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Global political risk (pdf) ISIS Oil Trade Full Frontal: "Raqqa's Rockefellers", Bilal Erdogan, KRG Crude, And The Israel Connection. "Effectively, we have been financially discriminated against for a long time.

ISIS Oil Trade Full Frontal: "Raqqa's Rockefellers", Bilal Erdogan, KRG Crude, And The Israel Connection

By early 2014, when we did not receive the budget, we decided we need to start thinking about independent oil sales” -- Ashti Hawrami, Kurdistan’s minister for natural resources In June of 2014, the SCF Altai (an oil tanker) arrived at Ashkelon port. Hours later, the first shipment of Kurdish pipeline oil was being unloaded in Israel. Damascus wants Russia to develop Syrian oil — RT Business. Syrian authorities are hoping Russian companies will develop the country's offshore oil deposits, said Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem during a meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Damascus wants Russia to develop Syrian oil — RT Business

"We have data that oil and gas deposits on a shelf off the coast of Syria have enormous potential. And we hope to see not only Russian warships in Syria, but also platforms for extracting oil,” Muallem said on Thursday. Syria oil map: the journey of a barrel of Isis oil. Kurdistan Regional Government Isis controls most of Syria’s oil fields and crude is the militant group's biggest single source of revenue.

Syria oil map: the journey of a barrel of Isis oil

Dear GOP, you really want to hurt ISIS? Get out of Big Oil's pocket. Of course, none of this is particularly controversial.

Dear GOP, you really want to hurt ISIS? Get out of Big Oil's pocket

We’ve known for over a decade the insidious role of petroleum money in the funding of terror networks, including from supposed allies like Saudi Arabia. What is surprising about all of this is how resistant conservatives are to drying up this source of terrorist money. These are the people who have worked tirelessly to dry up liberal funding sources like labor unions and trial lawyers, yet when it comes to terrorism, they are working side-by-side to ensure the supremacy of Big Oil. But instead of doing ISIS’ bidding by keeping out Syrian widows and orphans, why not strike a blow against their biggest funding apparatus?

Mysterious Middleman: Who is Buying ISIS's Crude and Dropping Oil Prices? Who is the commodity trader buying ISIS's crude?

Mysterious Middleman: Who is Buying ISIS's Crude and Dropping Oil Prices?

And is the sharp oil price fall the result of the Islamic State's successful oil trade, Tyler Durden asks. Can Russia Withstand The Saudi Onslaught In The European Oil Market? Saudis intensify battle for European markets with Russia as its biggest competitor.

Can Russia Withstand The Saudi Onslaught In The European Oil Market?

Lower oil prices and a weaker ruble could wreak havoc on Rosneft’s debt obligations. Rosneft and the Russia government have reason to feel anxious: Rosneft would face the prospect of a protracted battle over market share in Europe with a lower-cost producer. By Dalan McEndree Is Saudi determination to continue to defend its global crude market share and to let market forces determine crude prices finally unnerving Russia in general and Rosneft (OTC:RNFTF) CEO Igor Sechin in particular?

Toward the end of October, the Saudis began competing with Russia over market share in Europe. Up until this point, the Russian government and Russian producers had reacted with equanimity to the Saudi decision in November 2014 to defend market share and let market forces determine prices. Russian government and industry officials denied the decision would impact Russian energy policy.

Low Oil Prices Could Bankrupt OPEC in 5 Years. Would you be happy to see the Saudis going broke?

Low Oil Prices Could Bankrupt OPEC in 5 Years

A lot of people would, seeing the swoon in oil prices as a premeditated plot from the No. 1 OPEC producer. Putin: Assad Would "Accept" Snap Elections To Avoid "Total Chaos" Overnight, we brought you the latest on the “friggin mess” (to quote the Pentagon) that is Syria, where Bashar al-Assad is desperately clinging to power while his depleted army fights a three-front war against a dizzying array of “freedom fighters”, jihadists, former CIA strategic assets, current CIA strategic assets, the Kurds, and god only knows who else.

