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Harry Potter

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19 Hilarious Harry Potter Comics. List of spells in Harry Potter. Spells Spells are listed here by their incantations (when known), with their vernacular names in parentheses.

List of spells in Harry Potter

Some spells have no known incantation – the only reference in the text is by an informal name, either because in its only appearance in the relevant book it was cast nonverbally, or because it was never depicted in the books, only mentioned. The majority of spells cast in duels between adult characters in all seven books appear nonverbally; only their effects can identify such spells. Accio (Summoning Charm) Pronunciation: Various suggestions have been made, including: /ˈæki.oʊ/ AK-ee-oh – film /ˈæksi.oʊ/ AK-see-oh – UK audio book and video game /ˈæsi.oʊ/ AS-see-oh – U.S. audio book /ˈætʃi.oʊ/ AT-chee-oh - Anglo-Catholic pronunciation Description: This charm summons an object to the caster, potentially over a significant distance.[2] Its opposite is the Banishing Charm.

Exclusive: Finished ‘Potter’? Rowling tells what happens next - Wild about Harry. If you found the epilogue of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” rather vague, then J.K.

Exclusive: Finished ‘Potter’? Rowling tells what happens next - Wild about Harry

Rowling achieved her goal. The author was shooting for “nebulous,” something “poetic.” She wanted the readers to feel as if they were looking at Platform 9¾ through the mist, unable to make out exactly who was there and who was not. “I do, of course, have that information for you, should you require it,” she told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira rather coyly in her first interview since fans got their hands on the final book. Ummm … yes, please! Why The Harry Potter Universe Is Secretly Terrifying. Harry-potter-anime.jpg (JPEG Image, 629x635 pixels) 13+ Photos From Awesome Harry Potter-Themed Weddings: Pics, Videos, Links, News. Harry Potter Stars Then and Now: Pics, Videos, Links, News. The Complete Harry Potter Series In Comic Book Form: Pics, Videos, Links, News. Sharpfish « The Harry Potter Companion. 20 Alcoholic Beverages Inspired By The Harry Potter Series: Pics, Videos, Links, News.


Dear Mr. Potter, Tattoos. Accio Quote! What JKR ways about her characters. Students at Hogwarts: Harry | Hermione | Ron | Neville | Other Hogwarts students Staff at Hogwarts: Dumbledore | Hagrid | McGonagall | Snape | Lupin | Other professors | Ghosts Other characters: Voldemort | Sirius Black | Peter Pettigrew | Godric Gryffindor Families: Potters | Weasleys | Malfoys | Blacks | Dursleys Organizations: Ministry of Magic | Order of the Phoenix | Death Eaters Miscellaneous: Ancestry | Names | Relationships | Death More summaries: Characters | Places | Wizarding World | Books 1-7 | Jo | Interviews of other people "in the know"

Accio Quote! What JKR ways about her characters

25 Bizarre Harry Potter Fan Art Pics. 7 Strange Ways Harry Potter is Now Real. The "Wizarding School" is at the center of the Harry Potter world.

7 Strange Ways Harry Potter is Now Real

Young witches and wizards go there to learn the ways of magic, as well as to make friends and join the larger magical community. It's also made the word "wizard" into a verb. But a school like this, with subjects like "Defense Against the Dark Arts" and "Potions," could only exist in the realm of fiction, right? I mean, no one in their right mind would actually try and posit that not only witch craft exists, but works, and should be taught to children, right? Wrong. A 68-year-old man named Oberon Zell-Ravenheart (note: this may not be his real name) has announced plans to open his own Wizard School, the Grey School of Wizardry, in California. Planned classes include Beastmastery, Alchemy, Wand-Making and Spell Casting. But Oberon insists that he's been a wizard for long before the Harry Potter craze, and that before people referred to him as "Dumbledore," it was just Merlin or Gandalf.

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