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Irish pubs could become work hubs in post-pandemic plan. Reddit investors adopt 3,500 gorillas in six days. Budget 2021: Million more set to pay income tax by 2026. The $7,500 universal basic income experiment - BBC Reel. Exploitation. 1.


Historical Accounts of Exploitation Although the term “exploitation” appears not to have been used to describe unfair advantage-taking prior to the 19th century, there are nevertheless extensive discussions of the themes and problems that characterize contemporary discussions of exploitation in the history of philosophy. Those themes include the notion of justice and injustice in economic exchange, the role of labor in the creation of value, and the justification and abuse of private property, especially in capital and land. 1.1 Pre-Marxian Accounts of Exploitation and Unjust Trade.

Mastercard to push up fees for UK purchases from EU. Why the Swedes love doing something that Americans hate - BBC Reel. BBC Reel goes beyond the headlines to see how the Nordic countires are getting their work-life balance correct.

Why the Swedes love doing something that Americans hate - BBC Reel

Why the Swedes love paying their taxesSweden has some of the world's highest taxes, so why is the taxman so popular with the Swedes? HumansThe Nordic queen with freedom to roamSweden celebrates the right to roam in the country’s nature, and women embrace the tradition alone.Watch now. 'New York is not dead, but it is on life support' EU firms refuse UK deliveries over Brexit tax changes. Covid exercise: 'I'll never go back to the gym again' Plane crash deaths rise in 2020 despite Covid pandemic.

Tech Tent: Is Tesla really worth $500 billion? Venture Capital Method Explained. Brexit: What is the 'no-deal' Australia option? US 2020 election: The economy under Trump in six charts. Claim: President Trump says he built the greatest ever US economy prior to the coronavirus outbreak.

US 2020 election: The economy under Trump in six charts

He claims to have generated historic economic growth, record low unemployment, and lifted millions of Americans out of poverty - and he says he will do it all again if re-elected. 'For me whale meat is my childhood, my memories' As coronavirus devastates the travel industry, whalers in Norway are reaping the rewards of a national staycation.

'For me whale meat is my childhood, my memories'

"For me whale meat is my childhood, my memories," says Frode Revke, as he sorts through a pile of white Norwegian cheese. "Even my mother's spaghetti bolognese was whale meat. The first time I went to Italy I was so disappointed, it tasted of nothing! " Frode runs Ost & Sant, a deli selling traditional food in the heart of Oslo. China debt dogs Maldives' 'bridge to prosperity' Image copyright Anbarasan Ethirajan/BBC For years Aminat Waheeda drove her taxi along the narrow lanes and congested roads of the Maldives capital looking for passengers.

China debt dogs Maldives' 'bridge to prosperity'

The most lucrative fares - airport arrivals - were out of reach. The airport serving Male is on a different island and a speedboat was needed to get between the two. In 2018, that all changed, as did Ms Waheeda's life. Coronavirus: Could UK adopt German pay top-up scheme? Image copyright EPA Unlike the UK, the Germans didn't have to invent a job support programme from scratch when the pandemic struck: they already had one oven-ready.

Coronavirus: Could UK adopt German pay top-up scheme?

While British companies were getting to grips with the novelty of furloughing workers at the government's expense, their German counterparts simply fell back on a tried and tested scheme. Now, while UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak is insisting that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will not continue past October, Germany is extending its Kurzarbeit job subsidy measures until the end of 2021. Coronavirus: Can I work from home overseas? Image copyright Getty Images Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, more of us have been getting used to working from home.

Coronavirus: Can I work from home overseas?

With social distancing measures still in force, some companies have suggested workers may not be back in the office until 2021. What are negative interest rates? News BBC News Navigation Sections Connected World Global Education Economy.

What are negative interest rates?

Unilever: Ice cream in, personal hygiene out in lockdown. Image copyright Getty Images People working from home have been eating more ice cream but neglecting their grooming habits, consumer goods giant Unilever has suggested.

Unilever: Ice cream in, personal hygiene out in lockdown

The firm said ice cream sales leapt 26% in the three months to June, but demand for shampoo and deodorant fell. It said it had seen strong "growth in home consumption of foods, ice cream and tea" during lockdown. But there had been "fewer personal care occasions from going to work or socialising". However, it said sales of some cleaning products, such as hand sanitiser, had soared as people stepped up efforts to battle Covid-19. Coronavirus Is Proving We Need More Resilient Supply Chains. Executive Summary Despite the impact of disasters like the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima, Japan, many multinationals still have not built resilient supply chains.

