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aBlogtoWatch eBay Watch Buying Guides: Rolex Submariner Alternatives, Omega Seamasters, & More. aBlogtoWatch has been producing some buying guides for eBay, and we've got a fresh new batch to share.

aBlogtoWatch eBay Watch Buying Guides: Rolex Submariner Alternatives, Omega Seamasters, & More

Now, we know that many "watch people" know the ins and outs of how to buy, sell, and trade watches online. However, more casual or beginning people who don't have the confidence of experience can find themselves overwhelmed, intimidated, and plain stressed out about the process. We hope our guides, which are designed to answer broader questions about watch buying as well as provide watch brand and model specific guides, provide a good frame of reference for anyone on the hunt for a timepiece. For this batch, we took a look at dive watches. The "office desk diver" is a common phenomenon, and for those looking to buy one, we figured it makes sense to ask, "do you need a dive watch for your office job? " For those hopeful eBay buyers not looking for a dive watch, fear not, as we have added buying guides for some popular watches to our library.

Halios Tropik Watch Review. I've been following Halios since their first model was released back in 2009, and while four years is essentially just a few particles of sand through the hourglass of horology's history, Halios hit the ground running.

Halios Tropik Watch Review

Expanding from that first diver, the Holotype, with repeat successes like the Bluering, Laguna, the 1000M (aka "The Puck") and now the Tropik. Much like their past models, the Tropik does not follow directly in the footsteps of the sibling watches that preceded it. In fact, aside from being a dive watch, the Tropik couldn't be more different than the Puck. With the introduction of their fifth model range, this Vancouver, Canada based brand sticks to their proven formula for small batch production, dive-ready watches that offer original designs at accessible prices, but the process has been fine tuned to offer what might be their most attractive and palatable design to date.

I would generally prefer no date to a date placement that looks like an afterthought. >Brand: Halios. Oris Williams Engine Date Watch. There is a certain balancing act that must be respected when designing a successful "automotive-themed" watch, with many examples simply falling prey to the uncanny valley of making the watch look much like a car, wheel, or gauge.

Oris Williams Engine Date Watch

This Week in Watches: January 26, 2016. An affordable Swiss watch on Kickstarter, a Bond watch on the auction block, the best of SIHH 2016 and more.

This Week in Watches: January 26, 2016

An Automatic Swiss Watch for the Rest of Us? LIV is a relatively new boutique watch brand that’s been selling watches since its first project, a Swiss quartz chronograph called the Genessis X1, was funded within 11 hours of its Kickstarter launch in 2014. Seiko Marinemaster SDBD009 'Spring Drive Tuna' Review. The following watch review was produced for aBlogtoWatch by contributor Zach Pina who you can check out on Instagram here.

Seiko Marinemaster SDBD009 'Spring Drive Tuna' Review

Seiko dive watches are known as being some of the best, most reliable divers out there, and it is for due cause. The SKX line (commonly known as the "monster") and the watch I'm reviewing today - the Seiko Marinemaster SBDB009 "Spring Drive Tuna" are a couple of the most well-known dive watches out there, period. To put 600 meters into perspective, consider the recreational limit for scuba diving — a veritable "kiddie pool" at a paltry 30 meters. Then consider Ahmed Gabr's world record scuba dive to 332 meters in 2014, marking the deepest a man has ever been with tanks strapped to his back.

All depths considered, the 600 meter water resistance of the 6159-7010 (better known as Seiko’s “godfather” Tuna) is pretty damned deep, far beyond the depths where humans were ever intended to go without the assistance of submersibles. The purpose? 5 Apps Every Watch Enthusiast Should Download Now. TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 'McQueen' Watch Hands-On  Since its debut in 1969 with the (then non-TAG) Heuer Monaco 1133B, the Monaco has enjoyed countless iterations from re-editions and tribute pieces, all the way to belt-driven, tourbillon-equipped high-tech versions like the V4 (hands-on here).

TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 'McQueen' Watch Hands-On 

What we are looking at today is the TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 "McQueen" Reference CAW211P, which is interesting for a number of reasons: a) it's a handsome Monaco in blue, b) it promises to be a worthy re-edition of the original, and c) the price is in line with TAG Heuer's recent (and indeed very welcome) more competitive pricing strategy. Fans of TAG Heuer or the Monaco (or, in fact, both) will surely be familiar with the history of this famed square-shaped chronograph – one among only a handful of square dialed watches that managed to catch on. A little refreshing of our memory certainly won't hurt, though, so let us begin by doing just that. Ressence Type 1 V Genesis Watch Is As Raw As It Gets. As they often say, "less is more" – and when it comes to watch brands, Ressence is one of the most interesting ones to perfect that approach.

Ressence Type 1 V Genesis Watch Is As Raw As It Gets

Today, the brand has released the Ressence Type 1 V Genesis, their roughest, rawest piece to date, designed to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the founding of the company – and their creation of timepieces that have done away with a traditional, three-dimensional dial and replaced it with one that is completely flat, with concentric circles (sub-dials) spinning around to indicate the time. The Ressence Type 1 V Genesis, however, is not less in the sense that it does less – it is a five-piece limited re-issue of the original Ressence Type 1 and hence it features the 107-part, patented Ressence Orbital Convex System that allows for its trademark way of indicating the time. Instead, it is (much) less when it comes to the number of refined details that we have grown used to seeing on other Ressence watches. Ressence Type 5 Oil-Filled Dive Watch. One of my favorite modern mechanical watchmakers Ressence today debuts their first dive watch with the Ressence Type 5.

Ressence Type 5 Oil-Filled Dive Watch

Based in Belgium and started by the truly passionate and innovative Benoit Mintiens, the Ressence concept is about creating an ultra-chic timepiece case filled with oil to create the illusion that it is one solid dial with almost invisible connections between the parts. You need to see these Ressence watches in person to truly understand how cool they look, but the concept also lends itself well to incredible legibility in most lighting conditions.

Oil-filled cases and wonderful legibility also happen to lend themselves well to extreme dive watches. Some of the coolest oil-filled watches around, such as the Bell & Ross Hydromax and similar models from Sinn, offer incredible depth-resistance because the lack of air in the case means that they cannot be as easily compressed. Now, while the Ressence Type 5 doesn't offer "extreme" water resistance, it is mechanical. Guides To Buying Watches On eBay. aBlogtoWatch Guides To Buying Watches On eBay Buying and selling watches online can be a tricky game, even for the more seasoned watch enthusiasts out there.

Guides To Buying Watches On eBay

For casual and new watch buyers, it can be downright daunting. Considering the holiday season is upon us, we wanted to share some of our guides to buying and selling watches on eBay. Hyetis Alpha Mechanical Smartwatch Hybrid Watch. Several years in the making, and following a lot of angry e-mails to Hyetis from customers wondering when they would receive anything, and now Arny Kapshitzer's Hyetis brand is finally set to ship their first watch - now known as the Hyetis Alpha.

Hyetis Alpha Mechanical Smartwatch Hybrid Watch

Anticipated to be the premier Swiss smartwatch and mechanical watch combination product, the Hyetis Alpha was never actually supposed to be the brand's initial launch. In 2013, aBlogtoWatch interviewed Arny during the debut of the Hyetis Crossbow which was supposed to be their first release. Just over a year ago in 2014, we teased the then-named "Hyetis Redline" watch here, and it was clear that the Crossbow was either canceled or delayed. The Redline has since had its name changed to the Alpha and, according Hyetis, the watch will begin shipping in January 2016. So, let's take a look at what the Alpha promises to deliver and why it took Hyetis so long. Oris Divers Sixty Five Watch Hands-On. In a surprising move, Oris, makers of the very cool Aquis Depth Gauge, have released a modern re-interpretation of a vintage dive watch from their history.

