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Ob_c0a189289ba735244b3ed09ccdcd8d32_accessoires-45. Popsicle Stick Bracelets. So I was looking through my vintage craft book collection and ran across a 1970 Pack O’ Fun magazine.

Popsicle Stick Bracelets

They had instructions on how to take a simple popsicle stick and turn it into a bracelet. Les techniques de création de bijoux. Shrinky Bracelet. If you grew up in the 80's, like I did, you're probably already familiar with the awesomeness that is Shrinky Dinks...but did you know that you can still buy Shrinky Dinks?

Shrinky Bracelet

Yep, they're still out there - in craft stores, hobby shops, and even on Amazon. But you don't have to buy a Shrinky Dink kit to have all the fun. Just look for #6 plastic containers and you can make your own! There is a great tutorial on Instructables (courtesy of Dabbled) with all the instructions for making your own shrinky projects from #6 plastic containers, so I won't go into too much detail here. Most of this post is actually about turning these awesome little pieces of plastic into a sweet bracelet (and bonus pendant) to give to mom for Mother's Day. 1. Faire un bracelet Shamballa (technique du macramé) - Idées et conseils Perles et Bijoux. All the Techniques you need to bead.

Cabochon en verrre. Bijoux en perles : techniques et noeuds. Pour réaliser des bijoux en perles, aucune habileté particulière n’est requise.

Bijoux en perles : techniques et noeuds

Mais quelques conseils ne seront pas de trop pour te sentir à l’aise avec les fils, les noeuds et les tresses. Voici donc un petit panorama des techniques de base qui te permettront de mieux travailler et avec plus de sûreté (la technique de la tresse, du double fil, de la fleur, en étoile, et les noeuds). Tuto tableau papier. Bijoux en perles : techniques et noeuds. Creation de bijoux : nos conseils pour créer vos propres bijoux.

Friendship Bracelets. Macraméd friendship bracelets were all the rage when I was growing up in the eighties.

Friendship Bracelets

All the girls at my school would obsessively make them for one another in a dizzying variety of colors, widths, and patterns. It's amazing, thinking back, that such young girls could make such beautifully intricate accessories. I, of course, tried my hand at making them as well. I would ride my bike down to the five-and-dime store and pick out the most sophisticated color combinations of embroidery floss I could find, but when it came to the actual macramé I never got beyond plain stripes. There was nothing wrong with plain stripes, except that the other girls seemed so much more advanced with their diamonds and chevrons.

Introduction to Chainmail - Byzantine and Box Chain Maille Tutorials. Of all the chain maille weaves, the Byzantine or birdcage is perhaps one of the most attractive for jewelry.

Byzantine and Box Chain Maille Tutorials

It looks intricate but is actually one of the easiest to learn and there are many lovely variations. It's my favorite weave. You can mix metals or use colored metal for more visual interest as can be seen with this copper accented bracelet I made. Other options include adding beads to byzantine as you can see with the crackle beads on the left. If you like to learn how, here are the 8 steps needed to form the basic Byzantine which you then repeat to lengthen the chain. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

46 Ideas For DIY Jewelry You'll Actually Want To Wear. DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet. As the month of love approaches, we thought we’d combine friendship and hearts into one Valentine’s Day themed tutorial: a heart patterned friendship bracelet!

DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet

Using some candy-colored embroidery floss and your familiarity with the chevron friendship bracelet, you’ll be able to whip up one of these tokens of love in a heartbeat. You’ll need:2 colors of embroidery flossscissorstape or clipboard Creating a heart pattern involves just a simple modification to the chevron patterned friendship bracelet.

Start by cutting 4 strands of each color, at about 24 inches each, for a total of 8 strands. Alternate the thread colors before tying them together in a knot. Separate the threads into 2 sets, 2 of each color on each side. Start on the left side with the outermost strand (shown here in red) and make a forward knot by creating a 4-shape over the 2nd strand (shown here in blue), loop it under and back through the opening. Glue Gun Cabochons. Do you have any of these little silicon molds that you use with resin and clay? The one below is one of my favorites…. (Check out the cute bows, or stars, or letters!) Make an Anthropologie-Inspired Bead and Chain Necklace. Home » $1 and Free, Accessories, Fashion, Headline, Tutorials, Wearable Crafts 25 April 2011 35,139 views 15 Comments by rhonda When it comes to things I need to destash, costume jewelry is pretty high on the list.

I've been given a large quantity of it over the years, and I also keep an eye out for it at yard sales and estate sales. Glue Gun Cabochons. Bijoux en perles : techniques et noeuds. Faire un bracelet Shamballa (technique du macramé) - Idées et conseils Perles et Bijoux. D.I.Y TUTO BRACELET SHAMBALLA NOUVELLE VERSION RAPIDE ET FACILE ! Kumihimo. Cable Braided Necklace. Yesterday, I have been deep in thought while sizing a pattern, deadlines all looming and sooo much to do before the year's end.

