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Antonia (name) Antía -- GalicianAntoinette -- FrenchAntonija -- CroatianAntonella -- ItalianAntonette -- EnglishAntònia -- CatalanAntónia -- Hungarian, Portuguese, SlovakAntonia -- Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Georgian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, SwedishAntonie -- CzechAntonietta -- Italian, SpanishAntonija -- Croatian, SloveneAntonina -- Italian, Polish, Russian, UkrainianAntonia -- BulgarianNela -- CroatianTeuna -- DutchΑντωνία (Antonia or Andonia) -- GreekToinette -- FrenchToini -- FinnishToni -- EnglishTony -- EnglishTonia -- English, UkrainianTonka -- Croatian, SloveneTončica -- Croatian (Dalmatian)Tonya -- English, Russian, UkrainianToñi -- SpanishTosia --PolishÁntonia -- BohemianAntonía -- Icelandic The name of any women of the Antonius family in Ancient Rome:

Antonia (name)

Tonya (given name) Tonya Cooley, American modelTonya Crews, American modelTonya Crowe, American actressTonya Williams, Canadian actressTonya Kay, American actress and dancerTonya Pinkins, American actress Tonya Edwards, American basketball coachTonya Harding, American ice skaterTonya Verbeek, Canadian wrestlerTonya Washington, American basketball player Tonya Hurley, American writer and directorTonya Knight, American bodybuilderTonya Schuitmaker, American politician.

Tonya (given name)

Microscopic images of face masks show they slow spread of COVID-19. Conservative Christian Deeply Offended At Rap Video’s Implication That Satan A Homosexual. Chauvin Defense Team Attempts To Demonize George Floyd By Tying Him To High-Profile 2020 Murder. MINNEAPOLIS—In an effort to build a case supporting their client’s exoneration, the defense team of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin reportedly attempted to demonize the late George Floyd Wednesday by tying him to a high-profile 2020 murder.

Chauvin Defense Team Attempts To Demonize George Floyd By Tying Him To High-Profile 2020 Murder

“To convict Officer Chauvin on these charges is to blatantly ignore Mr. Google Maps will default to the greenest not the fastest route. 50 Random Facts That Sound Fake But Aren't, Shared By This Twitter Account. Origin and history of the name Tonya. Johnny Depp appeal denied. In England, libel law shifts the burden of proof to the defendant, forcing them to prove whatever claim they put in print.

Johnny Depp appeal denied

This means that English courts have long been the venue of choice for powerful foreigners who wish to silence or punish critics by burdening them with the costs and difficulties of mounting a legal defense these. The upside for plaintiffs is how likely it is to prevail. The downside, though, is that forcing the defense to prove the disputed claim might result in them doing exactly that. This is what happened to actor Johnny Depp, who lost a spectacular libel claim in London against a newspaper that named him a "wife beater", and has now had his appeal against that verdict turned away. Florida Man Versus Florida Man. A Florida man, Paul Rawls, Jr., was ticked off because he wasn't one of the first to get his money from the COVID Relief package, so he threw a smoke bomb at Mar-A-Lago: A Florida man upset with former President Donald Trump's administration was arrested on Sunday for throwing a smoke bomb at Mar-a-Lago, the former president's residence.Stimulus checks started going out over the weekend as part of President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion relief package and not receiving one reportedly irked Paul Rawls Jr., a West Palm Beach resident.

Florida Man Versus Florida Man

Oakland Has An Abandoned Car Problem. The lifecycles of some cars unfortunately end with them abandoned.

Oakland Has An Abandoned Car Problem

Some of these vehicles are in a state of disrepair, stolen or are on the receiving end of a crime. For the city of Oakland, California, abandoned vehicles are a growing problem and the city has no real fix. This Is What Those Black Stripes On School Buses Actually Mean. The world is full of messages hidden in plain sight, if you just know how to read them.

This Is What Those Black Stripes On School Buses Actually Mean

Knowing this makes the mundane so much more interesting, and it’s hard to think of anything more mundane than those black rails on the side of school buses. Donald Trump 'Buddha' Statues Are Now Being Sold All over China — but Not out of Respect. — from Alternet Former President Donald Trump may no longer be in the public eye now that he has departed the White House but apparently, his face is still being seen all over the world, namely in China these days.

Donald Trump 'Buddha' Statues Are Now Being Sold All over China — but Not out of Respect

Although Trump is typically associated with his signature red "Make America Great Again" hats, Chinese people are actually buying statues of the former president but the 14-foot monuments serve a relatively different purpose. According to The Guardian, Trump Buddha statues are now being sold for 999 Chinese yuan (£110 GBP/$150 USD) on the Alibaba-owned Chinese eCommerce platform, Taobao. The statue reportedly shows Trump with his "hands folded in his laps, thumbs pointing outwards, is a pose from Buddhist art that signifies meditation and contemplation.

