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How To Make Strawberries for Picking. Which was my starting point.

How To Make Strawberries for Picking

What you need: Apple/Apfel (Tutorial) Hallo, heute zeige ich Euch, wie man einen Apfel näht.

Apple/Apfel (Tutorial)

(Ich geb's zu, ich bin ein großer Twilight-Fan ;o)) Was man alles braucht:eine Stück (roten) Stoff (Ich hab Fleece benutzt, aber anderer Stoff geht auch)Faden und NähzubehörBastelwattefalls zur Hand, rotes Stickgarn (ansonsten geht auch der Faden aus der Nähmaschine)ein Stückchen grünen und braunen Filzeine Heißklebepistole 1. Man fängt an mit einem kleinen Ball aus dem roten Stoff. Eine Anleitung und ein Schnittmuster kann man hier finden. Ich habe meines etwas größer gemacht, aber das liegt ganz an euch, welche Größe ihr nehmt. Mein Stickgarm passt nicht ganz genau zum meinem roten Fleece, aber das macht nichts. I Heart Fake Food - Felt Grape Tutorial. Supplies needed:Purple felt (varying shades) Fiber fill Needle and thread Green pipe cleaner Cut approximately 33 circles, with a 2 inch diameter.

I Heart Fake Food - Felt Grape Tutorial

To create your grape, do a running stitch along the edge of the circle. Continue around the entire circle. Felt fruit salad tutorial. I love fruit salads because they are so colourful and bright, but sadly I don’t like a lot of the fruits that go in them (I am very picky!)

Felt fruit salad tutorial

So I decided to make a felt fruit salad! I can look at all the pretty colours and not have to eat any of it!! Perfect!! Download the pattern sheet here, it has the patterns for all the fruits on it. How to make the apples pieces. Translate. Felt Cherries. How to Sew a Toy Peelable Banana Out of Felt. To sew a felt banana with a double-sided removable peel, you need cream colored felt (2 sheets, or 1/8 yard if buying by the yard) and yellow colored felt (1 sheet, or 1/8 yard).

How to Sew a Toy Peelable Banana Out of Felt

A small amount of stuffing or polyfill will also be needed to stuff your felt banana. You also need two pattern pieces: one banana-shaped and curved, the other straight. This is a simple pattern to draw and cut out yourself. Use sturdy paper or flimsy cardstock (like a cereal box) to cut out your pattern. To use the pattern, either trace it onto the felt, or pin it to the felt and cut around it. To sew the banana, cut two of the curved pattern pieces out of your cream felt. When sewing your banana, be sure to leave a 1-inch gap for turning, and to reinforce the stitching on either side of the gap. To make the banana peel, start by cutting 3 of the straighter pattern piece out of each color of felt.

Remember to leave a gap toward the bottom of one of your seams. Diy Felt Cherry. Freestrawberries.pdf (application/pdf-object) Felt Food Apricot Tutorial. Monday Project - Felt Grapes. As you can hopefully tell by the opening photo, this week I added a bunch of grapes to my felt food project.

Monday Project - Felt Grapes

And my basket is filling up! If you're new to this project see week 1 here and week 2 here. Materials: *felt - purple or green (depending on what color of grapes you want to make), green, and brown *embroidery thread - purple, green, and brown *fiber fill *patterns found here 1. Using the patterns, cut 18 grape circles, 4 leaves, and one 1-inch by 3-inch rectangle of brown. Felt Fruit- Pear with template and tutorial. Hi Fellow Crafters Keeping with my class theme - foods we eat, I came up with a pattern for a pear.

Felt Fruit- Pear with template and tutorial

My youngest squealed with joy when he saw the couple I made and promptly went to fetch his shopping basket from the toy room to "purchase" the newly made pears. Needless to say I was thrilled that he liked them and promptly designed an apple to go with the pears- but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that template ;-) OK, so let's get started with the HOW TO: 1. Cut out the pieces using the pattern at the end of the how to. Playfood Watermelon. Sesame Seed Designs. I’ve been making a ton of felt food to give to little Sesame for Easter. She loves playing with her toy kitchen but she doesn’t have any food to play with! That needs to change. There are lots of great pictures and some free patterns for felt food on the internet (as well as a ton of awesome patterns you can buy.)’

I’ll share all the resources I used, and show you all the cute food I’ve made, once I get it all finished. Apples, a tutorial. Rescued from mamantattoo website, december 2009 Yes, I'm still making felt food.

Apples, a tutorial

No break for me! (well, this can be count as one, I guess) This weekend I made 5 delicious-looking apples, including one that can be cut. Now, for those coming over from Kimba's and missed my 4 felt food links I add last week to the DIY day, you need to know that I'm making LOTS and LOTS of playfood for my 16month old daughter, for the Play Kitchen I'm slowly making for her, for Christmas.

Felt Fruit- Apple with template and tutorial. Hi Fellow Crafter's Back with the promised apple pattern and tutorial.

Felt Fruit- Apple with template and tutorial

OK straight onto the How To: 1. Cut out the apple pieces using the pattern below the how to 2. Sew the two pieces together along the sides of the apple leaving the top and bottom straight edges open. A farwell to felt food. Well, it's not a complete farewell . . . it's more of a "see you in a couple of weeks".

a farwell to felt food

But the end of April brought with it the end of my ninth craft till Christmas - all foods felt. Monday Project - Felt Strawberries. I have a surprise project started! Little c is coming down to Phoenix for Thanksgiving and I'm working on something for her to play with that involves making quite a bit of felt food. I can't tell you what it is yet since her mom and dad read the blog, but I can give you the tutorials for the food as I get it designed. This weekend I made strawberries. Materials: *red and green felt *red, green, and light tan embroidery thread *fiberfill stuffing *patterns found here.

Felt Strawberries. Here are the free tutorials and full size pattern for making your own felt strawberries. Stitch french knots all over your strawberry. Fold the strawberry in half & sew the sides together. Stitch around the edge of the strawberry leaving both threads end loose. Step by step DIY felt Watermelon slice. 1.Cut felt. 2.Overlap the red and white felts together,and sew the seeds in place. Step by step DIY felt Cherry. 1. Cut a round felt. 2. Running stitch along the edge.