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AHEAD Global ultimate winner offers "meaningful luxury" in a converted wine factory. In this video produced by Dezeen for the AHEAD awards, K-studio co-founder Dimitris Karampatakis and Dexamenes Seaside Hotel CEO Nikos Karaflos explain how they transformed an abandoned wine factory into a luxury resort with minimal intervention.

AHEAD Global ultimate winner offers "meaningful luxury" in a converted wine factory

Located on Greece's western Peloponnese coastline, Dexamenes Seaside Hotel is a 40-suite luxury resort housed within a 100-year-old wine-storage facility. The project, which was developed by Athens architecture practice K-studio, was named Ultimate Winner of this year's AHEAD Global awards. The AHEAD Awards celebrate striking hospitality projects from across the world and is split into four different regions: Europe, Middle East and Africa (MEA), Asia and the Americas. Hotell med overnatting og utsikt midt i kulturlandskapet på Inderøy i Trøndelag. — Øyna.

Poseidon Resorts completes underwater hotel design. The buzz around Poseidon Undersea Resorts has been around for a few years now (c.f. our 2007 report on the conceptually-similar Hydropolis in Dubai).

Poseidon Resorts completes underwater hotel design

Poseidon Resorts has announced that it has completed the design and engineering of structural works, indicating that the sci fi-esque undersea project is closer to getting off the ground, or better, into a lagoon on a private island in Fiji. The company is now working to secure capital for construction, which should take two years to complete, it says. View all Developed by L. Bruce Jones, Poseidon Resorts’ President with a background in submarine sea technology, the project is not as epic as Hydropolis or the Shimao Wonderland in Shanghai, but it’s bold in its vision, inspired by underwater research habitats such as Jacques Cousteau's Conshelf I from 1962. The on-island complex will feature a total of 51 units, including 24 beach and 26 over-water bungalows, plus a land-based presidential suite for VIP guests.

Source: Poseidon Resorts. The Volcanic Powers of Iceland's Blue Lagoon Spa Gardenista. Older The Volcanic Powers of Iceland's Blue Lagoon Spa by Michelle Slatalla Issue 58 · On the Mountain · February 7, 2013 Newer Issue 58 · On the Mountain · February 7, 2013.

The Volcanic Powers of Iceland's Blue Lagoon Spa Gardenista

Svinkløv Badehotel: The Reincarnation of a Beloved Seaside Hotel in Denmark. A perk of Instagram-stalking people whose style we admire is seeing where they stay on vacation.

Svinkløv Badehotel: The Reincarnation of a Beloved Seaside Hotel in Denmark

If we had to generalize, it’s usually a considered, smallish hotel that has design cred, a buzz-worthy restaurant, and a notable lack of amenities (no wi-fi, no televisions, and definitely no night clubs). The newish Svinkløv Badehotel, one of our favorite Insta-stumble discoveries ever, is all of these things and more. 'home during sickness' integrates intimate domestic environments within hospital facilities. The Last Blockbuster In The World Is On Airbnb For Just $4 A Night. Before Netflix and chill was a thing, weekends in the 1990s and 2000s meant going to your local Blockbuster, browsing through the dusty aisles, and taking your chosen film home to sit back on the sofa.

The Last Blockbuster In The World Is On Airbnb For Just $4 A Night

But as Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in the US in 2010, there’s one precious relic remaining in Bend, Oregon. And the manager Sandi, who has kept the establishment running “like butah” invites everyone “to dust off those membership cards for a sleepover, except this time, you won’t have to beg your parents to rent the latest horror flick.” The stay will only set you back 4 dollars (plus taxes and fees) for an unlimited movie marathon. OHLAB frames cinematic views of the landscape for hotel in Mallorca. Casa Palerm is a standalone villa built for a hotel in Mallorca by architecture office OHLAB with a window designed to replicate the dimensions of a retro cinema screen.

OHLAB frames cinematic views of the landscape for hotel in Mallorca

OHLAB carved out a section through the middle of the villa in the countryside of Lloret de Vistalegre in the centre of the Balearic island. Concrete terraces extend either side of a central living and dining area, which is sheltered by a woven cane pergola. If the occupants sit on the low bench at the end of the terrace and look through the house, the view is cropped to the aspect ratio of 2.66:1. Called CinemaScope, it's a widescreen format developed in the 1950s by Hollywood studio 20th Century Fox. "This ratio of the old CinemaScope evokes the personal imagery that brings us back to old movie theatres," said OHLAB. Sister City hotel distils hospitality "down to the essential beautiful parts" Clustered prefab cabins form hotel in Chilean Patagonia. Chilean architecture studio Larrou has designed a hotel near a field where sheep graze in Patagonia from wood-clad cabins that were prefabricated.