Cable Braided Necklace

I have thought to share a great little technique with you. Something last minute that you can make for either a gift of for yourself! It's been cool, so having that tiny bit of precious cashmere caressing your neck certainly felt cosy. So here is what you would need: Time: 1.5-2hr (excluding drying time). 15-20 grams of Fingering or Sport weight yarn. Make sure to choose something delectable, tiny bit of cashmere, royal alpaca, merino or qiviut. Needle: US 4 (3.5 mm) Crochet hook C or D. Gauge: 6 sts and 7-8 rows in 1" over Stockinette stitch swatch Cabled Braids are made up by knitting 2 strips. 1st strip: Using needle and yarn CO 9 sts. 2nd strip: Using needle and yarn CO 9 sts. Step by Step Projects, Techniques, Tips, and Inspiration. Embroidery + Metal?

Here's something I've been noodling around with lately - embroidered metal discs!

Embroidery + Metal?

Wait - what? I bought a bag of these perforated beading discs a while back, intending to make some beaded pieces a la Miriam Haskell. Only I never quite got around to those, and eventually a different light bulb went on over my head. I could use the holes as embroidery guides! The resulting discs are so cute and easy to make, and lend themselves beautifully to lots of crafts. Sailor's Knot Bracelets. With fall days of colored leaves, chunky sweaters and spiced cider in our future, it’s just about time to pack up the beach gear until next year.

Sailor's Knot Bracelets

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be summer to rock these stylish (and easy to make) nautical bracelets. I’m Simone of Groundsel, and a member of Etsy New York Street Team team. Tsumami Kanzashi Flower Hair Clip. I have recently discovered these beautiful folded flowers, and I absolutely cannot stop making them.

Tsumami Kanzashi Flower Hair Clip

Tsumami Kanzashi are traditional Japanese folded flowers, made from small squares of silk, that are typically worn by women as hair ornaments in traditional hairstyles. They seem really complicated and intricate, and they can certainly be that if you really want; but it completely doesn't need to be! I love to make them out of cotton prints that are fun and bright, in addition to scraps of silk and other light fabrics.

Perfect Summer Bangle. Here's a fun tutorial on how to make a message bangle that's one-of-a-kind, done in the sun, waterproof and weatherproof. Even after several trips to the beach, it won't fade or wash off! Essentially, it's the Perfect Summer Bangle. Used in this tutorial: Inkodye Red Prepare. Easy Woven Wrap Bracelet. DIY Utility Rope Necklace. A couple summers ago, we stocked up on brass washers to make friendship necklaces. A year later, hex nuts became short in supply thanks to the hex nut bracelet.

Today we’re all about compression sleeves, which are conventionally used in plumbing but also make for the perfect component for these statement necklaces. Striking, colorful, and fun, this tutorial won’t be able to keep you too far away from your local hardware store! Instructional Beading Videos. Beads Baubles & Jewels. Beaducation: Hand stamped jewelry supplies, jewelry making tools. Daisy Chain basics Beads East. Lima Beads has Gemstone Beads, Metal, Czech Glass, CZ, Findings & Supplies! Lima Beads has Gemstone Beads, Metal, Czech Glass, CZ, Findings & Supplies! - Fusion Beads, bead, beading, sterling, seed be.

Whitelady Necklace. How to Make Jewelry for Everyone. Lovely Wire Knot Ring Tutorial. You can make this lovely ring (or a version of this design) yourself, using just some basic tools, wire and a lip balm!

Yes, in this tutorial I am going to demonstrate that just basic beginner tools and a wire from Michael’s can go a long way! Wouldn’t this ring make a great present?? For the purpose of this tutorial I am going to be using the very basic, cheap tools that are available almost everywhere. Woven Bracelet & Necklace. I’ve been itching to make myself some jewelry inspired by Aurélie Bidermann’s “Do Brasil” line.

Since I don’t have 300 Euros lying around, this looked like a design I could recreate on my own. I was primed to put together a DIY Tutorial for you all when I discovered that Honestly WTF had already done the honors. I picked up the gold necklace and the two bracelet chains from an antique shop for $5 a piece, and had the embroidery thread on hand.

Bracelets. Washer necklaces. We've been having a lot of fun this past year making these adorable washer necklaces. Anthro Knockoff ~ Sparkled Silk Wrap Bracelet. I am loving the look of all the layered and wrapped bracelets that are popular right now. How to Make Recycled Jewelry from a Leather Belt. Make a Friendship Bracelet the Easy Way. Rick Rack Rosettes. Woven Bracelet & Necklace. Utility Cord Bangle. Fishtail Braided Anchor Bracelet.

Pearly Dew Bracelet ∙ How To by Beads Unlimited. Day 3: Sparkle Headbands - a diy headband tutorial. DIY Chan Luu Bracelet « How to Make a Vase out of a Plastic Bottle: 8 steps. Diy {bird nest necklace} DIY — bracelet made from braided beads. DIY Chan Luu-Style Wrap Bracelet. How-To. Jewelry Making Classes Online at Beaducation: The Blog.

DIY Macrame Bracelet. DIY Gold Tube Bracelets. DIY Utility Rope Necklace. DIY Chainmail Necklace. How To Tuesday: My Sweet Josephine. Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial. Tutorial ~ Hanging Fabric Baskets Or Pockets.

How to Make Clothing Buttons from Shrink PlasticQuotes.