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Islamic State warns terrorists to avoid Europe until coronavirus passes. The Islamic State has warned its terrorist organization to stay clear of Europe until coronavirus is under control.

Islamic State warns terrorists to avoid Europe until coronavirus passes

Would-be martyrs learned of the travel ban in the Islamic State newsletter al-Naba just before the weekend got underway, according to outlets including Homeland Security Today. The newsletter reportedly urges the group’s militant operatives outside of Europe not to enter the continent while asking supporters and insurgents already there not to leave. Terrorists serving the Islamic State are also reminded to wash their hands and cover their mouths when yawning and sneezing.

The warning reportedly included a full page info-graphic teaching ISIS members how to avoid spreading the pandemic. Nearly 175,000 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed worldwide — more that 6,700 of those cases fatal. There have been no reports of coronavirus in Syria, where Islamic State formed, though health statistics coming from the war-torn country are likely to be incomplete.

Why are there so few coronavirus cases in Russia and Africa? Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in Wuhan, China in December 2019, we have seen the virus spread to over 160 countries.

Why are there so few coronavirus cases in Russia and Africa?

Several countries have experienced large outbreaks, including China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Spain and France, with the US and UK seeing rapidly increasing numbers. But most countries in the world have reported very few to no cases of COVID-19. While it is likely that the virus has not yet reached and started localised transmission in every country, many of these countries have strong travel, migration or trade relationships with China. This raises the question: are these low case numbers due to the virus not reaching or establishing infections, is it due to effective border control, or does it reflect a lack of screening and reporting?

The spread of an infectious disease from its country of origin is a complicated process involving many factors, but at its core, it is related to the movement of people. Few cases throughout Africa. Salt Water New England: Question: What habits from prep school do you still have today? (Repost) Social distancing prevents infections, but it can have unintended consequences. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, public health officials are asking us to do something that does not come naturally to our very social species: Stay away from each other.

Social distancing prevents infections, but it can have unintended consequences

Such social distancing—avoiding large gatherings and close contact with others—is crucial for slowing the spread of the virus and preventing our health care system from getting overwhelmed. But it won’t be easy. The 10/10/10 Rule For Tough Decisions. It’s easy to lose perspective when we’re facing a thorny dilemma. Blinded by the particulars of the situation, we’ll waffle and agonize, changing our mind from day to day. Perhaps our worst enemy in resolving these conflicts is short-term emotion, which can be an unreliable adviser.

Pandemic disease is the greatest threat to humanity in the 21st century. Bill Gates says we’re not ready. I.

Pandemic disease is the greatest threat to humanity in the 21st century. Bill Gates says we’re not ready.

Bill Gates is an optimist. Ask him, and he'll tell you himself. "I'm very optimistic," he says. See? Chinese officials claim the US Army created COVID-19. A Chinese government official accused the United States Army of being the source of the Wuhan Virus, playing into a popular local conspiracy theory that has been making its rounds around the country.

Chinese officials claim the US Army created COVID-19

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zao Lijian stirred the pot on Twitter, commenting on a remark from CDC director Robert Redfield that indicated that some Americans who died from the flu may have died from what is now known as the Wuhan Virus. “When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected?” Oklahoma couple tried to ‘exorcise’ demons from 7-year-old son by waterboarding him.

An Oklahoma couple is accused of torturing their son in an attempt to “exorcise” demons from the boy.

Oklahoma couple tried to ‘exorcise’ demons from 7-year-old son by waterboarding him

Concerned friends notified police after noticing welts on the 7-year-old boy’s head and body, along with bruises on his wrists, and investigators learned the couple had become convinced the child was possessed by demonic spirits, reported KFOR-TV. “Apparently, for whatever reason, the parents believe that one of the children may have been demon-possessed, and they were trying to perform an exorcism by waterboarding the child,” said Sgt. Gary Knight, of Oklahoma City Police. The abuse focused on one particular boy, and the couple allegedly sent text messages outlining their plans for an exorcism, police said. Police said the man appeared to be under the influence of drugs when they questioned him, and they said he was acting erratic and paranoid. Bad Signs, Cont. If democratic socialism is so bad, why is Norway so great? The spectacular upset victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in her recent New York congressional primary election has catapulted the topic of democratic socialism to the top of America's political discussion.

If democratic socialism is so bad, why is Norway so great?

Conservatives have argued that the leftist politics of Ocasio-Cortez represent a policy program guaranteed to fail, and a sure electoral loser for Democrats. (Plenty of moderate liberals, including my colleague Damon Linker, have cosigned the latter part of that argument, too.) Let's set aside electoral politics for now and focus solely on democratic socialist policies. Helpfully, we have a country that very closely approximates the democratic socialist ideal. Contagion – Film, Literature and the New World Order. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch this video on BitChute / / YouTube FROM SEPTEMBER 2014: This month on Film, Literature and the New World Order, Tim Kilkenny of RevelationsRadioNews joins us to discuss the 2011 propaganda film, “Contagion.”

