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Project Read, your AI Co-Teacher for the Science of Reading. Sign In. Pete the Cat Books | Activity Books. Pete the Cat Songs & Animated Videos. Clifford . Adventure Stories. Storyline Online - Home. Reading IQ: Thousands of Digital Books for Kids 2-12. Storyline Online - Home. Storyline Online - Home. Language Arts Games | Spelling & Reading Comprehension | Toy Theater. Reading Websites and Apps. The Power of Magnets - Raz-Plus. Guided Reading Lesson Preteach the Vocabulary Story Wordsattracts, code, current, electricity, force, generators, invisible, magnetism, repel Premade vocabulary lessons at Use of vocabulary lessons requires a subscription to Teach the Objectives All Worksheets Reading Strategy Use the reading strategy of summarizing to understand text Comprehension Identify main ideas and supporting details in an informational text Phonics Identify long /i/ (as in -ight) word family Grammar and Mechanics Identify and use commas in a series Word Work Arrange words in alphabetical order Think, Collaborate, Discuss Promote higher-order thinking for small groups or whole class Assessment Resources.

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Phonics. Phonics. Phonics. Main Idea. Phonological Awareness. Welcome_pgo. Congratulations on selecting PebbleGo from Capstone. PebbleGo is an award winning pre-K to grade 3 database for reading and research. Your PebbleGo database includes built-in reading and research tools for emerging readers. Leveled text, educational games, and multimedia help teach concepts to your youngest researchers.

The PebbleGo databases make learning and improving reading and research skills fun, building on children’s interest. Follow the links below to find information you will need to access the PebbleGo database(s) you’ve subscribed to. Thank you for choosing PebbleGo. Sincerely, The Capstone PebbleGo Team. Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events. TumbleBooks - eBooks for eKids!

Storytime Online – 100+ Free Video Read Alouds | Ready To Read. IndyPL Homepage Search The Catalog My Account More Online Reading: These Video Read Alouds are brought to you by some of our awesome literacy partners: TwitterFacebookEmailGoogle BookmarksStumbleUponDeliciousGoogle+LinkedInBlinklistPrintShare783 49 thoughts on “Storytime Online – 100+ Free Video Read Alouds” Hey Cathy – We just updated Bears Snores on to a read aloud video of the author herself reading the whole story aloud.

Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Top AddToAny. Free Books & Children’s Stories Online | StoryJumper. Reading and Writing | Learn about Make Predictions. ReadWorks. Onset/Rime Games. GenieBooks in PowerPoint. GenieBooks in PowerPoint Decodable books for beginning readers Lad and the Fat Cat. Introduces short a; requires only consonants and glue words. Lad wants to take a nap on his mat but someone is already there and she won't move. Maybe his growls will convince her she needs to find her own mat. Ants in a Can. Short a practice; requires only consonants and glue words. Ann wants ants for her ant farm, but they're biting her! Lad Is Sick. Poor Lad--he feels bad. Elf in the Tent.

Jan gets a new tent, and she plans a campout with Dad. Pig in a Bag. Tim is finally having his tenth birthday. A Hot Spot. It sure is a hot day. Scat Jumps. Scat is taking a nice nap on the trampoline until Jess comes along. Kids and Pets at Camp. What a fun place to go, a camp where you can bring your pet! Chips for the Chicks.

It is lunch time and Mom lets the kids eat outside. The Crash in the Shed. Ben and Jess can't make up their minds whether to fish or collect shells. The Thing on the Path. The Train Trip. ReadWorks. Passages with Text-Dependent Questions. Skip to main content <div id="nojs-warning">WARNING: Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display</div> Sign InRegister The Solution to Reading Comprehension Search form ReadWorks Passages with Text-Dependent Questions Share now! Print Kindergarten "Traffic Lights" Lexile: 300 "Racing Cars Can Go! " "The Longest and Shortest Days" Lexile: 350 "Singing Time" Non-Prose 1st Grade "Terrific Toucans" Lexile: 560 "William's Windmill" Lexile: 410 "Music in Your Ear" Lexile: 470 "Jumping Grasshoppers" Lexile: 620 2nd Grade "Stuck in the Icy Ocean" Lexile: 520 "Oceans, Rivers, and Lakes" Lexile: 580 "Moka the Little Golden Dog" Lexile: 710 "When Will We Have Flying Cars?

