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5 Multimedia Projects for Social Studies Classes

If you teach social studies and you're looking for a new project to engage your students this year, I have some suggestions for you. All of the following ideas can be modified for use in elementary school, middle school, or high school settings. Create Virtual Tours Services like Google Expeditions are great for locating virtual tours for students to watch. Create a News Podcast Rather than just doing the standard "current events discussion day," have your students record short podcasts in which they talk with a classmate or two about current events articles they've found interesting. Build Augmented Reality History and Geography GamesMetaverse Studio lets anyone create an augmented reality game. Make a Short Documentary If we make students watch documentary videos, we should also let them try making their own. Build Multimedia Timelines The timeline project is as old as history classes. Related:  SBM rentrée 2018pedagogical innovations

Carlsberg has a new 'snap pack' that dramatically cuts plastic waste In what Carlsberg (CABGY) describes as a world first, the Danish company will introduce a new "Snap Pack" where cans are bonded together with glue. It claims the new packaging will reduce plastic waste globally by more than 1,200 tonnes a year — the equivalent of 60 million plastic bags. Plastic rings, which have been used on multipacks of canned drinks for decades, pose a risk to wildlife and have been heavily linked to increased ocean pollution. "We are working hard to deliver on our ambitious sustainability agenda and to help tackle climate change," Cees 't Hart, CEO of Carlsberg Group, said in a statement. "We look forward to giving our consumers better beer experiences with less environmental impact." The "Snap Pack" will first be introduced to the United Kingdom on September 10 in a number of Tesco (TSCDF) supermarkets, and will debut in some other European markets from late September.

Design Thinking and Other Priorities for Education in the Automation Economy This post was originally published by The 74. From a drafting board to Autocad, from a legal pad to a tablet, from eight-track tapes to downloads, my 40-year career spanned the information age from beginning to end. As monumental as those changes have been, my granddaughter may see an order of magnitude more change in her life. The election of 2016 signaled the end of the information age and the beginning of the automation age. With terrible force, 2017 ended with a series of once-in-a-century storms heralding a new era of urbanization, globalization, and automation, human systems colliding with natural systems in unpredictable ways. We’re one year into this new age, an era of novelty and complexity. This automation age is being driven by artificial intelligence, big data (and internet of things), and enabling technologies (like robotics and CRISPR). The age of automation offers unparalleled opportunity for contributions to health, longevity, safety, and prosperity. How to prepare?

簡單上手系統思考工具:Plectica 不一樣的心智圖、流程圖 心智圖、流程圖,在整理思緒上都是很好的工具。但要整理更複雜的思考、資料關係圖時,有時又會覺得還需要多一點點功能,才能解釋千絲萬縷的思考線索,或是梳理因果關係更糾結的流程。(當然,如果是手繪,可能就沒有這樣的問題。) 我在之前介紹過「MetaMap 用系統思考法工具畫圖表:整理好複雜考試理論重點」這樣的工具,他用一種稱為系統思考的理論為基礎,設計出可以畫出「更多彼此影響的全局關係圖」。 而前陣子又想利用它來畫一個系統思考圖時,發現 MetaMap 有了升級,更名為「 Plectica 」,並且變得更加親切易用。 今天這篇文章,我不從相對複雜的「系統思考」方法的角度來介紹,就讓我們暫且把「 Plectica 」當作變種的心智圖與流程圖(他的自介裡也把自己跟心智圖對比),用一個我真實的思考例子,來看看「 Plectica 」如何能更輕鬆畫出有更多影響關係的思考圖。 1. 我就以今年開始養成的跑步習慣,來演練一個思考流程:「如何開始一個跑步習慣? 我畫出來的系統思考圖,也公開給大家參考:「Plectica 養成跑步習慣思考圖」。 首先,思考如何養成跑步習慣,有幾個互相影響的子系統,包含養成跑步習慣的願景、需要什麼跑步器材、什麼時間可以跑步、要制定哪些計畫。 在「 Plectica 」中,空白處點兩下滑鼠,就能新增一張像是下圖的卡片,把需要考量的子系統放上。 2. 在每張卡片下,可以點擊卡片浮現的[+],新增所謂的[part]。 Part 可以看做子系統中構成的每個元素。 例如跑步想要達成的願景中,包含了我想獲得人生的新能量、想鍛鍊自己的心肺耐力、想練習刻意練習的方法等等。 Part 可以建立多個階層,你可以想像成用大綱清單的方式架構出子系統的每一個環節。 3. 接著,不像是心智圖往外發散。 在「 Plectica 」中,可以畫出每一個子系統,每一個元素之間彼此來回影響的關係。 在某一張卡片或 Part 上,都可以利用[箭頭符號]來畫出新的連結線,可以連到任何其他的卡片與 Part 。 例如下圖,如果買了一個跑鞋(跑鞋是跑步器材中的一部分),那麼可以有助達成肌耐力訓練的願景,因為這是一個鍛鍊工具。 或是有一個藍牙耳機,播放思考音樂,或是說書廣播,那麼有助於達成思考力更新的願景。 或者像是下圖,畫出更複雜的來回影響。 一個選擇,會牽動許多循環往復的關係,而這張圖就能顯示出這樣的影響。 4. (歡迎社群分享。

