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Facebook Twitter by Jamie Keddie Stereotypes Archives - Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. FreedomWriters. EnglishCentral. Breaking News English Lessons: Easy English News Materials | Current Events | ESL Materials. English news and easy articles for students of English. Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plan on Bush Fires. Special firefighting airplanes from across Europe have arrived in Portugal to help fight more than twenty out-of-control wildfires. The fires are the worst to hit the region in more than 60 years. They are racing through woodland, which is very dry. Strong winds are fanning the flames and increasing the risks to firefighters. Nearly 3,000 firefighters are battling to contain the fires and prevent them from destroying property and homes. They are being stretched to their limits and need urgent help.

Coimbra, the nation’s third largest city, narrowly escaped the fires on Tuesday. Flames reached the edge of the city and the population of 100,000 prepared to evacuate. 1. 2. 3. Wildfires / Portugal / woodland / strong winds / firefighters / being stretched to your limits / narrow escapes / flames / high temperatures / droughts / reservoirs Have a chat about the topics you liked. 4. 5.

Homework Struggling with money Exercise Stressful situations Relationships Neighbors Examinations Other 1. 2. Home. Sesame Street | Preschool Games, Videos, & Coloring Pages. TEABBA. ABC Online Indigenous - TV & Video - All Video. StarTalk. — Australia’s #1 news site.

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Why I love football? Transcript If the listening was a bit difficult, you can listen and read the transcript at the same time. Hi, I’m Niyati from Mumbai, India, and I have been playing football since I was 8 years old. To me, football is more than a sport. It's my life. This is my little room in Mumbai. Oh... and my Coldplay poster So my brother and I would watch the Premier League matches at home. And he always supported Arsenal and I always supported Manchester Utd. I love football because I feel the sport is a perfect balance of mental and physical fitness.

And if I play a few times in a week with my friends, you know...not anything really serious, I have a great time. Football has its own language. Say hi... hello I have a great club team. We've just qualified for the quarter-finals and we're on our way for a match and I'm so excited! Natasha say hi Ah - it's a little squirrel Hi What's up! And that's why I love football because it's a sport made for the whole universe.

We lost. And there's the mark! Vocabulary Task. Scholastic News Online ® Home - CBBC Newsround. Pitara Kids Network. Sans titre. DOGO News - Kids news articles! Kids current events; plus kids news on science, sports, and more! Learn English - Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking, Exercises, Lessons. Home. VOA News. VOA - Voice of America English News. CNN - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News. Home.

BBC Learning English - Learning English. Student News. Time For Kids. TEABBA. Australia Network - Passport to English - IELTS Speaking Test. The Speaking Test is the fourth test in IELTS. It follows the Listening, Reading and Writing tests, usually in the afternoon of the test day. The Speaking Test is an interview and lasts between 11 and 14 minutes. Part 1 lasts approximately four to five minutes. Part 2 is between three and four minutes and includes the one minute preparation time. The last part, Part 3, is approximately four to five minutes. The 3 parts are constructed to cover a range of language features - verb tenses (present, past and future, active/passive); functions (explaining, describing, suggesting, predicting, narrating, comparing); and grammatical structures (cause/effect, reason, conditionals and comparatives).

For more information on IELTS: For more information on Speaking Criteria (Public Version): [pdf] StarTalk. ABC Radio Australia. : ressources audiovisuelles, vidéos pédagogiques libres de droits. Parcours Avenir. News Roundup - The English Magazine. Yes, you can learn English. - Simple English News. Calgary | Learning English With CBC Calgary. Behind the News. Teaching Kids NewsTeaching Kids News - Readable, teachable news. Here There Everywhere  - News for Kids.

LA Youth » Archives. Scholastic News Online ® Coke’s Recipe - ESL Resources for Students & Teachers - Simple English News. Listen here Lemon and coke. Courtesy of Has the secret formula of the world’s most popular soft drink been uncovered? A radio show called This American Life reported on its website that it has discovered the original recipe for Coca-Cola. Coke, however, told the ABC television network that its original recipe had not been found. Coca-cola was first sold in 1888. It is now served in over 200 countries.

Words to uncover: to reveal, to bring to light, to discover. Click here for information on copyright permission!