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- CryoSat sheds new light on Antarctica’s biggest glacier. Ice loss from Pine Island Glacier has contributed more to sea-level rise over the past four decades than any other glacier in Antarctica.

- CryoSat sheds new light on Antarctica’s biggest glacier

However, the way this huge glacier is thinning is complex, leading to uncertainty about how it is likely to raise sea level in the future. Thanks to ESA’s CryoSat mission, scientists have now been able to shed new light on these complex patterns of ice loss. Although Pine Island Glacier is one of the most intensively and extensively investigated glacier systems in Antarctica, different model projections of future mass loss give conflicting results; some suggesting mass loss could dramatically increase over the next few decades, resulting in a rapidly growing contribution to sea level, while others indicate a more moderate response. Identifying which is the more likely behaviour is important for understanding future sea-level rise and how this vulnerable part of Antarctica is going to evolve over the coming decades. Lead author Prof. Thank you for liking. Siberian Neanderthals were intrepid nomads. A new study, published online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reveals that Neanderthals made an intercontinental trek of more than 3000 km to reach Siberia's Altai Mountains, equipped with a distinctive toolkit used to kill and butcher bison and horses.

Siberian Neanderthals were intrepid nomads

Neanderthals are our nearest evolutionary cousins and survived until around 40,000 years ago in western Europe. Their legacy lives on today in the DNA of all people with European or Asian ancestry. Neanderthal fossils were first reported from the Altai Mountains—the easternmost outpost of their known geographic range—in 2007. Nestled in the foothills, Chagyrskaya Cave has yielded 74 Neanderthal fossils, more than any other site in the region, as well as almost 90,000 stone tools and numerous bone tools made by Neanderthals. The 3.5 meter-thick cave deposits were first excavated in 2007.

Using a variety of statistical tests, Dr. More information: Kseniya A. This document is subject to copyright. 200 years of exploring Antarctica – the world's coldest, most forbidding and most peaceful continent. Antarctica is the remotest part of the world, but it is a hub of scientific discovery, international diplomacy and environmental change.

200 years of exploring Antarctica – the world's coldest, most forbidding and most peaceful continent

It was officially discovered 200 years ago, on Jan. 27, 1820, when members of a Russian expedition sighted land in what is now known as the Fimbul Ice Shelf on the continent’s east side. Early explorers were drawn there by the mythology of Terra Australis, a vast southern continent that scholars imagined for centuries as a counterweight to the Northern Hemisphere. Others sought economic bounty from hunting whales and seals, or the glory of conquering the planet’s last wilderness. Still others wanted to understand Earth’s magnetic fields in order to better navigate the seas. Dentist collecting ancient artifacts for 25 years. BALIKESİR - Demirören News Agency.

Dentist collecting ancient artifacts for 25 years

GEM receives 356 artifacts, including 57 treasures of King Tutankhamun - Egypt Independent. The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) on Saturday received 356 artifacts from Tahrir’s Egyptian Museum, including 57 artifacts from the treasures of King Tutankhamun – with 11 artifacts to be displayed on the grand staircase – said the supervisor of the GEM project Atef Moftah.

GEM receives 356 artifacts, including 57 treasures of King Tutankhamun - Egypt Independent

The General Director of the Archaeological Affairs Area at the GEM Tayeb Abbas explained that two statues of Ptah, the god of craftsmen and architects, weighing between five and six tons, will be displayed on the grand staircase alongside royal statues such as a pink granite statue of King Ramesses III, and a black granite statue of King Thutmose III. Around 49,779 artifacts have so far been transferred to the museum, which will be open by the end of 2020. Egyptian archaeologists cooperated with 240 foreign archaeological missions to implement 90 percent of the museum’s excavation and restoration work. Oxus Treasure. The Oxus Treasure is a collection of 180 artifacts of precious metal, dated to the Achaemenid Empire (c. 550-330 BCE), which were discovered on the north bank of the Oxus River near the town of Takht-i Sangin in Tajikstan between 1876-1880 CE (commonly given as 1877 CE).

Oxus Treasure

National Weather Service confirms rare West Virginia tornado. The weather service says a survey team is looking at damage in other areas Tuesday in Kanawha County, where large trees toppled onto homes and roads.

National Weather Service confirms rare West Virginia tornado

See photos. CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — The National Weather Service says storm-related damage indicates that a rare tornado touched down in West Virginia. The weather service tweeted that a tornado hit the Alum Creek area Monday night along U.S. Route 119 southwest of Charleston. What is the Hottest Place on Earth? It was a record breaking decade—and not in a good way.

What is the Hottest Place on Earth?

The last ten years saw the top the highest average yearly temperatures ever recorded. Last month was the second-highest November on record. European blond hair may have originated on the North Eurasian Mammoth steppe. The quote below is from the recent Mathieson et al. 2017 preprint on the population history of Southeastern Europe and surrounds.