" Trump's face slapped on 16cm & 46cm Buddha-like statues sold by entrepreneur in China— (@MothershipSG) March 12, 2021 More than 100 of the statues have been produced thus far. For centuries, Big Sur residents have seen 'Dark Watchers' in the mountains.

If you want to see a Dark Watcher, you should wait until the late afternoon.

For centuries, Big Sur residents have seen 'Dark Watchers' in the mountains

As the sun begins its descent behind the waves, look to the sharp ridges of the Santa Lucia Range, the mountains that rise up from the shores of Monterey and down the Central California coast. If you are lucky, you might see figures silhouetted against them. Some say the watchers are 10 feet tall, made taller or wider by hats or capes. They may turn to look at you. But they always move away quickly and disappear. A Live Power Line Fell and Did This to the Ground » TwistedSifter. Reddit user ap83 recently shared this crazy photo of a live power line that fell outside of his house in Bergen, New Jersey.

A Live Power Line Fell and Did This to the Ground » TwistedSifter

How Kids Learned Classical Music From Old Cartoons. THREAD: Lots of us learned classical music from watching old cartoons, so I’m going to identify the pieces that frequently popped up.One of the most recognizable is Franz Liszt’s “Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2,” performed by those great piano virtuosos Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry.— Vincent Alexander (@NonsenseIsland) March 1, 2021 Cartoonist Vincent Alexander put together a wonderfully informative Twitter thread that shows how so many of us were introduced to classical music through old cartoons. With each example of music, Alexander posted footage from such studios as Warner Bros. (Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies), Disney, Paramount (Popeye the Sailor Man), Hannah-Barbera (Tom and Jerry), and Universal Studios (Woody Woodpecker), among several others.

Trump Secretly Received Covid-19 Vaccine Before Leaving White House. New Texas Law Requires All Masks Have Word ‘Pussy’ Written Across Front. AUSTIN, TX—In what he described as an effort to reduce the spread of cowardice in the Lone Star State, Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Wednesday requiring all protective face coverings worn in Texas to have the word “pussy” written across the front in large, boldfaced letters.

"Simple Sabotage" — The CIA’s Guide for "Rascally Spies" Do you work at a train station? Assign two passengers to the same seat so that an “interesting argument will result.” Do you work in a factory? How some people can end up living at airports for months – even years – at a time. In January, local authorities arrested a 36-year-old man named Aditya Singh after he had spent three months living at Chicago’s O'Hare International Airport. Since October, he had been staying in the secure side of the airport, relying on the kindness of strangers to buy him food, sleeping in the terminals and using the many bathroom facilities.

It wasn’t until an airport employee asked to see his ID that the jig was up. Singh, however, is far from the first to pull off an extended stay. After more than two decades studying the history of airports, I’ve come across stories about individuals who have managed to take up residence in terminals for weeks, months and sometimes years. Don't Mess With the Jiu-jitsu Suffragettes. Quest. How that iceberg would really float.

PLANE DEBRIS rains from the sky as United jet makes emergency landing in Denver with engine on FIRE (VIDEOS) — RT USA News. A United Airlines Boeing 777 suffered major engine failure in midair and was forced to make an emergency landing at Denver International Airport, while scattering debris across several neighborhoods. The shocking incident happened shortly after United Flight 328 took off from Denver for Honolulu, forcing the crew to perform an emergency landing with one of the engines on fire and large chunks of it missing. 11 Incredible Things Found in Bogs. 'Weird History' Is An Account That Shares Interesting, Odd, And Funny Things That Happened And Here's 50 Of Their Best Posts (New Pics)

Ah, history—my first true love, right next to fantasy fiction. What Is a Nor’easter? Challenging documentary norms, Nolwenn Le Flanchec and Marie Godt artfully capture the German island of Langeoog. Marie sees Langeoog like a second home. Speed kills: are police chases out of control? Local police were after another bad guy: blue lights, bold manoeuvres, 100mph-plus speeds. Chinese submariners patrolling South China Sea suffer ‘serious’ psych problems, study finds. REVEALED: Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was an FBI informant - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism. Enrique Tarrio, who is known to be the leader of the pro-Trump group Proud Boys, became a "prolific" informant for federal and local law enforcement after he was arrested in 2012, according to court documents obtained by Reuters. The Woman Who Lives 200,000 Years in the Past.

