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Steve/Tony #2

Reasons Why (Whether They're Real Or Not) - infinite_wonders - Marvel Avengers Movies Universe, The Avengers (2012), The Avengers - All Fandoms. For Tony, the beginning thoughts of there being a them— as in Tony and Steve together— is like everything else in the fucked-up, train-wreck-waiting-to-happen that he calls his life; it starts off with a bang and a metric fuck-ton of collateral damage.

Reasons Why (Whether They're Real Or Not) - infinite_wonders - Marvel Avengers Movies Universe, The Avengers (2012), The Avengers - All Fandoms

That is to say, Tony’s just been missile bombed through two buildings and a lamp-post, having gotten in the way of an attack meant for fucking Steve; he’s concussed, bleeding from several vital points in his body where his metal suit has bent inward and pierced his organs, and all he can think is a relieved, ‘Thank god he’s okay’ instead of experiencing the usual, ulcer causing mixture of rage and irritation. And yeah, as far as epiphanies go, it’s not the best— in timing, place or content— but it’s his, and Tony’s never been the type of person to not notice something good when he sees it. --and then proceeds to fly back into the fray as though his entire life hasn’t just changed, for better or for worse. ~o.O.o~ “What happened?” “Hey. Right. Like Hard Work (MUST READ) Pink Is The Color Of. . .? Grabbing Hold. Dying For A Drink ( Vampire!Tony) Four (Or Five) Reasons for Kidnapping Tony Stark (Pre-Slash) Chapter Text “Entertain me.”

Four (Or Five) Reasons for Kidnapping Tony Stark (Pre-Slash)

There was a faint chuckle from the other end of the line. “You woke me up, and you expect me to be entertaining?” Steve Rogers asked. “Even for you, Stark, that shows a distinct lack of class.” Tony Stark grinned. Steve made a noise that may or may not have been a snort of laughter. “Secondly, pull the other one, I know very well that you only sleep about four hours each night and you are currently in the weight room, pounding the hell out of yet another punching bag.

“I do not. “Not where I am!” “I'll keep that in mind,” Steve said, and Tony heard him sit down. “I hijacked the keynote speech last night. FILL (Mentions of child abuse, homophobia) Balancing Act. Steve knew why he went back and it wasn't the stupid cellular phone everyone kept telling him he needed to carry around.

Balancing Act

He'd left it on Stark's bar during the party, though he didn't typically take it out of his pocket. Even Banner had given him a strange look when he checked the time on the faceplate and set it next to his beer. There was something about Stark's behavior during the engagement party that made Steve give himself an 'in', a reason to come back into the tower after everyone else was gone. No one expected Tony to be in supremely high spirits considering his ex was marrying his driver, but Tony had a smile plastered on his face the entire night.

He laughed with his guests, toasted Pepper and Happy, and even stole a dance with Ms. He and Tony were cordial at best when they weren't arguing like a 'pair of old maids', as Natasha put it. Steve stepped into Stark Tower quietly, looking around for the owner. "Stark? " The penthouse was silent. "Jarvis? " "Is he still drinking? " Equations of Living and Dying.

For Tony, it's something that has always been there, in the back of his mind nestled between the numbers and equations.

Equations of Living and Dying

Hell, most of the thoughts occur in forms of equations. Calculations of height and force of impact or angles and the pressure behind a blade or even how much energy needed to stop a heart. They're always there, some ordinary, some innovated and unique but always there. The thoughts never leave but that doesn't mean he is always thinking about it, his mind doesn't work like that. Sometimes the equations of death get pushed forward more then the rest and he actively finds himself contemplating them. Paint the Sky Grey (Character Death) It was raining, large droplets of the wet stuff pounding against the windows of Stark Tower.

Paint the Sky Grey (Character Death)

It could have been Tuesday, or maybe it was Wednesday? Tony had lost track of the days – the time too. But that was easier to judge by how much light made its way through the grey storm clouds that had settled over the city. Like right now, it was probably close to midnight. Yeah, midnight sounded right. This Grey House Where I Come From. There was never any actual violence.

This Grey House Where I Come From

There were no gunpoints, ski masks, or gloved hands clamped over a mouth. Running to Keep in the Same Place (Pre-Slash) Tony is a certified genius, he's got the patents and the crowds of adoring fans to prove it, and he's also very good at multitasking.

Running to Keep in the Same Place (Pre-Slash)

Which is why, when Steve asks, "Tony, do you know what time it is? " Tony startles back, almost falls on his ass, and answers with a coherent and eloquent "Huh? " In his defense he's been working for a few hours now and, more to the point, had been sure he was alone in the lab. Wasn't Steve supposed to be in DC right now, anyway? "Aren't you supposed to be in DC right now? " Steve frowns. "Friday the 21st, sir," JARVIS replies and for a moment Tony is so proud of them both that JARVIS actually manages to sound long-suffering. "Have you been down here for two days? " That would probably explain the headache that's been distracting him for the last few hours. Tony's worked for longer stretches at a time for far worse reasons; he'd be the first to admit that. Another Thing Coming Undone.

How Not To Be Nothing. It's All In The Mind. The first time it happened, Tony was thirteen and about to be beaten up by the football team.

It's All In The Mind

He hadn’t meant to do anything, but it just happened. One moment Billy was swinging at him and the next he was flying backwards into the dumpster. Tony had all of five seconds to stare in utter confusion after him, wondering what the hell had just happened, before the rest of Billy’s friends began to crowd in on him. This time it was significantly more noticeable as Tony threw his arms up in self-defense, and all of them flew up and backwards to join Billy in comatose land as they hit their heads or landed on top of another.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Tony scrammed. The second time was only a short time after the first. Tony was in the kitchen tinkering with the fridge, as Howard had been complaining about it not cooling properly. It led to him pushing the fridge away from the wall so he could get to the back.