maps. Extrasolar Planets Are, Almost, Everywhere. How to make a Fantasy Sandbox. Religion Gen. Equator Map, Tropic of Cancer Map, Tropic of Capricorn Map, Prime Meridian. False Machine: STRANGE GRAINS - D&Difying 'The Art Of Not Being Governed' 10 Rules For Making Better Fantasy Maps. Worldbuilding By Map. Eric Metaxas: Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God.

World Dream Bank: PLANETOCOPIA. 7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding. 20 World Building Questions for Authors to ask Themselves. Five Foundations Of Worldbuilding. Worldbuilding Books. Worldbuilding Resources. Worldbuilding Video. Novelist Has Whole Shitty World Plotted Out.