Putin: Assad Would "Accept" Snap Elections To Avoid "Total Chaos"

The Assad regime is (literally) surrounded by hostile states who are angling for his ouster and if you had any lingering doubts about why it is that everyone wants Syria’s strongman gone, look no further than this map: His Town - The Huffington Post. Ryan Grim and Akbar Shahid Ahmed By Ryan Grim and Akbar Shahid Ahmed Last September, as Islamic State militants rampaged through Syria and Iraq, the Pentagon hosted a top-secret meeting to debate strategy.

His Town - The Huffington Post

Russia wants to build a massive superhighway that would make it possible to drive from the UK to the US. Flickr/Boccaccio1The Trans-Siberia Railway.

Russia wants to build a massive superhighway that would make it possible to drive from the UK to the US

A report by the Siberian Times has detailed one of Russia's more outlandish schemes to date: a super motorway that would connect the eastern border of Russia with Alaska in the United States. The highway would make it possible to drive from the United Kingdom to the US, with help from bridges, tunnels, and trains. The plan, unveiled at a meeting at the Russian Academy of Science and presented by the head of Russia Rail Vladimir Yakunin, also calls for a high-speed railway to be built alongside the motorway. Both routes would support new cities and industries created as a result of the construction, the Siberian Times writes.

Ласточка на рельсах. Chart of Russia's militarization of Arctic - Business Insider. Нефтяная компания ExxonMobil закрывает представительство в Украине - Экономика. В Украине закрывается представительство американской нефтяной компании ExxonMobil - ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Ukraine. Об этом сообщили в пресс-службе компании. "Указанное выше не касается других представительств компании ExxonMobil в Украине", - говорится в сообщении. В компании отметили, что на соответствующее решение, принятое советом директоров 3 августа, повлияла аннексия АР Крыма Россией. Так, в июне прошлого года посол США в Украине Джеффри Пайетт в сообщил, что американская ExxonMobil отказалась от планов разработки крымского шельфа Черного моря. Putin’s Energy Diplomacy is Getting the Cold Shoulder. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been trying his own pivot to Asia, hoping that his country’s vast natural gas holdings could cement a new relationship with China while making it easier to bypass his quarrelsome neighbors in Europe.

Unfortunately for the Russian strongman, things aren’t going so well. Over the past year alone, Putin has inked a massive, $400 billion natural gas deal and a strategic partnership with Beijing. Russia also hoped to build a second Siberian pipeline to China that could give Moscow the ability to play off European energy customers against those in Asia. Putin also doubled down on Europe: When European Union officials blocked one $40 billion gas pipeline across the Black Sea, he simply dreamed up a new one through Turkey.

That could be his key to finally bypassing troublesome Ukraine as a transit country for natural gas, tightening control over energy exports to Europe, and showering largesse on friends and allies. "Greece Is No One's Hostage": Leftist Energy Minister Lays Out €2 Billion Russian Gas Project. The prospect of a so-called “Russian pivot” by Greece still hangs over Angela Merkel’s head. The conflict in Ukraine and the attendant economic sanctions imposed on the Kremlin combined with the EU’s anti-trust proceedings against Gazprom have raised the geopolitical stakes of a Grexit. Merkel has repeatedly warned that the consequences of Greece exiting the eurozone go far beyond short-term financial turmoil and political contagion (e.g. the spread of the Syriza “germ”).

And Vladimir Putin is acutely aware of the opportunity. The new Silk Road will underpin the next commodity supercycle. Remember the great commodities bull market of the 2000s? Oil began it at $10 a barrel, iron ore at $10 a ton, and copper at 60 cents a pound. Gold was $250 an ounce and wheat $2.50 a bushel. Some ten or so years later, oil was $147 a barrel, iron ore $180 a ton and copper $4.65 a pound. Gold was $1,920 an ounce and wheat reached $13.50 a bushel. It was one heck of a bull market. Ъ - Натаниэль Ротшильд разочаровался в индонезийском угле. Компания NR Holdings Натаниэля Ротшильда, которая в консорциуме с SUEK Plc, головной компанией холдинга СУЭК Андрея Мельниченко, планировала купить индонезийский угольный актив Asia Resource Minerals Plc (ARMS), выбыла из борьбы за него.