Contagion – Film, Literature and the New World Order

We examine “Participant Media,” the media venture of billionaire Jeff Skoll that produces “social action campaigns” for each of its 55 films and seeks to shape public debate in five main target areas, including pandemic disease. In this episode, James and Tim dissect the propaganda techniques and message of the film and point out how the film seeks to shape the opinions of the audience. CLICK HERE for show notes and mp3 audio. Is the Future of French Feminism Female? The feminist walking tour of Paris had been recommended to me by a friend.

Is the Future of French Feminism Female?

She was gifted the experience on the occasion of her thirtieth birthday by her husband, who not only had surprised her with a languorous weekend in Europe’s most romantic city but arranged a host of virtuous activities to pass the time. This Pin Is a Quiet Way to Say You're Not Drinking. What It's Like For Bartenders to Serve People With Drinking Problems. Designing a home for living alone. Lindsey,Lindsey, 27, considers herself a social person—when she’s on her phone.

Designing a home for living alone

She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, in a two-bedroom apartment in a sleepy complex popular with retirees and young professionals. There’s a community pool, an adjacent park, and narrow, sloping streets ringed by oak trees and ample parking. After her roommate moved out, she made the large master suite her bedroom and turned the second bedroom into an office/home gym/storage space. The living room is her least-used space; the couch is a hand-me-down from the frat house of a local college, and the TV is mostly for watching sports or noteworthy series, usually on the rare occasion she invites someone over.

My 1-Point Plan On How To Save The World. There are rogue politicians and institutions who want to change the world for the better, but their voices are drowned out by countless other greedy and powerful politicians and institutions. Since there are so many problems of such great magnitude that need to be fixed, and there are so many people working so hard to keep them from being fixed from within the system, it’s extremely unlikely those problems can or will be fixed from within the system. Even if the system could be fixed, it would take years, possibly lifetimes for that to happen, and in the meantime, countless people will needlessly suffer and die. The fastest, most effective way to make the fundamental changes the system needs is to build a new one from scratch.

That solution might sound more difficult than fixing the old system, but I believe it’s not only realistic, but also relatively easy. You don’t even need to overthrow any existing government or ask permission to implement this solution. Talk About Saving the World. Why You Should Almost Never Use The Word, "Fascist." Every year, I hear more American conservatives and liberals call each other Fascists. Each time it makes me lose more faith in humanity, because the more you understand what Fascism is, the less likely you’d be to call someone Fascist. Recently, a 21 year old told me with righteous confidence that, “Socialism ALWAYS leads to Fascism!”

I wasn’t surprised he believed this completely inaccurate statement because conservative pundits have been pushing this narrative for years. How much will Medicare-for-all save Americans? A lot. Sign Up for Our free email newsletters It's primary season, and most political coverage has been obsessed with who is going to win and take on Donald Trump in November. Eyal Weizman: I was denied entry into the U.S. I investigate human rig. We will never find dignity in air travel. You can smell the Smithfield pork processing plant in Tar Heel, North Carolina before you can see it.

When I first hit Tar Heel one morning in December of last year, the smell was ripe but somewhat bearable. Later, it was not. The plant, the largest of its kind in the world, turns thousands of dead pigs into food every day using every part of the animal it can, and the result is an odor that smells like a pile of intestines and everything that passes through it with notes of other things that have nothing to do with pork: Rotting eggs; spoiled chicken; a wet fart that lingers.

I went to Tar Heel, about an hour and a half from where I live in Raleigh, to talk about the smell with a local riverkeeper named Jeff Currie. A Smithfield plant in Tar Heel, NC. Photo by Sarah Riazati. Why Astrology Matters - Issue 81: Maps. Yemen’s deadly ghost ship. Five miles off the coast of Yemen lies a floating bomb. An oil storage vessel called the FSO Safer has been sitting more or less unattended in the Red Sea for half a decade.

A military perspective on climate change could bridge the gap between believers and doubters - Attention to the Unseen. By Michael Klare, Hampshire College. Fan of sci-fi? Psychologists have you in their sights. Science fiction has struggled to achieve the same credibility as highbrow literature. In 2019, the celebrated author Ian McEwan dismissed science fiction as the stuff of “anti-gravity boots” rather than “human dilemmas”. On Marxism, Post-Modernism, and “Cultural Marxism” Is Jordan Peterson the New Ayn Rand? Woman Explains How Millennials Are Systematically Infantilized By Previous Generations And It’s Spot On. According to the Pew Research Center, today roughly 24% of young adults could be deemed financially independent by 22 years old, compared to 32% in 1980.

