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27289_527390620615483_12220772_n.png (851×608) 293d-Arrested-ExpansionB.jpg (1024×768) Maya Kulenovic: paintings. ALL IMAGES ON THIS SITE ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED.

Maya Kulenovic: paintings

Copyright Maya Kulenovic 2003-13 FEEL FREE TO PUBLISH THESE IMAGES ON THE INTERNET FOR NON-COMMERCIAL PURPOSES ONLY, UNDER THE CONDITION THAT THE ARTIST IS CREDITED. Please do not digitally alter the images in any way. A link back to is appreciated, if possible. The images must be removed if this is requested by the artist or her representatives. Willem Haenraets - Verliefd koppel. Maya Kulenovic: paintings. Justyna Kopania. The Singing Butler goes on public display - Jack Vettriano. The Singing Butler goes on public display 3rd February 2012 From Van Gogh To Vettriano Aberdeen City Art Gallery 4th February – 14th April 2012.

The Singing Butler goes on public display - Jack Vettriano

Abstract Watercolor Paintings. Large Contemporary Abstract Canvas Art Prints, Abstract Landscape Paintings, & Abstract Paintings For Sale. Available Scottish abstract landscape paintings. Welcome to the brand new website from Scottish landscape artist, Scott Naismith.

Available Scottish abstract landscape paintings

This website provides all the links and information to be kept right up to date with new contemporary modern Scottish art coming from my studio in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I have a superb worldwide following and so provide free worldwide shipping on many prints and mini original paintings in my online shop. If you are looking to buy, you could visit my HOW TO BUY page.

Get all the info on Scottish Art, paintings and prints from contemporary Glasgow artist Scott Naismith.Search all available and sold original paintings and prints. Namibiandesertindoors8.jpg (721×620) How To Draw Trees - Quickly & Easily. Learning how to draw trees is a lot easier than you may think...

How To Draw Trees - Quickly & Easily

Many budding artists of all ages are put off because they've only previously managed a 'lollipop' that they remember producing when they were at school. And yet, a lollipop isn't a million miles away from many real trees in full summer foliage. You just need to know where to 'tweak' your sketch to make your lollipop look the part. So if you think you couldn't draw the tree below - or even better? Water ink - BDDP Unlimited and Solidarités International. Incredible Illustrations by Minjae Lee.

Arte limited

262038_495936580427554_836535824_n.jpg (851×851) Beatriz. Kendra Studios. Dipinti o Fotografie? I ritratti sub-acquei di Christy Lee Roger. Pontormo. Beatriz. Birds by Abby Diamond. Funny4.gif (401×301) Dissected artists. This would have made art history much more interesting, don´t you agree?!

Dissected artists

Created by DDB Brazil for the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) Art School, this awesome campaign took artists as Dali, Van Gogh, Picasso and dissected them to show their inside illustrated in the same style as their famous artworks. A brilliant idea and execution! Unfortunately, this is just a sneak peek, but definitely we´ll keep you guys posted when they come up with more… BanksyInside - A Digital Magazine Dropping What's Fresh on the Web. 20 awesome examples of street art.

Judith Ann Braun's Fingers Are Magical. With an art career spanning more than three decades, Judith Ann Braun has tested the limits of her artistic musculature. She began as a self-described “realistic figure painter,” and worked through the struggles common to anyone who endeavors upon an artistic pursuit, that of searching for one’s own voice in the chosen medium. Fast forward to the 21st century where the evolution of Braun’s work has brought us to the Fingerings series, a collection of charcoal dust landscapes and abstracts “painted” using not brushes but her fingertips.