Saudi Arabia Takes Out Its Energy Weapon. The OPEC oil cartel made a surprising decision last fall to keep pumping oil into a market already awash in the black gold. On Friday in Vienna, they’ll almost certainly double down on that strategy. Despite plenty of brave rhetoric from OPEC ministers this week, that’s less a reflection that the cartel is winning the oil wars than a recognition that its most powerful member, Saudi Arabia, is in a long-term fight to defend its privileged position — and take geopolitical rivals like Iran and Russia down a notch. Ahead of the meeting, plenty of OPEC bigwigs have been talking up the success of their strategy, which was to drive oil prices down, squeeze high-cost producers like those in the growing U.S. oil patch, and maintain their share of a very lucrative market.

Qatar’s oil minister said Wednesday he feels “optimistic” that global demand for oil is picking up again. “Demand is picking up. To be sure, lower oil prices have had some effect. Dr. Strange-oil. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been acting with supreme confidence and relative impunity in Ukraine, but one looming vulnerability is bound to be making him nervous: the price of oil. It’s the key to regime stability, and in both the near term and the run-up to the 2018 elections, it’s going to dictate Putin’s political fortunes. In the past six months, the price of oil has dropped more than 50 percent from slightly above $100 per barrel to the mid-$40 range, with a small recent rebound. Analysts are split on whether this decline is temporary, but no one is predicting a rapid return to the sustained high prices that had buoyed Russia’s economy since the end of the Yeltsin period.

While EU antitrust actions against Gazprom and other sanctions on the Russian energy sector exacerbate Russia’s current position, the key fundamental is the global price of oil per barrel and the centrality of oil to the Russian economy. Shell Oil’s Cold Calculations for a Warming World. The shale boom is over, and oil companies have just one thing left to do. It's complicated: The US, Venezuela, and China's crude oil relationship. Oil's Well in Central Asia. For 13 years, the shadows of NATO supply planes have flecked Central Asia. As the war in Afghanistan stretched on, troops, equipment, and fuel passed through or over Central Asian territories on a daily basis. The drawdown of NATO’s fighting capacity last January should have brightened the skies. It's complicated: The US, Venezuela, and China's crude oil relationship. China buys 5 percent of Ukraine's land.

China has just struck a deal to farm 3 million hectares (about 11,580 square miles) of Ukranian land over the next 50 years to feed its ballooning population. U.S. faces meager options for further Russia energy sanctions. US Foreign Policy In One Photo. Un-Photoshopped Reuters photo sums up US foreign policy perfectly as Abdul Latif bin Rashid Al Zayani, representing the Gulf Co-operation Council, appears to leave U.S. President Barack Obama hanging during a welcome ceremony at the White House this week. Source: CBC And if you are really conspiratorial, crude prices and precious decoupled this week as Persian Gulf leaders arrived at Camp David... China slams the Philippines for taking journalists to disputed island - Business Insider. Gazprom, Ankara agree to start gas deliveries via Turkish Stream in December 2016 — RT Business. Putin Warns of Restricting Natural Gas Supply to Ukraine. MOSCOW — President and other senior Russian officials threatened on Wednesday to restrict supplies of to , and they reiterated the Kremlin’s contention that Ukraine owes more than $16 billion in unpaid gas bills and other debts.

Putin-warns-of-restricting-natural-gas-supply-to-ukraine. Gazprom’s Ties to Putin Could Help It Try to Escape the EU’s Wrath. US to launch blitz of gas exports, eyes global energy dominance - Telegraph. Why are global oil prices dropping? Vladimir Putin has a theory. Yemen and unintended Consequences — Oil's New Battleground. China's secret gold stockpile may be the world's 2nd biggest. A twist in the pipeline Hungary and Greece join Turkey in a new route for Russian gas. Saudi Arabia is setting the world up for a major oil shock.

Oil shock morphs into global monetary shock – again. Russia Frees Itself From Oil's Curse. Here’s how Iran could prevent a rebound in oil prices. World's eight oil chokepoints. Russia oil and gas. Sorry Ukraine, You Still Need Russian Gas. These 8 narrow chokepoints are critical to the world's oil trade. Ukraine situation opportunity for U.S. energy producers. The myth of Russia’s energy strength. Iran Nuclear Deal Massive Blow To Crude Oil Prices. How the US government made $200 million on an oil trade.