European blond hair may have originated on the North Eurasian Mammoth steppe

Surprisingly, this titbit hasn't received much attention yet considering the fascination that many people have with blond hair and blonds. Most Beautiful Colorized Images In History. Iceland’s Visa Requirements. Iceland at a Glance Expats dream of a move to Iceland for the breathtaking nature, for the friendly people, and for the country’s rich history.

Iceland’s Visa Requirements

But of course there is more to Iceland than fjords and volcanoes. Read our guide on moving to Iceland and learn about the language, politics, and visa requirements. Iceland belongs to the Schengen region. This allows citizens of the EU/EEA and some other countries to travel to Iceland without securing a visa before. Wonderful Lounge Music Arabic & India Balance Mix by Tekiu. Electricity- Review of Ohm's Law & Power.mp4. Wonderful Lounge Music Arabic & India Balance Mix by Tekiu. ~ Sound Therapy - Native American Flute ~

Axis Mundi in Alternative Religions. 'Axis Mundi' and the Sacred Mountains of the Earth. On the days of the winter and summer solstices, is packed with folks who dress in white and climb to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. They stand at the top with arms outstretched to receive the special energy of the site on that day. (© 2007 Suzanne Barbezat) This belief has been partially explained in terms of psychology by saying that “home is indeed the center of one's known universe, the point of one's origin: from it one may venture in any of the four cardinal directions, make discoveries, and establish new centers.”

(See This may sound plausible, but it cannot explain other things, the most important of which, in my view, is that a greater center cannot be an image of a lesser one; all symbols or images are formed from greater objects. The book of Genesis says, “God created man in his own image; in his own image He created them.” Are You An Author? Skyscraper's New Tourist Magnet Is Basically Hell On Earth For Acrophobes. If you're afraid of heights, you might want to sit this one out. But if you like the idea of getting a bird's eye view of the Chicago streets from 94 floors--and 1,000 feet--above the ground, the John Hancock Center's new "Tilt! " platform on its observation deck is definitely for you. The attraction opens to the public on Saturday at 9 a.m. and entails a moving glass and steel platform that relies on hydraulic pumps to tilt eight participants at a time forward to get an unusual--and, surely, terrifying to many--downward-facing look at Chicago's Magnificent Mile from a 30-degree angle.

Marketing manager Leslie Cooke, left, and Laura Collins, of Isabelli Media Relations, lean back on 'Tilt' in Chicago, May 7, 2014. (Phil Velasquez Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images) Fandom powered by Wikia. History Edit Early History Edit Yamatai is a lost kingdom of Ancient Japan. A Swedish Billionaire Will Award $5 Million For Reimagining Global Governance. Yes, you read that right. The Global Challenges Foundation, founded by the Swedish billionaire László Szombatfalvy, has launched an international competition in order to find a better system for world governance.

As Szombatfalvy writes in a letter published on the Foundation's website: Century's longest lunar eclipse July 27. Image at top: Fully eclipsed moon on January 31, 2018, 20 minutes into totality, via Eliot Herman in Tucson, Arizona. Eclipsa totala de Luna 2018: Cum ne afecteaza eclipsa din 27 iulie. Eclipse 2018 live pictures: Best Blood Moon photos from lunar eclipse TODAY. Getty Images. King of england. Amor fati. Balmoral cairns.

Foreign and domestic affairs

Ossel. Loch Ness monster could be a giant eel, researcher claims. How to build a 'perfect' language. Beautiful places. Engadget is now a part of Oath. Cartography - Google 検索. Ancient scrolls to be deciphered using light beams brighter than the sun. LONDON — Scientists at Britain’s national synchrotron facility have harnessed powerful light beams to virtually unwrap and decipher fragile scrolls dating back some 2,000 years in a process they hope will provide new insights into the ancient world. 'Extraordinary' Roman villa reopened to public in Herculaneum. Analyzing the Risk of Catastrophic Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse From Surface Melting. Antarctic ice shelf Larsen B suddenly breaks apart in 2002 after an anomalous heatwave. Whoa! Check out this giant geode. Scientists study world's biggest geode. Russian - Recherche Google. Choice page.

Exclusive: This 7,000-year-old woman was among Sweden's last hunter-gatherers. Research sheds new light on earthquake that killed 9,000 people. The mysterious 'Tully Monster' fossil just got more mysterious. Climate may have helped crumble one of the ancient world's most powerful civilizations. Ancient Inca City Located 13,000 Feet High in Peruvian Andes Revealed by Laser Technology. Archaeology breakthrough: Scientists close to finding tomb of Tutankhamun’s step-mum. Catacomb With Mummies From Ancient Egypt's Roman Period Discovered in Vast Burial Ground.