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Fandom powered by Wikia. History Edit Early History Edit Yamatai is a lost kingdom of Ancient Japan.

Fandom powered by Wikia

Yamatai was ruled in a matriarchal fashion, ruled by the Sun Queen, the first of whom, was Himiko. The Sun Queen did not have children, instead she passed power to a successor of her choice, her High Priestesses who would then be doted on by the Sun Queen and groomed to be the leader of Yamatai. Fall of Yamatai Few knew the truth about the Sun Queen's true nature, and Himiko's cycle of rebirth continued for generations. Due to the failed ritual, Himiko became angered. Modern Era This curse made the island a deathtrap for ships and aircraft. During World War II, the island was under Japanese military occupation, who held the Island as a base The goal of the scientists was to learn how to use the power of the storms as a weapon.

At one point, a man named Mathias was marooned on Yamatai. Knowing what he needed to do, Mathias began to try and find a vessel for Himiko. Skyscraper's New Tourist Magnet Is Basically Hell On Earth For Acrophobes. If you're afraid of heights, you might want to sit this one out.

Skyscraper's New Tourist Magnet Is Basically Hell On Earth For Acrophobes

But if you like the idea of getting a bird's eye view of the Chicago streets from 94 floors--and 1,000 feet--above the ground, the John Hancock Center's new "Tilt! " platform on its observation deck is definitely for you. The attraction opens to the public on Saturday at 9 a.m. and entails a moving glass and steel platform that relies on hydraulic pumps to tilt eight participants at a time forward to get an unusual--and, surely, terrifying to many--downward-facing look at Chicago's Magnificent Mile from a 30-degree angle. Marketing manager Leslie Cooke, left, and Laura Collins, of Isabelli Media Relations, lean back on 'Tilt' in Chicago, May 7, 2014. (Phil Velasquez Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images) On media preview day, May 7, 2014, Chicago Tribune reporter Steve Johnson, left, and marketing manager Leslie Cooke (center) and Laura Collins, right, of Isabelli Media Relations try out 'Tilt.'

Are You An Author? 'Axis Mundi' and the Sacred Mountains of the Earth. On the days of the winter and summer solstices, is packed with folks who dress in white and climb to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.

'Axis Mundi' and the Sacred Mountains of the Earth

They stand at the top with arms outstretched to receive the special energy of the site on that day. (© 2007 Suzanne Barbezat) This belief has been partially explained in terms of psychology by saying that “home is indeed the center of one's known universe, the point of one's origin: from it one may venture in any of the four cardinal directions, make discoveries, and establish new centers.”

(See This may sound plausible, but it cannot explain other things, the most important of which, in my view, is that a greater center cannot be an image of a lesser one; all symbols or images are formed from greater objects. Axis Mundi in Alternative Religions. The axis mundi is literally the axis of the world, although there are several different ways of viewing a religion's axis mundi.

Axis Mundi in Alternative Religions

The axis provides a connection between the physical world and spiritual worlds. This it is an important and sometimes even necessary feature of a faith because it assists in human beings coming into contact with the powers with whom they work. Frequently the axis mundi has a real world location. Some of these locations are permanent, such as the Kaaba in Islam or the city of Jerusalem for Christianity or Judaism. Some are established on more temporary basis, such as the casting of a circle in various neopagan religions or the potomitan in Vodou. ~ Sound Therapy - Native American Flute ~ Wonderful Lounge Music Arabic & India Balance Mix by Tekiu.

Electricity- Review of Ohm's Law & Power.mp4. Wonderful Lounge Music Arabic & India Balance Mix by Tekiu. Iceland’s Visa Requirements. Iceland at a Glance Expats dream of a move to Iceland for the breathtaking nature, for the friendly people, and for the country’s rich history.

Iceland’s Visa Requirements

But of course there is more to Iceland than fjords and volcanoes. Read our guide on moving to Iceland and learn about the language, politics, and visa requirements. Iceland belongs to the Schengen region. This allows citizens of the EU/EEA and some other countries to travel to Iceland without securing a visa before. Permits for Qualified Professionals Before you can apply for a visa to work and reside legally in Iceland, you need to secure a work contract. In order to apply for a work- and residence permit for qualified professionals, you need to submit the following documents: The work- and residence permit for qualified professionals can be renewed and is the basis on which you can apply for a permanent residence. Shortage of Laborers Permit Are you not eligible for a permit for qualified professionals? Obtaining an ID Number.