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Uk.businessinsider. Business Insider We trust the scientists around us to have the best grasp on how the world actually works.


So at this year's 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate at the American Museum of Natural History, which addressed the question of whether the universe is a simulation, the answers from some panelists may be more comforting than the responses from others. Physicist Lisa Randall, for example, said she thought the odds that the universe isn't "real" are so low as to be "effectively zero.

" A satisfying answer for those who don't want to sit there puzzling out what it would mean for the universe not to be real, to be sure. Uk.businessinsider. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff PhotographerLisa Randall.


Where do we come from? There are many right answers to this question, and the one you get often depends on who you ask. For example, an astrophysicist might say that the chemical components of our bodies were first forged in the nuclear fires of stars. On the other hand, an evolutionary biologist might look at the similarities between our DNA and that of other primates' and conclude we evolved from apes. Lisa Randall, a theoretical physicist at Harvard University, has a different, and novel answer, which she describes in her latest book, "Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs. " This is What Happens When You Die: The 12 Steps to Immortality. The accounts given here today, will resonate with you like nothing else.

This is What Happens When You Die: The 12 Steps to Immortality

A collaboration of Taoist, Catholic, Cabala, Egyptian, Hindu, Buddhist and Gnostic teachings that have been passed down throughout history. Many accounts have been shrouded in secrecy and given in code only to chosen initiates, as this immortal path is taken only when the souls progression reaches maturity after many incarnations. Popol Vuh - The sacred book of the Ancient Maya: Other Beings Created Mankind. Terms and Conditions Welcome to (the "Website").

Popol Vuh - The sacred book of the Ancient Maya: Other Beings Created Mankind

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Acceptance of Terms. NASA Scientist Says We Are Living In A Hologram Designed By Aliens. Who says scientists are boring?

NASA Scientist Says We Are Living In A Hologram Designed By Aliens

Nick Bostrom, professor of Philosophy at Oxford University and the Director of the Future of Humanity Institute has offered the theory that we may not actually be what we think we are. We may, in fact, be a holographic program generated by banks of supercomputers created by an alien species. As a side note, could you imagine creating a group of sentient beings and then having them figure out on their own that you created them?

This is a pretty fringe concept, but not without its backers. Simulation Argument. Joe Rogan & NASA Physicist: We’re Living in the Matrix. If you found out that we are all living in the matrix, would you take the blue pill and live a pleasant illusion or take the red pill and live in the harsh real world?

Joe Rogan & NASA Physicist: We’re Living in the Matrix

In this video Joe Rogan and Nasa Physicist Tom Campbell discuss a wide range of topics that centre around the simulation theory and the theory that our universe might just be a hologram. If we as humanity are going to evolve we need to gain a deeper understanding of the universe and also our inner-selves. Tom hits the nail on the head when he says that ‘Love’ is the optimal way for people to interact, this is only way humanity can experience real spiritual growth.

Home - My Big Toe. Review of "My Big TOE" by Tom Campbell. A new review based on extensive study.

Review of "My Big TOE" by Tom Campbell

When I first became aware of Thomas Campbell and his trilogy of books, My Big TOE, I had already spent my life with the constant underlying purpose of learning to understand the nature of reality which in my view includes God. Not however the personal God described at your local religious institution. I had already published the results of my studies on the internet at As a technical professional (Ph. D. – Mechanical Engineering) with a lot of computer modeling experience, I appreciated the technical approach taken by MBT and had a sufficient background to understand the models development.

When I first reviewed Thomas Campbell’s My Big TOE, I was still working on my understanding of it. As humanity and human society has developed from before recorded history, one of our continuing traits as humans is to attempt to understand the reality we perceive around us and our place in it. Who should read these books? Short Model of Reality: Boundary - Page 2. Here is a boundary to the reality to which we normally have access.

Short Model of Reality: Boundary - Page 2

This is a nonphysical (non-material) barrier of an unknown and unstudied nature which can be visited only at considerable effort and in a nonphysical form: vision or out of body experience. There is an orifice in this barrier which emits a continuous stream of some form of field which eventually fills or more accurately, creates the volume of our reality. I choose to call it an existence field or God's Will.