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Palak Paneer Bhurji Recipe. Palak Paneer Bhurji Recipe Palak Paneer Bhurji Recipe is a humble and fuss free recipe of classic Indian side dish Paneer Bhurji with the addition of spinach.

Palak Paneer Bhurji Recipe

The straight forward flavors of creamy paneer and luscious spinach are combined together to create an ultimate comfort side dish for the lunch or dinner menu. Bhurji is the common term widely used across the by-lanes of Indian sub continent. The term Bhurji refers to a quick stir fry dish made with either egg, paneer or any easy to cook ingredient. Behind the scene we are working on few exciting surprises lined up for our blog readers, one of them that might interest you as a reader is the fabulous series of guest posts lined up from some talented blogger friends of mine. With the post of Palak Paneer Bhurji by Deepali of Lemon in Ginger we are inaugurating the Guest Post series on the blog. Deepali says, “Lemon in Ginger is my alter ego, it is where I exist beyond family, friends – for myself. Œufs brouillés massala et flatbread. Kadai paneer gravy recipe, how to make kadai paneer gravy recipe. Kadai paneer gravy recipe with step by step photos. kadai paneer is one of the most easy and simplest recipe made from paneer. its gets its name ‘kadai paneer ‘ as it is made in a kadai/kadhai/karahi. kadai is a utensil which is similar to the chinese wok – the only difference being.kadai has more depth than the wok. in fact in india, the kadai is used as an utensil for deep frying as well as to make many vegetables dishes . this kadhai paneer recipe is a gravy version. its easy to prepare. you can make it at times when you get unexpected guests, or you are too tired or in no mood to go for an elaborate cooking process. there is one more recipe of semi dry kadai paneer also posted the blog – restaurant style kadai paneer.

kadai paneer gravy recipe, how to make kadai paneer gravy recipe

Kadhai paneer. Cuisine indienne Matar paneer. Bonjour et bienvenue dans ma cuisine.

Cuisine indienne Matar paneer

Palak Paneer {fromage indien home made inside} Malai kofta korma {La recette du film The Lunchbox & concours} Je vous en ai parlé plusieurs fois déjà ici ou encore là, The Lunchbox c’est le gros succès de l’année pour le cinéma indien avec plus de 66 000 entrées en France.

Malai kofta korma {La recette du film The Lunchbox & concours}

Le réalisateur Ritesh Batra a eu l’idée de The Lunchbox grâce au phénomène des Dabbawallahs à Bombay (Dabba est d’ailleurs le titre original du film), entreprise qui livre des repas le midi préparés par les femmes à leurs maris afin que ceux-ci mangent des plats « maison » sur leur lieu de travail. Un système de livraison par couleur est utilisé par les employés – qui sont pour la plupart illettrés – un système presque sans faille selon l’université d’Harvard qui a étudié le principe et a conclu que seulement un repas sur un million était délivré à la mauvaise adresse. C’est ce repas égaré qui est le départ de l’intrigue du film. Vous l’aurez compris, ici on parle beaucoup de cuisine et c’est pour cela que je vous en parle, bien entendu !

Pour jouer c’est simple : Le tirage au sort aura lieu vendredi 2 mai ! Lemon in Ginger. This is a truly Indian recipe which chefs, cooks and housewives around the world make it.

Lemon in Ginger

Kadhai Paneer My sister makes it too and she does it best. So I got her to teach me to cook her delicious take on Kadhai Paneer. I have always maintained that both my sisters and my mother are far better cooks than I am or hope to be. But I do try to learn as much from them as and when possible. Paneer Do Pyaza. My sister amazes me.

Paneer Do Pyaza

Each time we meet, she has a new recipe to share and treat me to. She is definitely a far better cook than I. Actually both my sisters are better than me. But irony is that I am the ‘Food Blogger’. Fate played its hand on me, I guess. I need to remember the ingredients, the proportions each time I wanna create something, but they (my sisters) can see someone cooking and replicate without effort later. My trip to home-town this year coincided with my younger sister and her kids visit. My mom finally gave up and told us to not plan and come together next year. Shahi Paneer. It's been a long time since I blogged, and I would like to thank my millions of considerate readers for not bothering me with emails and comments inquiring about my well being, though I am sure you were worried to tiny bits.

Shahi Paneer

Inspite of the long break, I have to start my post on a bitter note. All because of the receptionist at my office who refused to lend me a pen that she was idly twiddling about in her fingers. There I was, with a cheque and a deposit envelope from the nearby ATM and all I wanted was a tiny drop of her ink to write down my account number. But madam wasn't in a mood to share. She looked at me as if I had asked to borrow her husband, declared she had only one precious pen and continued twiddling it about with a smug expression that made me want to throw her across the room. I've heard people say Karma gets you for all your good and bad deeds in the next birth. But what if we have absolutely no control over what happens to us - in this birth or the next? Indian Vegetarian Recipes. Chaas recipe or buttermilk recipe, how to make salted chaas recipe.