Girl from Ipanema ages gracefully: Still tall, tan, lovely at 63. Nearly half a century after she inspired the song heard around the world, you still hear drumbeats when she sways by. The Real People Who Inspired 21 Popular Songs. Rumors Confirmed: IO Interactive Confirms Agent 47’s Barcode Brings Up Del Monte Whole Green Beans When Scanned. Is the TB12 Method Actually Legit? Photos show unmarked NYPD car stripped after being stolen. K-Pop fans ruin GOP's attempt to push #ImpeachBidenNow - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism. Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy Accumulator Was Beloved by William S. Burroughs and Banned by the FDA: Find Plans to Build the Controversial Device Online. Lady Gaga, J. Lo To Perform At Biden Inauguration. Nation Enters New Phase Of Vaccine Distribution Where Capricorns, Gymnasts, Childless Uncles Now Eligible For Inoculation.

In Japan, You Can Rent a Person To Do Nothing. What's Happening When Your Sleepy Body Starts to Jerk. To-Go Cocktails Could Become Permanent in Texas Beyond COVID-19. FBI Narrows Down Identity Of Red-Faced Man Carrying Confederate Flag Through Capitol To Millions Of Americans. After Posting My Tweets With Interesting Facts Here, I Got A Huge Boost, Here Are 59 More Facts About Achievements. Like a Boss. Riot, Voter fraud, Riot, Constitution Fraud, Riot, Headlines, Riot, Poor Dears – Trump lawyer Sidney Powell slapped with $1.3 billion defamation suit over voting lies - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism. 30 Surprising Features On Common Things That Are Not Widely Known. Inside the U.S. Army’s Warehouse Full of Nazi Art. 50 Times People Hit The Jackpot When It Came To Secondhand Finds, Shared On This Online Group.

People Are Sharing Pics That Show Things That Happened At 'Nearly Impossible Odds' (40 Pics) Here's What The Silencers Would Sound Like In 'John Wick' If They Were Realistic. Ten Scientific Discoveries From 2020 That May Lead to New Inventions. Dead in the Water. Did Leonidas Really Say "Molon Labe"? - Tales of Times Forgotten. Archaeology: The Aroma of Distant Worlds. 'Slag Wars': Rebecca More and Sophie Anderson's Porn Movement. I’ve Bartended Nearly Every Christmas Day for 30 Years. This Artist Posed as a Hungarian Billionaire Apartment-Buyer. Here's What Happened When Six Boys Were Shipwrecked On A Remote Island For 15 Months.

Gut Brain Axis: There's a Second Brain in Your Gut - How It Works. Thousands of people have signed up to throw eggs at a new bronze statue of the Iron Lady. Largest Living vs Extinct Animals ll 3D Animation. Here's The Most Comprehensive Reconstruction Of The Beirut Port Explosion From All Available Photos And Videos. Who Remembers the "Studio 54" of Texas? Could a Peasant defeat a Knight in Battle? 50 Of The Most WTF Images From The 'WTF' Online Group. This is how LSD changed The Beatles forever. I’m a Chess Expert. Here’s What ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Gets Right. Flehmen response. Late state legislative candidate David Andahl wins election.

Engineering Contagion: UPMC, Corona-Thrax And “The Darkest Winter” Girl names meaning adored. 50 Of The Most Interesting Examples Of How Time Wears Down Things (New Pics) How to Stop Mouth Breathing at Night. George Orwell: 70 Years Later, His Sumptuous No-Bake Brownies Recipe Takes On New Urgency. Ivo Zdarsky Is Waiting Out the End Times in His Own Utah Ghost Town. Coast Guard accused of boater suppression. Quiet City Streets Allow Neighborhood Residents To Hear The Natural Sounds Of Couples’ Blow-Out Fights.

Scientists Detect Potential Life On Venus. Dust May Have Controlled Ancient Human Civilization. ESA moves forward with Hera planetary defense mission. The Most Common Pain Relief Drug in The World Induces Risky Behaviour, Study Suggests. Quibbles & Bits: Here’s Why BuzzFeed News Is Calling QAnon A “Collective Delusion” From Now On. Person Asks Others "What Is The Most 'Why The Hell Do You Know That' Fact," Receives 30 Random Answers. 50 Surprising Cases Of "It Ain't Stupid If It Works" Electron beams may solve difficult problem of moon dust. Watch A Tire Hit A Front Porch At 65 MPH. Painting one wind turbine blade black reduced bird deaths by over 70%

What Did the Roman Emperors Look Like?: See Photorealistic Portraits Created with Machine Learning. 'What Could Go Wrong': 40 Times People Immediately Regretted Their Poor Life Choices. COVID-19’s Toll on People of Color Is Worse Than We Knew. Active wheel alignment system promises huge handling and performance gains. Frat President Chews Out Brothers Infected With Covid-19 For Not Sanitizing Balls Before Teabagging Pledges. 16th-Century British Artifacts Found in Giant Rat Nests. Clapping at this Mayan temple echoes back as a quetzal bird call. Apparently, This Ancient Japanese Technique From The 14th Century Allows People To Produce Lumber Without Having To Cut Down Trees. Metal-eating bacteria discovered in dirty glassware.