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I'm writing a "personal statement" essay on my major. How's this so far. College Personal Statement Examples That Shine! "Hello, my name is...

College Personal Statement Examples That Shine!

" We've all seen those name tags that say "Hello, my name is... " Actually, that isn't a bad starting point! Let's start by breaking down your essay into 3 main parts. So for starters, let's talk about you. Here, you should tell the college where are come from, what brothers and/or sisters you may have and what your home life and family dynamic is made up of. Too much about you, and you'll be wasting precious page space. The key here is to be brief, but still giving the college representative a good mental picture of you and the people you surround yourself with. State Your Intentions! The middle paragraphs of your college personal statement or essay should go into a little more depth about what you plan on majoring in.

If you've taken a class, had something really significant happen to your, or just have a really good story about something or someone that prompted you to pursue Education (as an example) as a career, tell them about that! AP Pass - AP Test Score Calculators. ePrep SAT, ACT, and PSAT Online prep courses. Practice for the ACT Test with the "Real ACT Prep Guide" Free Online Test Prep. Free SAT Prep. SAT Preparation: The SAT Essay. The SAT Essay The SAT Essay asks students to write a response to an essay assignment, or prompt.

SAT Preparation: The SAT Essay

According to The College Board, the prompt "give students the opportunity to use a broad range of experiences, learning, and ideas to support their points of view on the issue addressed. Because the prompt requires students to address a specific issue, students will not be able to prepare an essay in advance that will effectively address the essay assignment. " There is some truth to what The College Board says about the essay.

You will not be able to prepare a specific essay over a particular topic in advance. The Verbal is the Math It seems strange, but to really ace the math sections of the SAT, you must be a verbal expert. First and foremost, the SAT Essay has almost nothing in common with the essays you have written in school. Basics Before diving into our SAT Essay techniques, let's examine some of the essay basics. The essay will always be the first section of the SAT. Essay Structure 1. Test prep Questions for ACT‚ SAT and AP exams by Texas Instruments. ACT Question of the Day for Monday, January 16, 2012. Given the information in Figure 1, which of the following conclusions concerning ecological succession in an abandoned cornfield is most correct?

ACT Question of the Day for Monday, January 16, 2012

F. Succession in an abandoned cornfield begins on bare rock.G. Succession is characterized by the replacement of one plant community by another until a climax community has been achieved.H. The height of the plants in the communities decreases as succession progresses to the climax stage.J. The plant species change continuously during succession, but the change is more rapid in the later stages than in the earlier stages. Incorrect Figure 1 indicates that succession in an abandoned cornfield begins in a bare field, not on a bare rock. Correct! The best answer is G. According to Figure 1, over time, the community type changes from a grassland community to a grass-shrub community to a pine forest community and finally to an oak-hickory forest climax. Figure 1 does not indicate the height of the plants that are found in the various communities.

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