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Crowdfunding: la finance participative est-elle faite pour vous ? La finance participative est en plein essor. Les épargnants peuvent financer des PME en investissant dans leur capital ou en leur prêtant des fonds. Tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur cette nouvelle forme de capital-risque. Source Le Figaro Magazine La finance participative est en plein essor en France et il est tentant de diversifier ainsi une partie de son patrimoine. Le crowdfunding utilise en effet internet pour mettre en relation des porteurs de projet et des particuliers. Depuis le 1er octobre, les particuliers peuvent épargner en prêtant de l'argent à de petites entreprises ou à des particuliers cherchant à financer un projet professionnel (professions libérales, artisans, commerçants…).En échange, ceux-ci leur versent une rémunération. Des investisseurs avisés D'autres plates-formes, avec des statuts différents, proposent également des prêts. De plus en plus d'investisseurs avisés entrent au capital de petites entreprises et se laissent aussi séduire par le «crowdequity».

L'objectif? Y Combinator Partner on Crowdfunding: It Makes Our Job Harder. Crowdfunding is giving a whole generation of startup entrepreneurs a new way to fund their dreams. While that’s good for entrepreneurs, it means the investors whose business it is to profit off of fledgling startups will have to work harder to woo top-notch entrepreneurs. As the popularity of crowdfunding grows, it’s going to it ever harder for investors like Alexis Ohanian to swoop in with a their magic bag of money and make demands of cash-starved entrepreneurs. Ohanian is a co-founder of social-networking service and news website Reddit as well as a partner at Y Combinator, a seed-stage accelerator. Related: Every Hour, $87,000 Is Raised Through Crowdfunding Crowdfunding, which has been made popular by sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo in the past five years, allows creators to launch campaigns to raise money online.

Related: After the Kickstarter Campaign: 3 Lessons for Startup Newbies Ohanian mentioned the Pebble watch, which raised more than $10 million on Kickstarter in 2012. The Best and Worst States in America for Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding lives and dies with the willingness of the crowd. Ergo, if you are looking to raise money for your startup with crowdfunding in the U.S., you are going to have the best chance of success in Washington, D.C. And you are probably going to have the hardest time in Mississippi. That’s according to a new report on crowdfunding by The Crowdfunding Centre, a London-based industry data analysis firm and Crowdfund Capital Advisors, a U.S. -based, for-profit advisory organization. The ranking -- known as the JOBSIMPACT Small Business Crowdfunding Index 2014 -- explores the best and worst areas in the U.S. for crowdfunding and offers an analysis of how many jobs are generated in each locale. Related: Every Hour, $87,000 Is Raised Through Crowdfunding So far, crowdfunding has been adopted in pockets, primarily in urban areas and states home to those large cities.

Here’s a look at the rankings of the best and worst states in the U.S. for crowdfunding. Enlarge Image (+) Enlarge Image (+) Welcome to Forbes. Crowdfunding. The revolution is just beginning. A couple of years ago, the term “crowdfunding” was relatively unknown. Today – largely thanks to Kickstarter – it’s become a household word and a pretty well-understood way to aggregate capital for funding a project, a loan, or even equity.

Recently Tivix helped to develop the brand-new SolarCity Solar Bonds platform (enabling individuals to purchase renewable-energy bonds), the new Crowdstreet platform (a venture-funded company bringing the crowdfunding model to commercial real estate), plus we've built a couple consumer financial service platforms for other clients (which are protected by confidentiality agreements). Financial services platforms obviously require pretty rigorous engineering – given the security and regulatory requirements – and Tivix has developed some special expertise in this area. The are several benefits to the crowdfunding model. Three salient ones are: – What economists call disintermediation (what the rest of us would just call “getting rid of the middleman”).

Le crowdfunding | Score Advisor. Pourquoi la Royal Bank of Scotland envisage-t-elle aujourd’hui de créer sa propre plateforme de crowdfunding ? Pourquoi BNP Paribas s’est engagée dans des partenariats avec WiSEED et Ulule et la Banque Postale avec KissKissbankbank ? Le crowdfunding, plutôt qu’une menace pour les banques, ne serait-il pas au contraire une opportunité pour celles qui s’y intéressent ? Pour les banques, le crowdfunding représente un complément de gamme plus qu’intéressant.

Nous ne nous étendrons pas sur la menace qu’il peut constituer : il suffit de regarder la progression des chiffres(1), l’engouement médiatique que cela suscite, l’adhérence que constitue une relation de financeur à la création d’une société ou d’un projet (à comparer à celle du crédit immobilier pour les particuliers), les potentielles extensions du financement participatif au-delà du simple financement… Posons donc directement la question : pourquoi le crowdfunding serait une opportunité pour les banques ?