Clustered prefab cabins form hotel in Chilean Patagonia

Aka Patagonia hotel is located on a rural site north of Puerto Natales, a Chilean port city in southern Patagonia. Elements that form six guest cabins and the communal social area were prefabricated in a shipyard before being transported and assembled on the plot. Each module is then built atop pile foundations in order to have little impact on the environment. The guest cabins have mono-pitched roofs and a communal dining room has an inverted roof, forming an irregular roofline when seen together. The Plaza New York. Hotel Figueroa. Founded over a century ago as the nation’s first luxury hotel designed for businesswomen (husbands were consigned to their own floor)… converted to a motor inn in the 50’s… revamped again in the 70’s as a bohemian, Morrocan-themed pleasure palace (complete with live camels)… revived in the 80’s and 90’s as an artist’s den (Prince filmed a video there), The Figueroa had since fallen into disrepair and slipped off the cultural radar.

Hotel Figueroa

However, the bones of a great hospitality experience were still there: iconic architecture, a lush courtyard pool, multiple F&B venues, and an ideal location in the heart of downtown LA. Instead of wiping the slate clean, we chose to infuse the hotel’s colorful history, quirky features, and beloved place in DTLA culture into the new brand. We dug through historic logos. We unearthed vintage photos and advertisements. We developed spot illustrations of the building’s unique visual profile and most iconic details. Mother & Daughter Buy an Abandoned Chateau, Invite You to Stay as they Restore It. Hotel Far & Near Nanhao St hotel has glass walls in a concrete frame. Kooo Architects has converted a seven-storey building in the centre of Guangzhou, China into a guesthouse with lantern-like frosted glass walls.

Hotel Far & Near Nanhao St hotel has glass walls in a concrete frame

Hotel Far & Near Nanhao St sits in a dense residential area of the city. "Due to the high density of buildings and their close distance between each other, one can see the clothes drying on the neighbour's balcony through the windows," said the studio. "How to allow the visitors of the guesthouse to not have this kind of visual interruption while enjoying abundant natural light became one of the major problems we had to solve. " Kooo Architects stripped the original structure back to its bare concrete frame and added industrial-style frosted channel glass, U-shaped glass that can be used to make uninterrupted walls of glazing. People Are Sharing The Worst Hotels They’ve Been At (45 Pics) Hotels can be fantastic places that inspire you and help you forget about all your problems.

People Are Sharing The Worst Hotels They’ve Been At (45 Pics)

That’s what happens when hoteliers and the staff all work in sync to provide the best possible service to their guests. However, this isn’t a guarantee. Ibiza farmhouse hotels that combine rural living with contemporary design. There's more to Ibiza than clubber-oriented resorts – the Spanish island also hosts a growing number of agroturismo hotels in old farmhouses. Here are five that combine a farm-to-fork ethos with contemporary design. La Granja Ibiza German interior-design studio Dreimeta converted a 200-year-old farmhouse and a neighbouring cottage to create La Granja, a members-only retreat boasting rooms furnished with a palette of charred wood, oiled ash, stone and slate.

As well as a pool, the hotel includes a restaurant where dishes are made from the 30 varieties of fruit, vegetables and nuts grown on the farm, including beetroot, melon, carrot, fig and almond. Opus hotel by Zaha Hadid Architects nears completion in Dubai. The Opus hotel in Dubai by Zaha Hadid Architects, formed of conjoined towers with a irregular void in the middle, is almost ready to open for guests. Set in the Burj Khalifa district, the Opus will be Dubai's only building which has both the interior and exterior designed by the late Zaha Hadid, who founded Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA). Hotel interiors are currently being fitted out, for the scheduled opening in 2020.

The 20-storey development from Omniyat will also house 12 restaurants and a rooftop bar, as well as office spaces that are already occupied. Two glazed adjacent 100-metre-high towers form a cube shape, with a curving eight-storey void that appears as if it has been carved from its centre. These towers are connected by a four-storey atrium ground level and an asymmetric sky-bridge that is 38-metres wide and three storeys tall, suspended 71 metres from the ground. Jean nouvel to design a luxury resort in al-ula, saudi arabia. Jean nouvel, the architect behind the louvre abu dhabi, is to further cement his position in the middle east with the design of a luxury resort in one of saudi arabia‘s most historic and archaeologically important sites. as part of a wider vision, which also includes a nature reserve, the new tourist destination will be situated amid the rocky landscape of al-ula. announced in february 2019 by saudi’s crown prince HRH mohammed bin salman, the project marks a huge tourism boost for both the area of al-ula and the country as a whole.

‘elephant rock’ in al-ula image © royal commission for al-ula (also main image) to be built within the proposed sharaan nature reserve, the sharaan resort by nouvel is to be positioned in the middle of a valley in al-ula. envisioned to celebrate the dramatic natural environment, the new architectural intervention intends to combine a luxury hotel experience with the otherworldly desert landscape. a nabataean tomb carved into the sandstone project info:

Paradise Lost at the Moonhole Mansion: An Abandoned Crusoe Dream. A Japanese hotel has built a lifesize flight simulator into one of its rooms. It can be tough getting to sleep sometimes. Some people like to have a window open to keep the room cool, while others use the sound of white noise to drown out outside distractions. One Japanese hotel has a slightly different idea about what will help its patrons sleep: a full-sized flight simulator installed in one of its rooms based on a Boeing 737-800 cockpit. In fairness to the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu, it sounds like the flight simulator is meant to be enjoyed by its patrons while they’re awake, rather than when they’re sleeping. Kotaku reports that an overnight stay in the room will cost you 25,300 yen (around $233), or else you can book yourself a 90-minute lesson with a flight instructor for 30,000 yen (around $277).

