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A Look at Geopolitics

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How America and China Could Stumble to War. WOULD A Chinese leader barely in control of his own country after a long civil war dare attack a superpower that had crushed Japan to end World War II five years earlier by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

How America and China Could Stumble to War

As American troops pushed North Korean forces toward the Chinese border in 1950, Gen. Douglas MacArthur could not imagine so. But Mao Zedong did. MacArthur was dumbstruck. Chinese forces rapidly beat American troops back to the line that had divided North and South Korea when the war began. Similarly, in 1969, Soviet leaders could not imagine that China would react to a minor border dispute by launching a preemptive strike against a power with overwhelming nuclear superiority. In the years ahead, could a collision between American and Chinese warships in the South China Sea, a drive toward national independence in Taiwan or jockeying between China and Japan over islands on which no one wants to live spark a war between China and the United States that neither wants? How we fool ourselves on Russia. Finland: Time to Choose.

On June 6 NATO began its BALTOPS naval exercises in the Baltics.

Finland: Time to Choose

These have been held every year since 1971, but this is the first time that forces from that military bloc – including 200 US troops – have landed in Finland, which is not a NATO member. Nude Celebrity Photos Leak, World Peace Breaks Out. THE PENTAGON — Multiple sources confirmed there would be temporary cease-fires at conflict zones around the world in what is being dubbed a “humanitarian” move to allow soldiers and rebel groups to get to a computer and view the massive trove of nude celebrity photos that leaked online Sunday.

Nude Celebrity Photos Leak, World Peace Breaks Out

The cease-fires between Israel and Gaza, Ukraine and Russia, and on the Korean peninsula and elsewhere are being hailed by activists as the first time prayers for world peace have finally been answered. Hopes for long-standing calm were soon dashed however, after ISIS militants resumed their fight against Syrian and Iraqi soldiers when they learned the leaked images had no goats among them. The next Cold War has already begun – in cyberspace. The world is fighting a hidden war thanks to a massive shift in the technologies countries can use to attack each other.

The next Cold War has already begun – in cyberspace

Much like the Cold War, the conflict is being fought indirectly rather than through open declarations of hostility. It has so far been fought without casualties but has the potential to cause suffering similar to that of any bomb blast. It is the Cyber War. When we think of cyber attacks, we often think of terrorists or criminals hacking their way into our bank accounts or damaging government websites.

Interview: Benjamin Elman. Benjamin Elman is a professor of Chinese studies at Princeton University and a leading scholar on the intellectual history of China.

Interview: Benjamin Elman

He has written widely on the examination system, scholarship, ethics, science and technology and governance in China from the Song Dynasty to the present. His recent publications include: From Philosophy To Philology; Classicism, Politics, and Kinship; A Cultural History of Civil Examinations in Late Imperial China; On Their Own Terms: Science in China, 1550-1900; and A Cultural History of Modern Science in Late Imperial China.

He recently spoke with Emanuel Pastreich about the history and future of East Asian integration, and the role of technology and the West. When people talk about the future of East Asia, and the potential for integration, they say, “Well, Europe has been integrated from Roman times but East Asia has no such precedent. Participatory Totalitarianism. The Ukraine Imbroglio and the Decline of the American Empire. Land Destroyer. World War 3 Has Already Begun? The Rise of “Sub-Imperialism” The heads of state of the Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa BRICS network are coming to Durban in four months, meeting on 26-27 March at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Africa’s largest venue.

The Rise of “Sub-Imperialism”

Given their recent performance, it is reasonable to expect another ‘1%’ summit, wreaking socio-economic and ecological havoc. And that means it is time for the first BRICS counter-summit, to critique top-down ‘sub-imperialist’ bloc formation, and to offer bottom-up alternatives. After all, we have had some bad experiences at the Durban ICC: * in 2001, in spite of demands by 10,000 protesters, the United Nations World Conference Against Racism refused to grapple with reparations for slavery and colonialism or with apartheid-Israel’s racism against Palestinians (hence Tel Aviv’s current ethnic cleansing of Gaza goes unpunished); Eco-disasters made in Durban The Durban deal squashed poor countries’ ability to defend against climate disaster.

Looting Africa. Dept. of sucking up: Aren't our dear leaders great! Some high-ranking U.N. officials hired in the wake of Ban Ki-moon's re-election have been receiving something of a hero's welcome at Turtle Bay, marked by the solicitousness one would associate with, say, a visit by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to a rural hemp factory.

Dept. of sucking up: Aren't our dear leaders great!

The U.N. Department of Management (DM) and the U.N. Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), issued internal memos last month detailing the debuts of their new bosses, undersecretary generals Yukio Takasu, a former veteran Japanese diplomat who once served on the U.N. Security Council, and Wu Hongbo, a former top official in China's foreign ministry, in their first three months of office, while taking note of the incredible pride their staff take in serving the United Nations. "It's been 100 days since Mr. Democracy 2011: pros and cons. Fyodor Lukyanov's column Published time: December 30, 2011 11:44 ­What made the centerpiece of international affairs year 2011?

Democracy 2011: pros and cons

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