Quand et comment ? 3 Tips to Maintain Crowdfunding Investor Relations. Your crowdfunding campaign was a success, and you can finally get your startup off the ground. Now what do you do? Whether your business was backed by equity crowdfunders or potential customers on a site like Kickstarter, you owe it to your investors to keep them in the loop about your company as it grows. After all, a business that says "good riddance" to the people who got it where it is now likely won't get very far. While the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does require annual financial reports from an equity crowdfunded business, maintaining real, genuine relationships with your backers goes beyond showing them the numbers.

"A key success factor for crowdfunded companies is the recognition of and delivery to the needs of its investors, who want to be connected to the company and feel like they are part of the entrepreneurial team bringing a new business to life," said Ron Miller, CEO of small business accelerator StartEngine. Communicate consistently. Be honest and upfront. Welcome to Forbes. 10 Things To Know About Crowdfunding - Page: 3 | CRN. United Kingdom Crowdfunding Market Data (Deck) Le crowdfunding français :  performant mais concurrencé par des géants. C’était le sujet brûlant de l’année dernière. Le financement participatif, particulièrement en prêt et en capital, ne survivrait pas si la réglementation financière n’était pas modifiée. Un an plus tard, les décrets d’application de la réforme du crowdfunding sont enfin entrés en vigueur (le 1er octobre 2014), faisant de la France l’un des pays en pointe en termes de réglementation du financement par la foule.

Cela suffira-t-il pour que le crowdfunding français puisse atteindre sa phase de maturité ? Pas si sûr. "Le crowdfunding représente encore des montants très minimes dans le financement des entreprises françaises, mais quand on regarde ce qui se fait à l’étranger, on voit ce qu’il est possible de faire," prévenait, lors du colloque de PME Finance du 2 octobre, Benoît Bazzocchi, le fondateur de Smart Angels, un site de crowdfunding en capital et le président de l’Association française de l’investissement participatif (Afip). Les géants du numérique en embuscade Arnaud Dumas. Lending Club's IPO and the Next Phase of Crowdfunding. By Steve Cinelli, CrowdFunding Beat contributing editor, The crowdfundingindustry has entered a new, and possibly more legitimate space, in the framework of financial services.

I refer to the recent S-1 filing of Lending Club (LC), which elevates the profile of both the company as also the distributed finance industry overall. Lending Club’s claim to an expected $5 billion market capitalization can be viewed as a major success in terms of value creation, market opportunity and the growth of new shadow banking methodologies. We have seen crowd platforms, whether in peer-to-peer lending (P2P) (Prosper and LC), real estate crowdfunding (Fundrise, Realty Mogul), SME loan funding (Funding Circle), raise growth capital at phenomenal valuations, as the marriage of capital formation and technology seems to have delivered a piece de resistance. Lending Club’s IPO Pricing Will Set Precedent for Crowdfunding LC is being valued as a technology company, not as a financial services company. Every Hour, $87,000 Is Raised Through Crowdfunding. Across the world, crowdfunding raises $2 million per day. That’s the equivalent of $87,000 per hour, or $1,400 every minute. Currently 90 percent of the world’s online population has access to crowdfunding, according to the second-quarter global report on crowdfunding by The Crowdfunding Centre, a London-based industry data analysis firm.

Crowdfunding now reaches more than 160 countries, according to the report, which was released today. The idea of raising money by soliciting small sums of money from a large group of people is not new, but as the world has moved online and payment technology has become increasingly seamless, crowdfunding has experienced a historic coming-of-age growth spurt. Related: Indiegogo Pilots New Program Allowing Crowdfunding Campaigns to Stay Open Indefinitely The map, embedded below, illustrates the number of successful crowdfunding campaigns by country.

Click to Enlarge+ “Seed funding is now self-seeding across the globe. 1. Pourquoi il faut changer le business model du crowdfunding. Nous le savons à présent, le financement participatif (crowdfunding) entre peu à peu dans nos habitudes et va devenir un réflexe. D'un côté, les français sont de plus en plus sensibles au sens qu'ils donnent à leur épargne. De l'autre, les porteurs de projets (associations, entrepreneurs, artistes, sportifs, etc.) cherchent de nouveaux moyens simples, accessibles et peu coûteux pour répondre à leurs besoins de financement. Aujourd'hui, obtenir un prêt auprès des banques ou séduire les Business Angels relèvent souvent du parcours du combattant. Les chiffres sont là : les montants levés en France via le crowdfunding ont été multipliés par 10 entre 2011 (7,9 millions d'euros) et 2013 (78,3 millions d'euros)[1], et les prévisions pour sont très encourageantes.

Au delà des chiffres, le crowdfunding est en train de s'inscrire dans les habitudes et les réflexes de chacun : l'économie collaborative devient ainsi une véritable alternative au modèle classique. Un manque de transparence. Equity vs. Debt Crowdfunding. There is a lot of media focus on crowdfunding, but sometimes the types of crowdfunding are not properly distinguished. You hear a lot about the Kickstarter’s and Indiegogo’s of the world and people are confusing these with actual investments in companies.