" 3rd Grade "Bug Power" Lexile: 530 "The Ants and the Grasshopper" Lexile: 750 "A New Tail" Lexile: 560 "A Dodgy Call" Lexile: 550 4th Grade "When Trees Get Thirsty" Lexile: 740 "Antibiotics: Use Them Wisely" Lexile: 800 "The What and Who of Elections" Lexile: 940 "Buried Treasure" Lexile: 820 5th Grade "Yawn! " 6th Grade 7th Grade. K-12 Social Studies Articles. Skip to main content <div id="nojs-warning">WARNING: Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display</div> Sign InRegister The Solution to Reading Comprehension Search form ReadWorks K-12 Social Studies Articles Share now!

Print Kindergarten "City Life and Country Life"Lexile: 240 "The Liberty Bell"Lexile: 190 "A Community of People"Lexile: 130 "Getting Water from a Well"Lexile: 350 "The First Americans"Lexile: 240 1st Grade "Three Symbols of the United States"Lexile: 530 "What Is a Memorial? " "Let Freedom Ring"Lexile: 580 "Learn About Maps"Lexile: 490 "What Is a Crossing Guard? " 2nd Grade "This Is North America" Lexile: 650 "Making Butter, Long Ago and Today" Lexile: 580 "The United States Constitution" Lexile: 660 "The Three Branches of Government" Lexile: 740 "How Countries Solve Problems"Lexile: 540 3rd Grade "Excerpt from 'Meet the Ologist - Laurel Kendall'" Lexile: 950 "What's the Big Idea about Anthropology? "The Old Stone House" Lexile: 770 "Oral Histories" Lexile: 900 4th Grade 5th Grade.

Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events. Epic! - Read Amazing Children's Books - Unlimited Library Including Flat Stanley, Scaredy Squirrel, Batman, and Many Others. One More | An online library helping pre-readers and early readers learn to read. Unite for Literacy library. Lexia Reading CORE5. Super "e"!!!!!!!!! (hip children's song by Mark D. Pencil) CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) Words Worksheets and Resources. SUPER WHY! Ict games. Kids@Random. Cookie ™ | Learning Games for Kids | Kids Online Games for Elementary School. 12 Empowering Children's Books To Add To Little Girls' Bookshelves. The books we read as children can have a huge impact on the weird humans we eventually become.

Our beliefs, aspirations, and morals can all be attributed to the colorful pages we excitedly soaked in during our youth. So, whether you're buying a book for a friend's child, your own child, or for yourself (because why not? We would), make it a piece of literature that sustains and empowers women. Because, well, those little messages go a long way. Here are 12 children's books we think every young girl should have: 1. Wearing tiger-print pajama pants on the first of school? 2. It's important to know that one can love baseball, roll around in the mud, and ride a bike, all while wearing a sparkly crown. 3.

Oh, Madeline. 4. It’s not often that girls are depicted as having burning passions towards history... 5. This is a beautifully illustrated book about a (very) little girl who transforms her flaws into talents. 6. 7. 8. This catalogue of inspirational women belongs on every kid’s bookshelf. Sheppard Software: Fun free online learning games and activities for kids. Phonics Software for Key Stage 1 and 2 from Big Brown Bear. Reading Fun, Grades K-2. Free Printable Phonics Worksheets. Reading Planet | Read Along Stories and Songs. Welcome to Berenstain Bears Country - The Official Berenstain Bears Website. Long long time ago: stories for children. Speakaboos - Kids' Stories, Songs, Games, Educational Activities for Children.

Children's Storybooks Online - Stories for Kids of All Ages. Guided Reading and Reading Games with Roy the Zebra. CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) Words Worksheets and Resources. | Kids Educational Computer Games & Activities. Clifford Interactive Storybooks Home. Book Adventure | Free Reading Program. Kids' Games, Animals, Photos, Stories, and More. PBS KIDS. Storynory, Free Audio Stories for Kids.

Storyline Online. Starfall's Learn to Read with phonics. Big Universe Learning - Write Picture Books, Book Responses, Reports, and More Online. Chateau Meddybemps. Try It Out - HearBuilder Phonological Awareness. Raz Kids. Home. Trash Mountain.