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I'm writing a "personal statement" essay on my major. How's this so far. It's a good start.

I'm writing a "personal statement" essay on my major. How's this so far

You don't want to seem indecisive, though, so I might go into what you DO know about yourself and how you will use that to decide upon a major later. For example, you know that you enjoy writing reports, so you will want to find a major where you will be able to create formal reports on what you are studying...that can be many things, so it doesn't limit you, but it lets them know that you are actively looking at the things you do like. OR, You may like having ethical/moral/philosophical discussions with your peers. College Personal Statement Examples That Shine! "Hello, my name is...

College Personal Statement Examples That Shine!

" We've all seen those name tags that say "Hello, my name is... " Actually, that isn't a bad starting point! Let's start by breaking down your essay into 3 main parts. So for starters, let's talk about you. Here, you should tell the college where are come from, what brothers and/or sisters you may have and what your home life and family dynamic is made up of.

AP Pass - AP Test Score Calculators. ePrep SAT, ACT, and PSAT Online prep courses. Practice for the ACT Test with the "Real ACT Prep Guide" Free Online Test Prep. Free SAT Prep. SAT Preparation: The SAT Essay. The SAT Essay The SAT Essay asks students to write a response to an essay assignment, or prompt.

SAT Preparation: The SAT Essay

According to The College Board, the prompt "give students the opportunity to use a broad range of experiences, learning, and ideas to support their points of view on the issue addressed. Because the prompt requires students to address a specific issue, students will not be able to prepare an essay in advance that will effectively address the essay assignment. " There is some truth to what The College Board says about the essay. Test prep Questions for ACT‚ SAT and AP exams by Texas Instruments. ACT Question of the Day for Monday, January 16, 2012. Reading Question for Sunday, April 13th, 2014 PROSE FICTION: This passage is adapted from Elizabeth Bishop’s short story "The Housekeeper" (©1984 by Alice Methfessel).

ACT Question of the Day for Monday, January 16, 2012

What is the main insight suggested by the conversation in lines 69–83? F. The Curley family cries to manipulate Mrs. Sennett into doing what they want.G. My College Options. The Complete Guide to College Financing and Admissions Click on a topic to view:Why CollegeWhy College – A Student Perspective The Application and Admissions Process The Application and Admissions – A Student Perspective Pre-College Planning Guide – A Step-By-Step Guide Admissions Check List Important College Admission Dates Appeals and Alternate Plans Finding the Right College For You Common Interview Mistakes Interview Skills Financial Aid Tips From the Financial Aid Director & Weblinks Finding Scholarships How To Win Scholarships Creative Options to Finance College Creative Options CLEP Tests (College Level Examination Program) Selecting A Major In College How To Succeed In College How To Succeed In College – A Student Perspective Living On or Off Campus – Living With A Roommate College Packing List.

My College Options

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