Shown at Baselworld 2015, the new Oris Divers Sixty-Five is really only new in terms of manufacturing, with this watch representing an update to a model that is now 50 years old. With more modern proportions, but certainly no deficit of charm, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five offers a time-capsule alternative to Oris' current tool-watch diver line up. Where the original Oris 1965 diver (seen below, right) used a brass case with a plexi crystal and a bi-directional bezel, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five offers a similar look but with a 40mm stainless steel case, a beautifully double domed and anti-refelctive sapphire crystal, and a unidirectional aluminum dive bezel.

The date has been moved from three to six o'clock but the black dial, box numerals for 12, 3, 6 and 9 and the lume color all carry over from the original. Oris Divers Sixty-Five Watch Grey & 'Deauville Blue' Dial. Remember Oris's surprise launch of the Divers Sixty-Five at Baselworld this past March? In response to positive accolades from press and buyers alike, Oris has seen fit to expand the line with a new Divers Sixty-Five model featuring a beautifully retro-toned grey and blue dial.

With a somewhat softer appeal than its black-dialed sibling, this new Oris Divers Sixty-Five is inspired by the luxurious vacation scene surrounding the fashionable French town of Deauville. Aside from the new dial coloring, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five "Deauville" is unchanged from the original version, retaining the same 40mm steel case, black dive bezel, screw down crown, and green luminous markers. Men's Watches. Nice Surprise With The Zodiac Automatic Titanium Watch. I didn't speak very fondly of the last Zodiac watch I reviewed a while ago. That was the Zodiac ZMX 03, which just had too many design problems in my opinion.

The situation is different with this Automatic Titanium watch (ZMX-04 ZO8510). The design here is well thought out, and all the pieces are in the right places. Best of all, the Zodiac designers figured out an effective solution to one of the biggest design problems I've been seeing on modern watches. Best Watches To Start Your Collection. 10 Top-Notch Watches that Won't Break the Bank When building anything, one must begin with strong foundation.

A watch collection is no different. While anyone, given the choice, would undoubtedly begin and end with only finest examples of haute horological hardware, we can’t all justify blowing junior’s college and post-grad funds on something small and shiny. A conservative budget should not dissuade wide-eyed complication connoisseurs however: there are many excellent mechanical options available for the budding collector. We’ve selected a few rock solid options, both vintage and new, that would proudly produce any one-percenter’s tan line. World's oldest calendar uncovered in a Scottish field. A diagram showing how the pits are aligned and how they track the phases of the moon Image Gallery (3 images) While we take calendars for granted these days, the invention of systems that track time stands as one of humanity's most monumental achievements ... in more ways than one.

Long before written calendars emerged, monuments were used to measure time. Now a crude but working "calendar" discovered in Warren Field, Scotland, suggests that these time measuring monuments may have been developed much earlier than previously thought. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Watch Review. 1916 New York Times Article Admits Wristwatches Here To Stay. Apparently, in the early 20th century, around 1910, the term "silly ass fad" was used - according to the New York Times - by comedians and pundits to refer to the then-so-called "strap watch," which was all but a joke at the time in the view of some style experts. Many of them saw wrist watches as not being masculine or particularly serious items in comparison to pocket watches. Legacy Machine Perpetual re-invents the perpetual calendar watch.

They call functions on mechanical watches "complications" for a reason, but sometimes things get so complicated that it's time to start over. Nomos Orion Midnight Edition Watch For Timeless. Division Furtive // Type 50 Watch // Dual Linear Movement (Pacific Time) - Division Furtive. Introducing the AVI-8 x worn&wound Watch. Panzera Breuer Watch Review. If aviator watches (aka Fliegers) are one of the most popular and recognizable styles of watches that have come from Germany, then the Bauhaus style watches of the '50s and '60s (and of course, what we see today) cannot be that far behind.

How To Mod a Seiko 5 Watch. The business of watch modding is not about creating parts, but replacing them. SoRa 1918 B // Automatic - DeltaT. Breuer 44 Mechanical // Arctic - Panzera. TRES Alpin White Dial Automatic Date (Rubber Strap) - Botta Design. Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Auto H7771553: Topper's Favorite Swiss Watch Under $1,000. Sponsored Post written by Rob Caplan In 2012, Hamilton came out with a 46mm limited edition Navy Pioneer. Bradley // Black - Eone. #TBT Heuer Carrera 2447S. I started thinking about this almost a year ago. Last autumn, my Dad turned 64 and it immediately drew my attention to the big “65” that was coming a short twelve months later.

