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nQuire It. Learning, made joyful - Memrise. Screencast-O-Matic - Free online screen recorder for instant screen capture video sharing. Great Pacific Garbage Patch - National Geographic Education. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a soupy collection of marine debris—mostly plastics.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch - National Geographic Education

Photograph by Ray Boland, NOAA. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Worldwide Garbage Patches The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is not the only marine trash vortex—it’s just the biggest. The Atlantic and Indian Oceans both have trash vortexes. Strange CargoWhen ships are caught in storms, they often lose cargo to the oceans. Free Teaching Resources, Lesson Plans & Worksheets – Promethean Planet. Zaption - Interact & Learn with Video Lessons. BBC Bitesize - KS2 Science - The invention of tarmac. Peer group pressure. Positive; peer; pressure; negative; group; friend; safe; reaction; decision; bad; mistake; consequence; trouble; trust; change; choice; discrimination ; Contents It is important for kids to feel that they fit in with their peers - other kids in your group or school or neighbourhood.

Peer group pressure

But sometimes you may find yourself doing something because others are doing it, but it makes you feel uncomfortable or not safe. Food Rationing during World War 2. Before the Second World War started Britain imported about 55 million tons of food a year from other countries.

Food Rationing during World War 2

After war was declared in September 1939, the British government had to cut down on the amount of food it brought in from abroad as German submarines started attacking British supply ships. There was a worry that this would lead to shortages of food supplies in the shops so the British government decided to introduce a system of rationing. Rationing made sure that people got an equal amount of food every week. The government was worried that as food became scarcer, prices would rise and poorer people might not be able to afford to eat. There was also a danger that some people might hoard food, leaving none for others. Ration books - notice the dates These ration books were issued to Doris and Montague Corri.

Rationing of food lasted for 14 years and ended on July 4, 1954. TED-Ed. View full lesson: People have been grappling with the question of artificial creativity -- alongside the question of artificial intelligence -- for over 170 years.


For instance, could we program machines to create high quality original music? The Internet of School Things. Educational Videos for Teaching Media Literacy. Shopping Cart (0 Items) Browsing as Guest.

Educational Videos for Teaching Media Literacy

(Login) Educational Videos About Media, Culture, and Society For The Classroom. WHAT’S GOING ON IN THIS PICTURE - The Learning Network Blog. Websites education.

Distance learning

Learn Science at Nature. Scitable is a free science library and personal learning tool brought to you by Nature Publishing Group, the world's leading publisher of science.

Learn Science at Nature

Scitable currently concentrates on genetics and cell biology, which include the topics of evolution, gene expression, and the rich complexity of cellular processes shared by living organisms. Scitable also offers resources for the budding scientist, with advice about effective science communication and career paths. Caribbean With Simon Reeve - Media centre. Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Cosmonaut Model Kit. Soundscapes of the Nile valley: ‘Rock music’ in the Fourth Cataract region. Mances in ritual and other contexts .

Soundscapes of the Nile valley: ‘Rock music’ in the Fourth Cataract region

Gamestar Mechanic. Learn to code. Mirobot - the DIY WiFi robotics kit for children. What are the greatest lessons you have learned from history? The Best Things in Life Aren't Things. Marketing professor studies women who live the ecological life Rachel and her husband built a passive solar greenhouse on their farm with materials they scavenged from dumpsters and recycling bins: a shower door from someone’s bathroom, wood left over from home improvement projects, discarded soda bottles.

The Best Things in Life Aren't Things

“This is such a fat country,” she says. “There is so much, that you can live off the pickings that are left over.” “All the clothes I buy,” says Terry, “I buy at the thrift store. Partly because I am a cheapskate and partly because the clothes already exist, and (it’s) perfectly good stuff.” Helen washes and reuses plastic bags. Rachel, Terry, and Helen are among nine women who were the focus of a recent study by Julie Ozanne, associate professor of marketing at Virginia Tech. Consumer behavior, says Ozanne, has been and continues to be the main area of study in consumer research and a major focus in marketing research. Voluntary Simplicity.

