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Social analytics. SociO. Giving. Privacy concerns with social networking services. Social networking sites vary in the levels of privacy offered.

Privacy concerns with social networking services

For some social networking sites like Facebook, providing real names and other personal information is encouraged by the site(onto a page known as a ‘Profile‘). These information usually consist of birth date, current address, and telephone number(s). Some sites also allow users to provide more information about themselves such as interests, hobbies, favorite books or films, and even relationship status. However, there are other social network sites, such as, where most people prefer to be anonymous. Thus, linking users to their real identity can sometimes be rather difficult.

Modern Socio Paths. Social Connect. Big Data. 06harbaughejfall10.pdf. Techno narcissism — Minority Reports. Delusions about social media Looking at media coverage of Edward Snowden’s allegations, what is surprising is not their content, but that we are shocked by the close links between Silicon Valley companies and state intelligence agencies.

Techno narcissism — Minority Reports

Our dismay suggests that we have credulously accepted the fairy-tale reporting of firms like Facebook and Google as ‘tech’ or ‘social media’ outfits rather than seeing them for what they really are: intelligence gathering, manipulation and sales corporations. Using Google as our example here, let’s have a closer look at why we have deluded ourselves about what to expect from it. Google is no more a technology company than auto manufacturers, pharmaceutical corporations, or food conglomerates.

The latter all use and develop technology too, but we name them according to their products and services, not the tools they use to develop and sell them. In a disciplined process of analysis we might question other assumptions too. Techno-narcissism as religion. NSA’s data should be available for public use. Photo by Robert Galbraith/Reuters Search without Google is like social networking without Facebook: unimaginable.

NSA’s data should be available for public use.

But superb proprietary algorithms and extremely talented employees only partially explain why both fields are dominated by just one firm. The real reason is that both Google and Facebook got into their fields early on, accumulated troves of data about their users, and are now aggressively exploiting that data to offer unique services that their data-poor contenders simply cannot match, no matter how innovative their business models. Take Google's personalized search or Facebook's Graph Search feature. Both features are trivial to replicate; it's the user data that makes them stand out. New Ethics. Slanguage. NeWeb.


How to Find Stories for Your Brand Within Your Organization. Help where do I find stories for my marketing?

How to Find Stories for Your Brand Within Your Organization

While it’s easy to say that stories are at the core of marketing, finding these stories may not be so easy. For many marketer’s, your company’s narratives may not be obvious. Or, they may be so familiar to you as an insider that you regard them as “ho-hum” or they may be tucked away in an obscure corner of your organization.

You need to get into an inquisitive mindset, like a child listening to a bedtime reading, and think about what is notable in the various aspects of your company, products, brands and employees. To get started mining your firm’s stories, here’s a list of questions to help get you develop some workable concepts: Ty Montague on what ‘storydoing’ means for PR. Aarti Shah For a few weeks now, consultant and author Ty Montague’s post “Good Companies Are Storytellers.

Ty Montague on what ‘storydoing’ means for PR

Great Companies Are Storydoers,” has sparked considerable interest on the HBR Blog Network. Definitive portal for social media statistics globally. Mobile User Acquisition: How the most successful developers get better users for less money. Mobile Games Monetization: What successful game developers do differently. Mobile App Analytics: What winning mobile developers use. Mobile Marketing Automation: How the most successful apps drive massive engagement & monetization. Learn SEO and Social Media. Vision Critical.

Annie's XeeMe. LINKED! Get Linked and Grow your network and Convert your network to W (...) By using the site you are agreeing to comply with these terms of use.

LINKED! Get Linked and Grow your network and Convert your network to W (...) also has a privacy policy outlined here: Privacy and by using and accessing the site you are signifying your acknowledgement and agreement to's privacy policy. Disclaimer and No Warranty does not make any guarantees or warranties as to the accuracy of the content and profiles or messages. is not liable for any inaccuracies on the site content and you are using the site at your own risk. Building a complete Tweet index. Today, we are pleased to announce that Twitter now indexes every public Tweet since 2006.

Building a complete Tweet index

Since that first simple Tweet over eight years ago, hundreds of billions of Tweets have captured everyday human experiences and major historical events. Our search engine excelled at surfacing breaking news and events in real time, and our search index infrastructure reflected this strong emphasis on recency. Panda 4.1 Google Leaked Dos and Don'ts. Josh Bachynski takes you inside Panda 4.1 with a tour of some of the top dos and don'ts for your website.

Panda 4.1 Google Leaked Dos and Don'ts

And it's about so much more than the standard "good content" refrain. Watch the video to learn more. Hi and welcome to a Whiteboard Friday with Josh Bachynski, who some people call the Ginger Rand. Today I want to talk about Panda 4.1 and the Google leaked dos and don'ts. What Is Link Building & Why Is It Important? - Beginner's Guide to Link Building. As we've discussed, links are a very important signal that the search engines use to determine rankings.