Room XX by miquel barceló - the spanish artist's colourful ceiling installation at the UN in geneva. © copyrights designboom, all rights reserved. all material published remains the exclusive copyright of designboom. no contents, including text, photographs, videos, etc. may be reproduced in whole or in part without the written consent of designboom. in addition, no material or contents may be reproduced on the world wide web by techniques of mirroring, framing, posting, etc. without the written consent of designboom.

room XX by miquel barceló - the spanish artist's colourful ceiling installation at the UN in geneva

Sketches : Kevin Ragnott. Celebrating the Art of the Doodle: 20 Awesome Doodles. *S*U*P*E*R*L*A*T*I*V*E* Artwork by lawrence yang. Prices for original work ranges from $200 to $1000.

artwork by lawrence yang

Please email me for more details. Limited edition prints are also available here. "Encounter" - ink and watercolor on paper - 20" x 16" - SOLD. - StumbleUpon. Joefentonart. Nadja - autopergamene (cd artwork) on the Behance Network. Nadja | autopergamene This artwork was created for the album Autopergamene by the canadien Nadja.

Nadja - autopergamene (cd artwork) on the Behance Network

Under the direction of Uirajara Resende, from the brasilien label Essence-Music, I tried to visually approach the concept of the album: the act of writing with blood on ones skin. The process consisted of deciphering/discovering images out of watercolour stains (somewhat like the famous Rorschach tests) and then using colour pencils to hold the suggested images on the paper. The characteristics of this process demanded endless trial and error but, in the end, I think the result got very close to what I wanted. Ran Ortner Studio. STEVEMCGHEEdotCOM. Sistine Chapel. Bespoken Art - Art that Speaks Volumes.

Alexander Jansson Sleeping House studio. Sabine Pieper Photography & Illustration. Feline Zegers Illustration. Bastien Lecouffe Deharme / Portfolio Roman Noir. Illustrations created for personal projects.

Bastien Lecouffe Deharme / Portfolio Roman Noir

This gallery is kept up to date, to always feature the most recent artworks. Please scroll down (NSFW) THE BLACK QUEEN / Cover-art for Memories of Retrocity © Bastien Lecouffe Deharme / Digital painting / 2011 / With Whitney Folsom Lecouffe INK© Bastien Lecouffe Deharme / www.roman-noir.comDigital painting / 2012 / With Laura PRIS© Bastien Lecouffe Deharme / www.roman-noir.comDigital painting / 2012 / With Kasey.

The White Deer. Rebecca Dautremer - Illustratrice - Site Officiel. - v2. Pencil Vs Camera by Ben Heine - Draw As A Maniac. Psykopaint - Create and paint amazing art from photos. { teaganwhite } design & illustration. How To Draw The Human Head. This is a personal collection of mine collected over the web, unfortunately I don’t know which are the authors of these works, so if somebody knows I’m going to be really happy to give the credits to them.

How To Draw The Human Head

Hope to enjoy it. Never stop practice. Andrew Loomis, from the Book “How to Draw the Head and Hands” 10 poses of the head 21 Rotations Of The Head. How to Draw Eyes. Recyclebank. Beyond Drawing: Creative Colored Pencil Art & Sculpture. From a very first look at these wonderfully detailed colored pencil sculptures by Jennifer Maestre, it should come as no surprise that her artwork was initially inspired by spiny sea urchins – beautiful be dangerous to the touch. For each sculpture, Jennifer hacks apart hundreds of colored pencils, cores them perpendicular to their length and turns them into beads, essentially, which she then meticulously stitches back together and slowly shapes into solid sculptures.

Though her beginnings were with creatures of the water, Jennifer quickly expanded her subject matter to cover other organic objects – from plants and flowers to house pets and more abstract animals. While some of her work has a planned form from the very beginning, other pieces morph and shift as they take shape into something completely unplanned but nonetheless compelling. Steven Spazuk soot-artist. Minjae Lee. Demersal by Luka Klikovac. The collection of the latest photos of the young artist Luka Klikovac represents an exiting and creative play of colored fluids. Through his camera lens he reveals realistic and tangible space where wondrous motions of strange forms occur, thereby creating psychedelic effects. The author is fascinated with the diversity of surreal depths and spaces created by unpredictable laws of motion of colored fluids.

MAIN : Marion Bolognesi. Alicè. Gallery of artist artworks.