Coronavirus Is Proving We Need More Resilient Supply Chains

That lesson is being brought home by the coronavirus epidemic, which has disrupted supplies from China and is now spreading to other parts of the world. How the Dutch are reshaping their post-pandemic utopia - BBC Reel. Coronavirus: What is a recession? Coronavirus: Shopping may never be the same, says M&S. Image copyright Getty Images Customers "may never shop the same way again" after the coronavirus crisis, Marks and Spencer's boss has said. "Whilst some customer habits will return to normal, others have changed forever," Steve Rowe said. The pandemic has driven several changes, including a shift to online, customers cooking more from scratch and buying more casual clothing. Coronavirus: Boris Johnson unveils alert system for England. Coronavirus: What shape will the recession be? Image copyright Getty Images Even though countries are now moving towards easing lockdown restrictions, the coronavirus pandemic has already hit the global economy hard.

Millions of people are out of work, financial markets have been rocked, and supply chains have faced major disruption as factories around the world have closed. The world is braced for recession even after governments and central banks have pumped trillions of dollars into their economies and slashed interest rates. "How bad will it be? " and "How soon will we recover? " Coronavirus: One thing that makes job loss in US so painful. News BBC News Navigation Sections Previous Next Media player Media playback is unsupported on your device One thing that makes job loss in US so painful Video Coronavirus: One thing that makes job loss in US so painful More than 20 million Americans have lost their jobs in the last few weeks and for many that also means losing health insurance. Susan Kent became unemployed when the theatre she worked at closed because of coronavirus, leaving her uninsured. Italy’s coronavirus lockdown puts restaurants out of business.

News BBC News Navigation Sections Previous Next Media player Media playback is unsupported on your device. Coronavirus: Belgians urged to eat more chips by lockdown-hit potato growers. Virus could push half a billion people into poverty. Image copyright Getty Images. Coronavirus: A visual guide to the economic impact. Was Tulip Mania really the first great financial bubble? Image copyright Getty Images. The simple maths error that can lead to bankruptcy - BBC Worklife. German economy barely grows at end of 2019. Image copyright AFP/GETTY IMAGES. How McDonald's revolutionised business. What happens when we're too old to be 'useful'? Image copyright Getty Images "I customarily killed old women. They all died, there by the big river. How Fractional Reserve Banking Works - Quickonomics. Fractional reserve banking is a banking system in which banks only hold a fraction of the money their customers’ deposit as reserves.

The Four Different Types of Money - Quickonomics. In economics, money is defined as a generally accepted medium of exchange for goods and services. Virtually anything can be considered money, as long as it performs what we call the three major functions of money (i.e., medium of exchange, store of value, unit of account). The woman who paid $250,000 to go into space. Ketty Maisonrouge has waited 15 years for a trip that she knows will be out of this world. Why airlines make flights longer on purpose - BBC Worklife. How much do you spend on a night out?

Can governments ever run out of money? Why we need to debunk the 'deficit myth' Macron pension reform: Why are French workers on strike? Can you charge different customers different amounts? 'Global epidemic' of childhood inactivity. General election 2019: How do government finances work? 'Why economists get things wrong' General election 2019: How much tax do British people pay? Should workers be allowed to nap at work? Why US tech giants are putting billions into housing. General election 2019: What are the challenges for the UK's economy? The Meritocracy Trap: How America’s Foundational Myth Feeds Inequality, Dismantles the Middle Class, and Devours the Elite. The WeWork debacle should be an indictment of modern finance. What prohibition's failure means for the legalisation of cannabis. Here Comes the Trump Slump. US economy under Trump: Is it the greatest in history? 'The devil's excrement': How did oil become so important? What is the UK's inflation rate?

Why the Fed's interest rate move matters. ‘My boss lets me set my own salary’ Exchange rates: Why is the pound getting weaker? 'Costs soar at hotel of mum and dad' Dukes, aristocrats and tycoons: Who owns Scotland? Lime and soda? No thanks, say non-drinkers. Are markets signalling that a recession is due? Why smartphones are no longer driving the search for 'blue gold' What is the UK's GDP? Traditional TV viewing holds off streaming, Ofcom reveals. A town of 800 people that gets 1m tourists a year.

How the 2019 coffee crisis might affect you. This is the No 1 most expensive city in the world its NOT in the US. Robots 'to replace up to 20 million factory jobs' by 2030. Brexit shutdown slashes UK car production by 45% Does GDP tell the whole economic story? Could your firm move to a four-day week? Canada's Viola Desmond note wins international banknote competition. World is angry and stressed, Gallup report says. Coffee not essential for life, Swiss government says. European MPs vote to end summer time clock changes. Raghuram Rajan says capitalism is 'under serious threat' Trump doesn't understand economics, says former Fed chair Janet Yellen. Finland basic income trial left people 'happier but jobless' Did Finland's basic income experiment work?

San Jose apartment rents for $1,500 to two cats. Here’s How America Uses Its Land. The Germans solving rising rents with people power. Payless fools influencers with a fake store - CNN. Drug and suicide deaths rise as US life expectancy drops.