I honestly had no idea of what to get him but I knew that it needed to be a watch. Swiss watchmakers movado collaborates with yves béhar for edge collection. Orient Mako USA Watch Review: Best Budget Diver? Are Invicta Watches Good? Top 5 Men's Watches Compared. #TBT Seiko Sportsmatic 6619-8230. Rpaige Waltham Original Antique Dial Watch Review. Waltham Aeronaval CDI Black Matter Watch Review. Photographer Collection Mechanical // GA8486.BBB - 24-Hour Special // Fiyta Watches.

Should Watch Makers Advertise The Accuracy Of Mechanical Watches? 4 Vintage Watch Alternatives to the Apple Watch. 5 Best Field Watches for Men. Grand Seiko Quartz Diver SBGX117, SBGX115 Watch Review. TCM Watches. Huawei Watch. Photo Essay: Bremont Watchmaking Factory. Swatch Sistem 51 Watch Review: Buy A $150 Swiss Automatic? Top 10 Affordable Watches That Get A Nod From Snobs. XERISCOPE² Automatic // XS2-3019 - 24-Hour Special // Xeric.

#TBT The Original Swatch Automatic. Devon Star Wars Limited Edition Watch Based On The Tread 1. Home page. SevenFriday V-Series Watch. MB&F Arachnophobia Table Clock Is Giant Time-Telling Spider On Your Desk Or Wall. Autodromo Stradale. Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 36 Chronograph Flyback Watch Hands-On: Racing With El Primero. TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Watch Review. Orient Automatic Watches & Reviews. 5 Best Flieger Watches. 10 Best Pilot's Watches of 2015. MeisterSinger Benjamin Franklin Watch. Frederique Constant. Men's Watches by TAG HEUER - Best Watches For Men And For Women. TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 18 Chronograph Watch Hands-On. Diving with the Hublot King Power Oceanographic 1000. How Minute Repeaters Work. Coolmaterial. In-Depth: In Depth: The Vostok Amphibia — HODINKEE.

Why You Need To Know About The Wider Spectrum Of Watches. Oris Makes Watches for the Working Man. T81 Limited Edition - Limited Edition - Watches Torgoen. JorgGray - Define your time. The JG6500 Commemorative Edition Chronograph, Mens and Ladies now available. Bremont America’s Cup. The 7 Best Seiko Watches You Can Buy Under $250. Things You Have To Explain To People That Don’t Wear Watches. Oris Big Crown ProPilot Calibre 111 Watch With In-House Movement. Diver One. Scurfa Watches Diver One Watch. Ressence Type 1 V Genesis Watch Is As Raw As It Gets. Defakto - Modular. Edmond Spray Automatic Watch Review. MeisterSinger Salthora Meta With Green Dial For Harrods. Rebellion T-1000 Gotham Watch Hands-On. Best Dive Watches Under $1000. Eco-Drive. Best Dive Watches Under $1000. Supercar-inspired HMX watch signals MB&F's 10th anniversary. Zodiac Astrographic Watch Review. Benarus Moray 40mm Watch Review.

The Wristwatch Which Won World War II: The A-11, An American Watch Icon. Buying Watches: Guides & Expert Advice. 7 Ways To Survive As A Watch Lover On A Budget. Seiko Prospex Scuba SBDC003 Dive Watch Review. Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT SUN023 Dive Watch Review. Seiko Recraft Automatic Watch Watch Review. HALIOS Vancouver - Dive + Sport Watches. Halios Tropik Watch Review. PANZERA.

Panzera Flieger F47-02D Wulf Watch Hands-On. Swatch Sistem51 Watch - Cool New Styles For 2015. Bulova Sea King Automatic 96B226 Limited Edition Watch Hands-On.