Chaas or buttermilk recipe – this is one of the popular summer cooler made with yogurt, made all over india with some variations. chaas is not only a cooling drink but also aids in digestion. hence many people have it with their meals. it is also served in traditional thali meals in many restaurants. this is a plain chaas recipe. sometimes when i don’t have much time, i make this plain salted chaas. the chaas is only flavored with roasted ground cumin and black salt or kala namak. sometimes i don’t even add ground cumin. black salt just gives the buttermilk the right zing and taste. i also garnish chaas with coriander or mint leaves. black salt, cumin and coriander leaves all aid in digestion and yogurt is good for the gut. black salt is often added in many summer coolers. it is an intrinsic part of shikanjvi (indian lemonade), another popular north indian summer coolant. you can also add black salt add in fruit juices like apple pomegranate juice, black grapes juice etc.

chaas recipe or buttermilk recipe, how to make salted chaas recipe

Author: dassana. Palak Paneer {fromage indien home made inside} Malai paneer recipe, how to make malai paneer. Malai paneer recipe – soft, melt in the mouth creamy paneer recipe made easy and quick and also restaurant style. the paneer cubes have a similar taste like that of malai paneer tikka. however, the whole recipe is made in a pan and in flat 20 mins, if you have the paneer ready. just add a couple of minutes to chop the onions and crush the ginger-garlic. so you have a entire dish ready in 25 mins. one of the best and quickest paneer recipes.

malai paneer recipe, how to make malai paneer

Paneer makhanwala recipe, how to make paneer makhanwala recipe. Paneer makhanwala recipe – paneer or cottage cubes in a buttery, creamy, tangy and mildly sweet sauce. this paneer makhanwala recipe has restaurant like flavors and taste. the recipe is a variation of paneer butter masala and paneer makhani. basically makhani gravy is added in all three. so some people say paneer makhani and paneer makhanwala is same recipe and some say paneer makhani and paneer buter masala are same. all this confusion is because of similar gravy and the butter (makhan) which goes in the preparation of these recipes. i won’t go into this discussion because at the end what matters is the taste. basically all three recipes taste awesome. generally the makhani gravy does not have onion. however, in this recipe, i have added onion along with some whole spices. if you like creamy buttery taste in a paneer dish then you will love this recipe.

paneer makhanwala recipe, how to make paneer makhanwala recipe

Curry de pois chiches (à l’indienne) Nos pois chiche se parent d’exotisme… Une recette vététarienne aux accents indiens qui déborde de saveurs, et qui ferait manger des pois chiche à n’importe qui, même aux plus récalcitrants, si si je vous assure, c’est tellement DE-LI-CIEUX! Comment en effet résister à cet étalage de saveurs, de parfums, d’arômes chauds, piquants et affriolants?


Légumes. Paneer tikka recipe, how to make paneer tikka. Palak paneer. Malai kofta korma {La recette du film The Lunchbox & concours} Malai kofta recipe, how to make malai kofta. Malai Kofta Curry ( Rotis and Subzis) recipe. Malai Kofta - Vege-balls in a Thick Sauce. RAÏTA A LA GRENADE - Cuisine et recettes libanaises - cuisine du monde. Jeudi 9 janvier 2014 4 09 /01 /Jan /2014 14:29 Bonjour à tous les gourmands! Aujourd'hui, une raïta différente que celle qu'on a l'habitude de déguster dans les restaurants indiens en France; servie habituellement en montagne à la saison des grenades, elle est souvent accompagnée d'un dhal, un curry ou un biryani. L'ajout des graines de grenade fraîches lui donne à la fois du goût mais aussi de la texture...

Pour 4 personnes 280g de yaourt nature épais 1/2 c. à c. de cumin moulu et grillé. Mint coriander raita recipe, how to make mint coriander raita recipe. Mint coriander raita has a refreshing minty taste and a subtle lemony flavor from the fresh coriander leaves. this combo gives a slight punch and takes something as basic & simple like a raita, to a completely new level. instead of just a side accompanying dish, this raita stands out because of its strong flavors. most of the raitas are not very strong and usually are subtle, mild and have a soft presence to be served as a side dish. but this raita has very strong flavors and presence. best is to pair this raita with something light and mild main course. a few suggestions would be light rice dishes like vegetable pulao, vegetable yakhni pulao, jeera rice or the kashmiri biryani. it can go well with khichdi too. if pairing this mint coriander raita with a biryani then don’t serve with a highly flavored and spiced biryani. i had made this raita to go with kashmiri biryani which is mild and does not make use of onions, garlic and tomatoes.

Samosa recipe, how to make samosa recipe. Punjabi samosa recipe with step by step photos and tips – i love samosas and regularly buy them from outside. actually, i have eaten samosas from all over india like delhi, mumbai, goa, hyderabad, bangalore, pune… samosas are a national passion.. where ever you go, you will be able to get samosas in india. they are also a popular street food in india. the combo of samosa with masala chai is irresistible. it took me 3 failures to get a perfect samosa crust and the credit goes to a few of my friends. they were generous enough to share the tricks of making the samosa pastry and how to fry them, so that the crust is flaky and no tiny air bubble pockets are formed on the crust. to get the right texture and flakiness in the samosa pastry cover, there are two ways they are fried. apart from frying, they can be baked too for a low fat version. i experimented with all three different methods. two ways of deep frying the samosa to get the flaky crust:

Samoussa indienne. Bonjour tout le monde, pour un menu de recettes indienne surtout pour les gens qui vont celebrer le reveillon, voila une recette que je partage avec vous, j’ai trouver cette délicieuse recette de samoussa indienne, chez Meriem Abonnez-vous au blog par email j’ai vraiment aimer, la composition de la pâte, et surtout la farce, donc, c’était pour moi la recette idéale pour mon menu. les ingrédients; Bricks de pois cassés à l’indienne.

Byriani, riz