What Is Link Building & Why Is It Important? - Beginner's Guide to Link Building

So, we know that increasing the number of high-quality links pointing at your website can significantly increase your chances of ranking well. There are other benefits to link building, though, that may be less immediately obvious yet still worthy of consideration. Building relationships Link building can often involve outreach to other relevant websites and blogs in your industry. This outreach frequently relates to the promotion of something that you've just created, such as a piece of content or an infographic. Sending referral traffic We've talked about the impact of links on your rankings, but what about the impact of links on referral traffic? Brand building. How Search Engines Rank Web Pages. Once upon a time search engines looked at words.

How Search Engines Rank Web Pages

Over the years the movement has been towards concepts. Or as the new mantra goes, "things not strings. " Yes, indeed, the words on the page do come into play, but more often than not, it is more about identifying the concepts of a page or a website. Google knowledge vault. Google knowledge graph. Web World Things. CrowdFunDing. 100th Meme Keys. Curate Content Research. Soco Loco. Crowd Source Controls. Social Sites. NeWeb Modules. Internetworking. Social Learning. Seeing, Watching, Listening, & Finding You. Social peer-to-peer processes. TRANSFORMATIONS Journal of Media & Culture. Issue No. 20 2011 — Slow Media Digital Suicide and the Biopolitics of Leaving Facebook By Tero Karppi “Everyone now wants to know how to remove themselves from social networks. It has become absolutely clear that our relationships to others are mere points in the aggregation of marketing data. ☚|☟☠|☮ A search engine for social networks based on the behavior of ants. Research at Carlos III University in Madrid is developing an algorithm, based on ants' behavior when they are searching for food, which accelerates the search for relationships among elements that are present in social networks.

One of the main technical questions in the field of social networks, whose use is becoming more and more generalized, consists in locating the chain of reference that leads from one person to another, from one node to another. The greatest challenges that are presented in this area is the enormous size of these networks and the fact that the response must be rapid, given that the final user expects results in the shortest time possible. In order to find a solution to this problem, these researchers from UC3M have developed an algorithm SoSACO, which accelerates the search for routes between two nodes that belong to a graph that represents a social network. Multiple applications. Social Network Analysis. Brief Description: "Social network analysis is the mapping and measuring of relationships and flows between people, groups, organisations, computers or other information/knowledge processing entities.

" (Valdis Krebs, 2002). Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a method for visualizing our people and connection power, leading us to identify how we can best interact to share knowledge. A related practice is Network Mapping. History: Twibbon - Start something! Clustering coefficient. In graph theory, a clustering coefficient is a measure of the degree to which nodes in a graph tend to cluster together. Evidence suggests that in most real-world networks, and in particular social networks, nodes tend to create tightly knit groups characterised by a relatively high density of ties; this likelihood tends to be greater than the average probability of a tie randomly established between two nodes (Holland and Leinhardt, 1971;[1] Watts and Strogatz, 1998[2]).

Two versions of this measure exist: the global and the local. The global version was designed to give an overall indication of the clustering in the network, whereas the local gives an indication of the embeddedness of single nodes. Marta Kagan Presentations. The Secret Diary of a Bonafide Marketing Genius - Home. #GoingSocial. Socialize Your Inventory! Is Traditional Media Dead? Social Networking Savvy - April 2011.

Back to Table of Contents | April 2011 Social Networking Savvy Physicians need to be informed about how to use social media wisely. By Colin M. The Social Side of the Internet. The social side of the internet The internet is now deeply embedded in group and organizational life in America. Learn SEO and Social Media. Social Networking Through Search: Hakia Helps You Meet Others. You're Dead... If You Don't Integrate Social Media & PR Into Your Local SEO Strategy. What is Google Social Search? Controlled Experiments. Social Media Today. Social network. 10 Must Know Image Optimization Tips - Image SEO.

How to Optimize Your Content for the Top 5 Social Networks. 10 Social Apps Every Parent Should Know About by Megan Maas - BonBon Break. It's Official: Teens Are Bored Of Facebook. Most Facebook Users Have Taken a Break From the Site, Survey Finds. 55. Delete Facebook. Join In - Venue. Once upon a vine. Want Those Snapchats Back? That'll Be $300. In the digital world, few things are ever truly deleted or destroyed. Not if you have the money to get them back. That's why one company is making hay out of a new service Thursday that offers to recover Snapchats — those supposedly self-destructing pics beloved by teens and twentysomethings — from the recipient's phone. For a cool $300 to $500 per device. The Power Of Visuals In Content Marketing (Infographic) Data Must Mate + Mutate to Become Smart Enough for Us. The poietic generator: A net experience for cognitive research. Probably the Smartest Thread You’ll Read on (Social) E-Commerce… …is over at Chris “Hunch” Dixon’s site.

It’s the smartest discussion we’ve seen on the future of e-commerce, with 117 comments from industry thought leaders – including the CEOs of Fab (Jason Goldberg) and Shoply (Liad Shababo). Reputation Hacks. Advertise and Market with Women. Technology - Philippines: The innovation drive that turned social. Online Giving Made Easy.

Network For Good. State Of The Union - Bing Politics. The Value of a Social Following [INFOGRAPHIC] Social Media Monitoring, Analytics and Alerts Dashboard. Survey Reveals Social Media Demographics.