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HOME Homeschooling for Free on the Internet. Links to Substantial Curriculum Materials & Online Resources compiled by Kathi Kearney, M.A. Ed. Homeschooling Consultant & Raylene Hunt, B.S., Ed. Check out these sites for FREE curriculum! This list of these sites does not imply an endorsement by HOME of these sites or their materials. Please use your discretion. Please feel free to browse the entire page at your leisure. Be sure to check out the High School & Beyond page for additional resources. Ambleside Online A free, complete k-12 Charlotte Mason curriculum online. Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschooling A free, online K- 8 Curriculum online. Free Online English Resources English Composition Paradigm Online Writing Assistant This online course provides instruction and practice in the development of basic writing composition skills necessary for college-bound students.

Supplemental Resources: The Elements of style, by Strunk English Grammar Grammar and Writing This is an interactive course in grammar applied to writing. Literature Hamlet. Complete Curricula | Homeschooling for Free. What if I Had No Money for Curriculum? Free Curricula – Long List | Wonder in the Woods. I stumbled upon this thread at the Well Trained Mind from this thread on the Five in a Row boards about homeschooling on a shoe-string. Hopefully all the links will work. Please visit the original threads for more ideas. WHOLE CURRICULUM:Ambleside Online Ambleside OnlineOld Fashioned Education An Old-Fashioned Education(Preschool and some elementary) Brightly Beaming ResourcesPuritan Homeschool Curriculum. Contains many subjects but is religious. THE PURITANS’ HOME SCHOOL CURRICULUMCore Knowledge Core Knowledge Lesson PlansTanglewood Education Tanglewood Education Math:Ray’s Arithmetic Ray’s Arithmetic – Google Book SearchCSMP Materials.

Literature/Reading Guides and Units:Novel Study Guides Novel Study Guides for the Classroom TeacherReading Units by Gay Miller. Free Books:Classical Education Library Classical Education LibraryKids 4 Classics. Audio Books:Librivox LibrivoxStoryNory StoryNory History:Scripted People of America History Lessons. Current Events:TIME for kids. Like this: Your Free Homeschool. Free Homeschooling Resources: Science, math, and reading. Curriculum choices for homeschoolers. Homeschooling inexpensively. Other Resources for Curriculum & Supplies Curriculum Multiple Subjects Science Pandia Press (Classical education model science and history curriculum for homeschoolers) Real Science-4-Kids (Good series, but be aware that the author's religious beliefs appear to have influenced the inclusion or exclusion of certain theories, such as evolution which is not covered in depth.)

Loose in the Lab (Lesson plans, curriculum, and supplies to implement science labs) History Language Supplies Learning Things (Curriculum, educational games, science supplies, and more) Distance Learning & Educational Software Math Additional Resources. Free Curriculum list - K-8 Curriculum Board. Welcome to Education Pages | Welcome to the Don Wide Interest Web Site | Don Potter. Primary Resources - Free teaching resources, lesson plans, teaching ideas & worksheets for primary and elementary teachers. General Resources. Rubric Maker — for the parent/teacher Study Skills Study Skills course (less than 1 hour) Smart Learning course (3-4 hours) Student Research Skills Worksheets Tips on Research Worksheets to help you analyze primary resources Printable Maps, Topographical Maps; Go to the Social Studies/History page for more maps Think Quest — find websites and enter the competition Search Engines/Research Information You Can Trust Ivy’s Search Fact Hound Encyclopedias Kid’s Online Encyclopedia Kidepede history and science encyclopedia for kids Kids Britannica Online Encyclopedia (search several encyclopedias for free) Rudiments of Wisdom Encyclopedia — all cartoons on the various subjects World History Encyclopedia Online Curriculum Ambleside Online An Old-Fashioned Education Brightly Beaming Resources pre-school and elementary Core Knowledge Lesson Plans Teacher jargon outline is at the beginning of each lesson.

The Puritans’ Home School Curriculum Blank Notebooking Pages 20+ pages from AP classes Verity Tests. Links to All Things Free for Homeschoolers | Just about Everything You Need for Learning–Free. Sites for Teachers. TeacherClicks: K-12 Teacher Resources. Teacher Resources, Free Worksheets, Lesson Plans, and Creative Ideas for Educators | Classroom Jr. Classroom Freebies. Homeschooling For Free. I had every intention of writing an entirely different post for today. But sometimes God has a way of whispering to your heart that you need to do something else. Sometimes He gets so insistent that you almost feel like He has dropped a brick on your head.

That is how this post came to be. I am stubborn at times. I knew this would be a ton of work to put together. But He has the bigger plan and knows how to lead me to sources for His purposes. With the economy being what it is at the moment, I have a feeling that somewhere out there, one of God’s children is feeling a bit discouraged and feeling like they can’t homeschool if they do not have adequate funds. I hope that this list will bless you in your homeschooling journey. This list is just a start. Please note that as of the time of the publishing of this post, all links are active and working. Happy Homeschooling! Spelling/Vocab. Copy Work:Simply Charlotte Mason Manuscript Copy Work Cursive Copywork Manuscript Copywork Guest Hollow. WINERUFFIAN - Free Online Educational Resources. Middle School And High School History. Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources. Today I’m excited to bring you a new Friday feature that focuses on Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Jamerrill from

If you aren’t a homeschooler, but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny, you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. You may also want to go through the Educational Deals and Freebies from earlier this week for more. Make Your Own ABC Book About The Animal Kingdom: This free 140-page set can currently be downloaded from Currclick. This freebie can be adapted for younger and older students. It also includes an additional suggested book list and helpful web-links for further learning. How about some Lego learning? FREE Vocabulary Notebook and Fun Ways to Teach Vocabulary Ideas: Blessed Beyond a Doubt is offering a free vocabulary notebook as well as helpful ideas on fun ways to teach vocabulary.

Presidents Day is February 18th. Are you looking for inspiration to get your homeschool year on track? Freebies. Art Printables Writing Printables Sentence Patterns EBook - This is the text of my Sentence Patterns lens in a convenient PDF format.Sentence Patterns Poster - A mini poster with the five basic sentence patterns. This includes the terms simple, compound, and complex sentences.FANBOYS Coordinating Conjunctions Poster - A colorful mnemonic to help you remember the coordinating conjunctions.Subordinating Conjunctions - A one page list of many subordinating conjunctions. This is a handy reference for writing complex sentences. Shakespeare Printables Shakespeare Notebooking Pages - A set of 4 notebooking pages and one cover sheet.Globe Minibook - A three-fourths book with William Shakespeare inside and The Globe Theater on the cover. Science Printables Math Printables Arithmetic poem by Carl Sandburg - The text of Carl Sandburg's poem plus lines for your own notes and room for a drawing.Fibonacci Notebooking Pages - Various layouts with Fibonacci and the Golden Rectangles.

General Printables Other. Free Homeschool Deals: Affording the Homeschool Life. Homeschool Freebie of the Day. Freely Educate. Internet4Classrooms - Helping Students, Teachers and Parents Use the Internet Effectively. ClickSchooling.