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Ultimate Guide to Content Curation: Getting Started, Tools, Workflow - Loyalistic Blog. Every professional should follow their space, right? That used to mean reading articles, going to seminars and talking with right people. You still do that. However as more and more content is now online, it also means reading blog posts and ebooks, watching videos and webinars, listening podcasts and following influencers on social media. Sharing good stuff used to be difficult, however it is now often just one or two click away. Collecting and sharing content is called Content Curation The process of collecting and sharing information is called Content Curation.

Content Curation may sounds like an advanced tactic best left for marketers and social media specialists. Marketers and social media specialists are experts in their field, and if that's not your business, they need experts and leaders to do the first round of curation to feed them while salespeople select what's relevant for their customers out of those two rounds.

You know what happens if you stop following your space? Feedly. It Can Take As Little As Thirty Seconds, Seriously. I talk about 90-second fact-checks and I think people think I’m a bit unhinged sometimes. What can students possibly do in that short amount of time that would be meaningful? A lot, actually. For example, this press release on some recent research was shared with me today: Now I want to re-share this with people, but I’d like to be a good net citizen as well. Good net citizens: Source-check what they shareShare from the best source possibleProvide source/claim context to people they share with when necessary To do that in this case we need to get to the source of the press release, on a site controlled by the American Psychological Association directly, and share that version of this. Literally thirty seconds, if you know how to do it: Select the headline, search on it.First result up is from, that looks promisingGo there, look to make sure it’s the same releaseSearch Wikipedia for the site address.

And you’re done. There’s really no excuse not to do this for things you share.