5 Alternative Teaching Methods. Traditional schools "“ with their lectures, homework, and report cards "“ aren't for everyone.

5 Alternative Teaching Methods

Here are five alternative approaches to education. Rethinking Schools. A Revitalized Teacher Union MovementReflections from the field By Bob Peterson The president of the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association describes paths and pitfalls in moving beyond bread and butter issues to social justice unionism.

Rethinking Schools

Material adicional: Este artículo de Bob Peterson ahora también está disponible en español. Descargue este artículo gratuitamente en una versión PDF. Testing AssumptionsZombies, flunkies and the Providence Student Union. MIND Research Institute. WHAT IS PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE? Planned obsolescence is when a product is deliberately designed to have a specific life span. This is usually a shortened life span. The product is designed to last long enough to develop a customer’s lasting need. The product is also designed to convince the customer that the product is a quality product, even though it eventually needs replacing.

In this way, when the product fails, the customer will want to buy another, up to date version. Soap Bubbles - Basic Properties, Bubble Recipe & More. By Ron Hipschman. What is so fascinating about bubbles? The precise spherical shape, the incredibly fragile nature of the microscopically thin soap film, the beautiful colors that swirl and shimmer, or most likely, a combination of all these phenomena? Why does a bubble form a sphere at all? The Royal Institution: Science Lives Here. Helioseismology. Active Learning Exercises in Planetary and Solar Astronomy Copyright 1996 National Optical Astronomy Observatory Volume 1, Number 1 NEW! Download an Updated Version of this module in PDF format. [Text] Vonnegut's Letter to Students: 'Practice Any Art...Make Your Soul Grow' “You will find that you have already been gloriously rewarded for your poem.

You have experienced becoming, learned a lot more about what’s inside you, and you have made your soul grow…” When English teacher Ms. Lockwood assigned her students at Xavier High School to correspond with a well-known author on their work and request advice, Kurt Vonnegut was the only writer to respond. Vonnegut wrote the following response in 2006 to Xavier students about a year before he passed away on April 11, 2007: How to Make an Easy Lava Lamp. What you'll need: Water A clear plastic bottle Vegetable oil Food coloring Alka-Seltzer (or other tablets that fizz) Instructions: Pour water into the plastic bottle until it is around one quarter full (you might want to use a funnel when filling the bottle so you don't spill anything).

Pour in vegetable oil until the bottle is nearly full. Wait until the oil and water have separated. Search results for The Educators. The Langley Schools Music Project: "INNOCENCE AND DESPAIR" BBC Radio 4 - Langley School Music Project. Lesson plans for school teachers. Last Updated:21 January, 2014Section:Resources Save yourself preparation time by downloading free lesson plans. To find the most recent resources, simply select ‘Primary’ or ‘Secondary’ then click on the ‘phase’ e.g. Could you really hit a golf ball miles and miles on the Moon? Study. Dividing by Zero. K-12 Education & Learning Innovations with Proven Strategies that Work. This morning i met a whale. I Bought a Rainforest. 101 Free (or Free-to-Try) Online Collaborative Learning Tools. Communication4All. Ernment Posters. Are we nearly there yet? : travel games for children. Car Travel Games for Kids - - 101 Road Trip Games for kids and Things to do in the car on roadtrips.

(Preschool age and up)by Laurel Smith (Road Trip Mom) Taking a car trip with your kids is a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with them, away from other daily distractions. Welcome to MAGNA Science Adventure Centre, Jnt 34, M1. Free Online Language Learning. BBC Languages – Free online lessons to learn and study with. Brain Games & Brain Training. Closed Ecosystems. Space settlement relevance.

BBC/OU - Science Shack. Dorling Kindersley - Illustrated Reference Publisher. Alternative Education Resource Organization. Becoming Human. Learning: online learning resources. Schools: Educational resources from the BBC. ARKive Education - Homepage. Castles in the Sky.

Awesome Library. - science, philosophy, etc. - book reviews, methodology examination, and more. Channel 4 learning - online education resources and activities for schools.