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Extreme Photo of the Week Surfing a 40-Foot Wave at Peahi, or Jaws, in HawaiiMore » Zero to 60 Video #22: A New Perspective on BASE Jumping Near Moab, UtahMore »Adventurers on InstagramLiving the Dream Surfing, Skiing, and Exploring the WorldMore »Long Weekends Like a LocalOur Favorite Locals Share Where to Hike, Bike, Paddle, More!More »Inspiring a New Generation Amy and Dave Freeman Bring Adventure to the ClassroomMore »Secret Ski Towns The Ten Best Ski Towns You've Never Heard of ...More »

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25 Documentaries Everybody Should Watch Sans Soleil This is not your average documentary. It is a fleeting memory, a sudden remembrance of times long past, a meditation on time and culture, a touch of an emotional diary. National Geographic Traveler Skip to this page's content Advertisement Current IssueAugust/September 2016 Essential Outdoor Survival Skills You can’t call yourself an adventurer without these critical outdoor survival skills. When heading into the great outdoors, or any potential survival situation, we all know to bring the necessary gear and supplies. You’ll need food, water, fire and all the other essentials on your backpacking gear list.

Drugs Will Kill Your Friends - Rob Delaney Comedian Rob Delaney reflects on his time in rehab. Three guys died when I was at the halfway house: Chris, Arturo, and Luke. They all died right after I left in pretty quick succession. Each one hurt like a motherfucker. I haven’t been to war, so I can’t comment on what that experience is like, but people who go through rehab or a halfway house walk a tough road together and not all of them make it. Airsoft. It’s Not Just For Kids: Using Airsoft in Your Firearms Training One of my sheepdog goals this year is to become proficient with a handgun and to get my carry license. I bought my first handgun a few months ago — a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm — and have been taking defensive handgun classes at the U.S. Shooting Academy. One thing I quickly discovered is that firearm training gets really expensive, really fast. First there’s the range time you need to pay for, but what really kills you is the ammo.

Tourism Industry Association New Zealand Adventure tourism safety TIA takes a lead role in adventure tourism, helping to strengthen safety across this important visitor sector. TIA's underlying premise is that the 'adventure' must not be taken out of adventure tourism and that decisions made by government and other organisations need to reflect the reality of operators working inthe adventure tourism sector. The government has identified TIA as a trusted industry organisation and the most effective to implement several recommendations coming out of its 2009-10 Adventure Tourism Review, including development of the SupportAdventure website and Activity Safety Guidelines for specific sectors. Good progress is being made on these, driven by TIA Adventure & Outdoor Project Leader Rachael Moore, with excellent support from members and the wider industry.

Here’s proof that Alcoholics Anonymous is just as effective as professional psychotherapies A physician named Robert Holbrook Smith had his last alcoholic drink 79 years ago this week. He and Bill Wilson, the friend with whom he had sobered up, thus anointed June 10 as the official founding date of the organization they created together: Alcoholics Anonymous. AA is the most commonly-sought source of help for problem drinking in the United States and many millions of people have participated in it and the other 12-step organizations it inspired around the world. But does AA really work? Expedient Family Survival Water Filter The ability to purify water in an emergency situation is not a “nice thing to have”, it is an essential part of your preparedness plan. Whether you are planning to bug in or bug out, safe drinking water is the foundation for survival. By Dave H, a reader of In my never ending quest for DIY (Do It Yourself) survival tools, I have found a way to purify larger quantities of water at a low cost for my survival community using gravity. Although for some it would be easier to go with a turn key solution such as a Berkey water purification system, I wanted a low cost system that I could afford to keep in multiple locations (cars, home, bug out location, work, storage locker, etc.)