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Towardsdatascience. What the heck is this library? Well, according to Wikipedia: Tesseract is an optical character recognition engine for various operating systems. It is free software, released under the Apache License, Version 2.0, and development has been sponsored by Google since 2006.[2] I’m sure there are more sophisticated libraries available now, but I’ve found this one working out pretty well. Based on my own experience, this library should be able to read text from any image, provided that the font isn’t some bulls*** that even you aren’t able to read. If it can’t read from your image, spend more time playing around with OpenCV, applying various filters to make the text stand out. Now the installation is a bit of a pain in the bottom.

Sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install tesseract-ocrsudo apt-get install libtesseract-dev I’m on Windows, so the process is a bit more tedious. First, open up THIS URL, and download 32bit or 64bit installer: pip install pytesseract.


Winows. Python. Predictions. Timelines. Prophecy. Weimar period. Film. Europe's largest meteorite crater home to deep ancient life. Fractured rocks of impact craters have been suggested to host deep microbial communities on Earth, and potentially other terrestrial planets, yet direct evidence remains elusive.

Europe's largest meteorite crater home to deep ancient life

In a new study published in Nature Communications, a team of researchers shows that the largest impact crater in Europe, the Siljan impact structure, Sweden, has hosted long-term deep microbial activity. Life thrives deep beneath our feet in a vast but underexplored environment coined the deep biosphere. Colonization of these deep environments—on Earth and potentially on other Earth-like planets—may have been sparked by meteorite impacts. Such violent events provide both space to microbial communities due to intense fracturing, and heat that drives fluid circulation favorable for deep ecosystems. Especially on planetary bodies that otherwise are geologically dead, such systems may have served as rare havens for life with considerable astrobiological implications.

This document is subject to copyright. Upliftconnect. Neuroscience has discovered the remarkably simple source for endless self-motivation. We can do anything we set our minds to. But sometimes it can feel like our brains are working against us when it comes to achieving our goals. Plans to learn a new skill, get in shape, or to save money and start a business, keep getting pushed back in the hopes that Future You will handle it ‘someday’. It’s a crippling behavioral cycle. In fact, in psychology, procrastination is classified as a form of self-sabotage. But there’s good news. We can turn impossible into possible and do anything we set our minds to.

We Just Completed a Record-Breaking Test of a Revolutionary Ion Engine. X3 Hall-effect.

We Just Completed a Record-Breaking Test of a Revolutionary Ion Engine

Photos – Wildroots. Enchanted Off Grid Community Discovered Hiding in the Appalachians. Posted Categories: Life Stories, Homes / Dwellings, Nature, Prepping Hidden in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina is a tiny band of friends taking refuge from the stress and worry of modern-day civilization.

Enchanted Off Grid Community Discovered Hiding in the Appalachians

Scavenging wild animals, gathering wild nuts and berries, drinking wild water, and tending their own forest garden, they live as free as they possibly can in the ever-dwindling wilderness. Gramps 5.0 Wiki Manual - Gramps. This is the wiki manual for Gramps version 5.0.

Gramps 5.0 Wiki Manual - Gramps

All users are encouraged to edit this manual to help improve its readability and usability. Abstract The Gramps Manual details all aspects of the Gramps software application. Table of Contents Preface Why use Gramps? Typographical conventions Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions. Are Superfoods As Super As We’ve Been Told? 5 Foods That Are…And 3 That Aren’t – HealthyWay. It seems like every time I browse Facebook or Pinterest I’m introduced to yet another food that falls into the “super” category.

Are Superfoods As Super As We’ve Been Told? 5 Foods That Are…And 3 That Aren’t – HealthyWay

From chia seeds to watermelon to wild salmon, these foods are no longer merely healthy, they’re super. It’s incredibly easy to fall into a superfood trap, when shopping for food becomes all about intentionally seeking out superfoods over what you perceive to be mere “regular” food. But is the term superfoods just a marketing ploy? And how many of their supposed health claims have actually been proven? What Are Those Hieroglyphics on Your Laptop Charger?

Look on the back of your laptop charger and you’ll find a mess of symbols and numbers.

What Are Those Hieroglyphics on Your Laptop Charger?

We’d bet you’ve looked at them before and gleaned little or no understanding from what they’re telling you. These symbols are as complicated as the label on the tag of your shirt that have never taught you anything about doing laundry. They’re the marks of standardization and bureaucracy, and dozens of countries basking in the glow of money made from issuing certificates. The switching power supply is the foundation of many household electronics — obviously not just laptops — and thus they’re a necessity worldwide.

If you can make a power supply that’s certified in most countries, your market is enormous and you only have to make a single device, possibly with an interchangeable AC cord for different plug types. In short, these symbols tell you everything important about your power supply. It’s All About Market Access.