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Lime yogurt cake with blackberry sauce

Lime yogurt cake with blackberry sauce
Seeing as I can’t get enough of those I Don’t Need A Special Occasion To Make Cake Cakes and also those Of Course You Can Stop By At The Last Minute (psst, ’cause I’d already made some cake) Cakes, I am clearly long overdue to make a classic French yogurt cake. I first learned about yogurt cakes nearly five years ago from Clotilde; they’re perfect anytime-of-day cakes (bless the French for understanding the utmost importance of this), not too sweet, fluffy and perfect just from the oven or wrapped in plastic for a day or two, as the corners soften. Most people don’t measure them — the math is based on the volume of your yogurt cups (they use two), to which you add an equal amount of sugar, a double amount of flour, a little less than one of oil, two eggs and some leavener and flavors. Those flavors are usually gentle things, like a bit of lemon zest, or vanilla, a splash of rum or maybe a handful of berries. Make the cake: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Related:  fruit desserts

Nutella Pound Cake So, I posted a healthy recipe yesterday and it is against everything I believe in to post 2 healthy recipes in a row. That would just be wrong. And Healthy. Yuck. We made this Nutella pound cake a couple weeks ago. By the way has anyone tried this? Here is what you’ll need Combine the eggs and vanilla In a separate bowl combine the flour, baking powder and salt Cream the butter and sugar Add the eggs Add the flour in three batches Spread 1/3 of the batter and top with 1/2 of the nutella Repeat above step Top with remaining batter and swirl with a butter knife Resist all temptations and let it cool before devouring Pound cake is a breakfast food, right? Nutella Pound Cake Ingredients 1 ½ cups flour, plus more for dusting 4 large eggs, at room temperature 2 tsp. vanilla paste ¾ tsp. baking powder ¼ tsp. salt 2 sticks unsalted butter, softened 1 ¼ cups sugar 1 13-ounce jar Nutella Instructions Preheat oven to 325°F. Adapted from Food & Wine livelovepasta

Kitchen Experiments: First Attempt at Macarons! | Apartment Ther Previous image Next image Almond macarons sandwiched with dark chocolate ganache I've been wanting to try my hand at macarons for quite some time now. • Macaron Tutorial from Bakerella - the full recipe is at the bottom of the page For my step-by-step process, click through the photo slide show above. • Ignore any ingrained fears of leaving eggs at room temperature. One thing you definitely have to get over when making macarons is a fear of leaving eggs at room temperature. I'm not going to lie - my egg whites definitely had an odd odor. • The whole process of making macarons takes about an hour, which is totally doable on a weekend or even a weeknight. The actual process of making the macarons was way easier than I'd built it up to be in my mind. • Do the knife test to tell when the batter is ready. After you whip the aged egg whites and fold them into the almond flour-powdered sugar mixture, it can be a little hard to know when the batter is actually ready. • Believe in the macaron

Berry Sauce Recipe See Where You've Been! Quickly and easily find items you've viewed. Recipes, decorating ideas, gardening tips and more will all appear right here! We'll list where you've been so you can easily find them again. Start Now Save Your Favorites! Quick and easy way to save and access decorating ideas, recipes, gardening tips - all in one spot! Save Now apple cider doughnuts I have never met a variety of deep-fried dough I didn’t like. Yet, given that most doughy fried items out there are rather mediocre* — say, the chain donut shop steps from my apartment — I don’t find myself indulging this habit as often as I’d like. The exception to this rule is apple cider doughnuts, which I am absolutely weak in the face of. Despite the fact that even the loveliest looking ones at the farm stands tend to disappoint, I eat them anyway. Because it’s fall and crunching through ochre-tinted leaves, wrapping your fingers around a paper cup of mulled cider and eating even lackluster apple cider doughnuts is the right and proper thing to do. Or it was. Okay, fine. Or maybe he will. Back to the doughnuts. * My Favorite New York Doughnuts: People often ask me for local eating recommendations but I always dodge these questions because restaurant reviewing, dissecting and generally telling people where to spend their hard-earned money is so not my bag.

Cherry Cornmeal Upside-Down Cake If the question is “Why on earth would anyone stand around and pit a pound and a half of cherries”, then the answer is this cake. I don’t really care how many cherries I would have to pit, I would do it happily, willingly, and with great anticipation if, in the end, it meant I could eat this. Oh, is this cake ever good. And I do mean good. So good that someone (not me, I swear)) may or may not have eaten 4 pieces the day I made it. I’ll admit to eating 2 pieces and wanting more very badly, but using unusual restraint because I also very badly wanted some for breakfast the next morning. You will be glad to hear that this cake is quite easy to make, and once you have your cherries pitted (which really isn’t hard if you have a pitter ), it all goes together very easily. all coated with that lovely syrup, making your batter which is spread over the top of the cherries and then tossing the whole thing in the oven. right in the skillet. so heavenly. Don’t let this happen to you.

Muffins à la crème de marron et sa chantilly parfumée à la crème Il fait beau , le ciel est tout bleu , les jonquilles sont en fleurs ...le printemps arrive ! ...Du coup , ça m'a donné envie de faire des muffins ! ...Et comme j'adore la crème de marron, je me suis dit : pourquoi pas faire des muffins avec de la crème de marron ? Ca ne doit pas être mauvais ! Ma base pour la pâte est la même que pour mes autres muffins (on ne change pas une recette qui gagne !) Ingrédients pour 10 gros muffins 150 g de sucre en poudre 2 oeufs 200 g de farine 1 sachet de levure chimique 1 yaourt 120g de beurre rhum85 g de crème de marron ( clément faugier pour moi) Battre les oeufs avec le sucre et faire blanchir le mélange. Faire fondre le beurre au micro-onde 1 min30 puissance mini et l'ajouter à la préparation . Séparer la pâte en 2 et conserver une moitié pour la version coeur de crème de marron! Dans cette moitié de pâte , ajouter 85 grammes de crème de marron (j'ai utilisé une petite gourde (comme les compotes à boire!) ingrédents : Dressage :

Super Easy Mini Cherry Cheesecakes I made these cute little treats for my grandfather’s 84th birthday. He has a little bit of a sweet tooth. So I thought he’d love these. Here’s the recipe: 2 pkg. of (8oz.) cream cheese, softened to room temperature 3/4 cup sugar 3 eggs 1 Tbsp vanilla 1 Tbsp lemon juice Mix. vanilla wafers 2″ aluminum mini baking cups Cherry Pie Filling Place a vanilla wafer in each mini baking cup. Spoon approximately 3 Tbsp of cream cheese mixture over each wafer. pumpkin swirl brownies When I first saw this recipe on the homepage of last month, my first thought was “ooh, how perfectly fall!” but then a second later, “wait, this can’t be right.” I mean, chocolate and pumpkin together? I have to admit, it sounds off to me. In my overly-analytical head, pumpkin goes with nutmeg and cinnamon and ground ginger and pecans and bourbon and cream cheese and gingersnaps; chocolate, however, goes with a whole different slew of things, like scraped vanilla beans and walnuts or mint or peanut butter or cream cheese and maybe occasionally some chipotle powder. And then? Well, everyone but me. One year ago: Pumpkin Bread Pudding Deb and Alex went to Paris and all I got were these lousy brownies! Pumpkin-Swirl Brownies Adapted from Martha Stewart Living 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.