It was also found that almost half (45%) the adults between the ages of 18 to 29 receive financial help from their parents. Pew Research Center further reports that young adults today are staying in school longer and marrying and establishing their own households later compared to the previous generations. I'm a Lesbian and a Transgender Woman, and Those Two Aren't Opposed. In 100 Words: Three Questions to Lead the Self – QAspire by Tanmay Vora. The Facebook Page Called ‘Inhumans Of Late Capitalism’ Collects Photos That Show The Ugly Face Of Greed (35 Pics) Donna Rotunno: the legal Rottweiler leading Harvey Weinstein’s defense. Aversion Therapy: What It Is, Efficacy, Controversy, and More.

Brittany Smith Loses Her Stand Your Ground Hearing. Class Carpetbagger. Ross Douthat’s forlorn fight against decadence - Christian Lorentzen - Bookforum Magazine. Trump's impeachment trial is being tuned out by America because no one thinks it matters. Cassandra (metaphor) What's Happening to Maria Sharapova. Watch six decade-long disinformation operations unfold in six minutes. [Letter from Lusk] The Skinning Tree, by Jennifer Percy. The benefits of not being perfect - BBC Future. Couple Baits Thieves With Unsecured Bikes And Then Beats Them With Bats, But Not Everyone Thinks It’s Okay. Genealogy site helps investigators close cold case. How To Be A Mentally Sovereign Human. Climate, inequality, hunger: which global problems would you fix first? – interactive quiz.

Iran: Communication Jamming Led to Missile Fire. 'Like sending bees to war': the deadly truth behind your almond milk obsession. Time for a Serious Reassessment of the American Character? The Killing of Qassem Soleimani and Drone Proof Cities. Why I Don’t Criticize Russia, China, Or Other Unabsorbed Governments. Blogyear 2019 in Review. If You Want to Change Your Habits, You Have to Plan to Mess Up Sometimes. I didn't buy any food for a year – and I'm healthier than I've ever been. Faulty equipment, lapsed training, repeated warnings: How a preventable disaster killed six marines. It's Bad You Know: More Statistics From Harper's Index. To Become Super-Likable, Practice “The Ben Franklin Effect”

Five San Francisco Trends We Should Leave in the 2010s. Minority Report (2002) Esoteric Analysis. The Dark Nexus of Mind Control and Artificial Intelligence – Jay's Analysis. 12 laws of karma play a role in your life—learn what they are. How the culture of football groomed us for President Trump. Part Two: The Argument Against Jordan Peterson. Standing By Our Criticisms of Jordan Peterson. Rebellion is a Serious Thing: A Personal Reckoning By a Serious Old Man. Dude Protests Annoying Everyday Things With Funny Signs (21 Pics) Pensacola Shooting: Mollycoddling the Face of Evil. Vietnam Draft Lotteries Were a Scientific Experiment. Human rights case will determine whether the state can lawfully compel a woman to wax biological male genitals? The trans ideology is a threat to womanhood. Why are cops around the world using this outlandish mind-reading tool? Elon Musk did not defame British cave explorer, jury finds. Factitious disorder imposed on another. A Striking New Study Says an Ancient Supernova Is Why Humans Walk Upright.

How Jetstar's Worst Economy Seat Won Over A Business Class Snob. These Babies Were Buried Wearing Helmets Made of Human Heads. No One Knows Why. The Boeing 737 Max should stay grounded forever. Trader Joe’s List: Meet the grocery influencers of Instagram. Video surveillance footage shows how rare violence really is. The Myth and Magic of Generating New Ideas. Human Violence: Pervasive, Multi-dimensional and Extinction-threatening. How to Reverse Aging and Become Whoever You Want to Be. How to Think Without Googling. The Strange Alliances of Tulsi Gabbard: Bill Browder and others highlight odd affinities. Rage Against the War Machine: An Interview with Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan.

This Alaskan Science Class's Exam: Wilderness Survival. Why do Americans think of themselves as Winners? Secret Life of a Psych Ward Security Guard. 100,000 Little Stalinists of Woke Culture. Fighting Global Warming with Economics. CIA, Climate And Conspiracy: More Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix. Consciousness Doesn’t Depend on Language - Issue 76: Language. The end of an American tradition: The Amtrak dining car. Fox News Apologized To Greta Thunberg After Michael Knowles' Comments On Air. Joe Kennedy Dodges Crashing Planes, Swerving Cars After Announcing Campaign For Senate. Pathological power: the danger of governments led by narcissists and psychopaths.

Plastic coral shows promise for replacing real thing. The Rock & Roll Cult of Sunset Boulevard. The Last Great California Hippie Commune is still going Strong. NPR Choice page. The Torture and Murder of Julian Assange.