The hotel itself is also connected to Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport, as if you needed any more airplane exposure during your visit. Barefoot Luxury hotel hides among Cape Verde's mountains. Polo Architects and Going East have paired cobbled stone walls with neutral interiors to camouflage this cluster of guest villas against Cape Verde's rocky terrain. Decked out in materials that match its immediate surroundings, Barefoot Luxury has been designed by Antwerp-based studios Polo Architects and Going East to be "entirely trompe l'oeil". Qiyunshan Tree House by Bengo Studio. Al Faya Lodge by Anarchitect is a desert spa with a saltwater pool. Peter Pichler designs Tree House hotel rooms for forest in Italian Dolomites.

House of Three Streams by Malik Architecture. Atlasobscura. Schemata architects' capsule hotel ºC is stripped to bare minimum. Greek landscape informs natural-toned suites of the Olea Hotel. Shreds of rattan, chutes of bamboo and offcuts of wood have been used throughout this hotel in Zante, designed by Block722 Architects to blend into the Grecian landscape. AQSO's flexible-shaped 'shoreditch hotel' blends with east london's urban fabric. Zowa Architects combines bamboo and glass for Himalayan hotel.

Sri Lankan practice Zowa Architects has used bamboo canes to shroud the glazed walls of this boutique hotel in Uttarakhand, India, which cantilevers out to give optimal views of the Himalayas. The hotel is situated in the village of Kasar Devi, taking its name from the surrounding region of Kumaon which is known for its picturesque landscape of mountains, forests and valleys. Set into a ridge of Nanda Devi mountain, The Kumoan lies 1600 metres above sea level and is accessed via a steep path that runs down from the main road. Floating hotel room revealed by japanese theme park huis ten bosch. Neri&Hu encloses guest rooms and gardens within grid of brick walls. Chinese studio Neri&Hu has completed a boutique hotel in Yangzhou comprising a grid of dark-brick walls that surround a series of courtyards, gardens, guest rooms and service areas.

Edinburgh workshop turned into minimal holiday retreat by Izat Arundell. Serenity in saga: onyado chikurintei inn blends nature + architecture in mifuneyama garden. Pablo Escobar's Tulum mansion becomes art-filled boutique hotel. A prominent art dealer has turned an estate once owned by infamous drug baron Pablo Escobar into luxury accommodation filled with items from his collection. Jean Nouvel designs plant-covered hotel for historic district of São Paulo. Ateliers Jean Nouvel has released new renderings for its plant-covered luxury hotel adjoining a former maternity hospital in São Paulo, which will feature interiors by Philippe Starck.

Nouvel's Paris-based firm teamed up with developer Alexandre Allard of Groupe Allard to create Cidade Matarazzo – a 550,000 square-metre complex of historic buildings being regenerated in the city's centre, including the former Filomena Matarazzo maternity hospital. Vo Trong Nghia completes Vietnam hotel featuring walls of hanging plants. Greenery overflows from concrete planters set into the sandstone walls of this hotel, designed by Vo Trong Nghia's firm for historic Vietnamese town Hoi An. AvroKO creates “micro hotel” in former industrial neighbourhood in New York. AS Arquitectura turns dilapidated Mexican hacienda into characterful resort. Alpine chalet with a courtyard carved out of its middle. SOOK architects rejuvenates a resort on a pineapple field in thailand. Undulating green villas finalize vo trong nghia's naman retreat. New Nordic Design at Boro Hotel in Long Island City, New York: Remodelista.

Piece hostel sanjo redefines the boundary between guest and city. Sandibe Okavango safari lodge shows off-grid sustainability can still be luxurious. The Dean Hotel: Providence's Answer to the Ace: Remodelista. Outbuilding of the Week: Portugal's Casas Na Areia: Gardenista. Reasons The Cromwell is Vegas's coolest hotel - The Cromwell Las Vegas. The World's first flying hotel - The Hotelicopter. For Rent: Your Own Bamboo Palace by the Great Wall. Concrete Chic: The Line Hotel in LA's Koreatown. The Gothic Getaway, NYC Edition.

Poland's Blow Up Hall 5050: Half luxury hotel, half digital art installation. Off the Grid at Finca Es Castell, Mallorca. The Charms of Casa Lola in Brazil. Hotels & Lodging: Hotel San José in Austin, Texas. Decommissioned Sea Fort Reborn as Luxury Island Retreat. Romance Revisited in a Remote Italian Cave. For Rent: A Ski Cabin by Peter Zumthor, World-Renowned Swiss Architect. A Wabi Sabi Ski Chalet in Aspen, Colorado. A Modern Ski House in the Alps. A Medieval Hotel in Italy, Restored for the 21st Century. La Dolce Vita: A Restored 17th Century Convent in Italy. A Room at the Inn: At the Chapel in Somerset. A Minimalist Ski Resort in Sweden.