To understand debt (lending) vs. equity based crowdfunding you must first know the four basic types of crowdfunding: Donations based crowdfunding is being used by major charities and by individuals who are asking for donations to their cause. Examples of these types of portals include: GoFundMe, Rewards based crowdfunding is one the most popular and widely used versions to date. So what is the difference between equity and debt crowdfunding and why is there confusion? Regulators around the world have had rules to regulate the sale of securities for a long time.

As an investor in equity or debt crowdfunding you are investing in a security of the company. Predictions for the Future of Crowdfunding | truCrowd's Blog. As the calendar turns to October 1st, 2014, American equity crowdfunding constituents can gloomily add another month to the long overdue enactment of Title III. Faith and positivity remain high, however, mainly due to the overwhelming success of crowdfunding around the globe. The achievement of foreign equity crowdfunding makes us all want to feverishly point a finger and yell to the SEC, “See!

Look!” Then again we all know it will fall on deaf ears. But we are not alone in our optimism. Today I have compiled recent quotes from four different experts on their predictions for the future of crowdfunding. Enjoy! David Drake – Founder and Chairman of LDL Capital in a recent Entrepreneur article: “Online crowdfunding platforms raised $2.7 billion in capital in 2012 with expectations that the number would reach $5 billion by 2013, according to a study from crowdfunding-focused research firm Massolution. Boris Wertz – Founder of Version One Ventures in a recent GeekWire article: Where Is Crowdfunding Headed? Some "$5.1 billion has been raised with crowdfunding so far in 2014," according to the following infographic by BusinessProfiles. What will the future of crowdfunding look like, though? "Equity crowdfunding" will increase, because the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act lifted the ban on securities crowfunding for startups. "Companies can now raise up to $1 million a year through crowdfunding without going through the process of registering the securities through the SEC," states BusinessProfiles.

"Donations crowdfunding" and "rewards crowdfunding" will also grow. That growth will occur more quickly in underdeveloped countries, and it will be slower in the US. To find out more about the future of crowdfunding, its niche players, and its current state, check out the infographic: Veronica Maria Jarski is the Opinions editor and a senior writer at MarketingProfs. The 6 Waves to Watch in the World of Crowdfunding. One of the outcomes of the 2008 global financial crisis was the “funding gap”. Banks were less willing to provide loans and investors moved capital into more stable platforms. In general, the market tolerated less risk. In this new environment, raising capital became the greatest challenge for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). They needed new platforms.

Enter crowdfunding. While some players have been around since 2008, the huge crowdfunding wave crashed onto the market between 2012 and 2013, particularly in Europe and the U.S. As of April 2012, there were more than 450 crowdfunding websites worldwide. Given the relatively recent arrival of the crowdfunding wave to the market, its future iterations will be interesting to follow. Here are six waves to watch in crowdfunding. 1. Related: 7 Secrets From the Man Who Turned a Kickstarter Flop Into the Most Successful Campaign Ever And while these figures take into account all crowdfunding models, the equity model could see a huge spike. 2. 3. Wp-content/uploads/2013/10/crowdfunding_french_barometer.pdf. #MaddyTools : Identité? MrCrowdfunding. Profession? Veilleur en financement participatif. MrCrowdfunding se présente comme une nouvelle plate-forme qui rassemble les projets des principaux sites de financement participatif internationaux.

Ce lancement donne le ton sur une tendance qui ne cesse d’augmenter : les comparateurs de prix. La question est donc de savoir si on se dirige vers une uniformisation de ce type de plate-formes. Le boom des comparateurs de prix L’augmentation du nombre de compagnies aériennes, de compagnies d’assurances ou encore de sites de crowdfunding, a provoqué la création de plate-formes de comparateurs de prix. Illigo, Kayak, eDreams, on ne compte plus les sites de comparateurs de prix qui sont créés avec pour intention première d’accompagner l’internaute dans son choix d’achat.

Plus qu’un accompagnement pour consommateurs, ce boom des comparateurs peut s’apparenter à une véritable idée de business, qui poussera sans doute d’autres acteurs de l’écosystème à s’y intéresser. Why water needs Collective Action 2.0. Crowdfunding News - Crowdfunding News Today. Financement participatif : entre arnaques et bonnes affaires. Financing alternatives « Beyond Money. Crowdfunding and the Financing of Entrepreneurial Ventures | Entrepreneurship.

Le crowdfunding en France, ça finance quoi et combien ? Le financement participatif, nouvel eldorado ? Sept choses à savoir sur le crowdfunding - Business. Publication d’un guide du financement participatif («Crowdfunding») Precepta étudie la structuration et les perspectives du crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding hits Asia. Le choc des valeurs: Crowdfunding : l’économie positive a besoin de ses médias. How do Asian Crowdfunding platforms compare to their Western counterparts? Women in Crowdfunding (Infographic) Et si la France devenait leader du financement participatif ? Crowdfunding : tous les projets sont-ils finançables ?