Five Places to Find Free Music and Sounds for Multimedia Projects From adding music to a slideshow to adding sound effects to videos to bumper music for podcasts, there are plenty of classroom projects that require free audio files. If you find yourself or your students in need of some free music or sound effects, take a look at these sites that offer thousands of free and legal audio downloads. Dig CC Mixter is a good place to find music for use in classroom projects like videos and podcasts. The music that you will find on Dig CC Mixter is Creative Commons licensed. Musopen's collection of free recordings contains performances of the works of hundreds of composers. The Free Music Archive provides free, high-quality, music in a wide range of genres. The National Jukebox is an archive of more than 10,000 recordings made by the Victor Talking Machine Company between 1901 and 1925. Sound Bible is a resource for finding and downloading free sound clips, sound effects, and sound bites.

Pourquoi les marques réussissent ? On a trouvé la réponse ! - L'ADN La formule est connue. "Les gens n'achètent pas ce que vous faites, mais la raison pour laquelle vous le faites." Une histoire de "sens" donc ! Et - très bonne nouvelle - la philosophie est faite pour nous aider à le trouver. Une tribune signé Philippe Nassif. De la philo en entreprise ! Entreprise et philosophie : voilà une rencontre plutôt incongrue. A cette question, c’est Simon Sinek qui a récemment donné la meilleure réponse. Ca marche pour Martin Luther King — qui n’a pas dit « j’ai un programme » mais bien « j’ai un rêve ». Bref, pas d’entreprise qui réussit sans une puissante raison d’être. "Pourquoi", le repère essentiel de l'action Or voilà : la question du pourquoi est loin d’être étrangère à la philosophie. Non pas le désir vécu comme un manque douloureux. Surtout, si la pratique philosophique a ici son mot à dire, c’est qu’elle est d’abord un véritable centre d’entraînement au « pourquoi ? Apprendre à questionner, argumenter, définir Comment on fait maintenant ?

M&S is transforming its marketing team into specialists rather than generalists Marks & Spencer (M&S) is restructuring its marketing team to take a “specialist rather than generalist” approach to ensure it has “absolute expertise” in everything it does and is a business fit for a future online. From visual merchandising and paid search, to CRM and search engine optimisation, a number of specialist teams have been brought into the function, which M&S says is allowing it to work in a much more agile and collaborative way than it has done in the past. “We’ve structured the marketing with agile teams in order to be able to respond to things like changing weather; or when products sell out online we are able to respond really quickly in terms of the content we’re serving up to customer, making sure we’re contextually relevant through channels,” explains Nathan Ansell, marketing director of clothing and home, speaking to Marketing Week. READ MORE: M&S hires first chief digital and data officer to drive ‘modern digital mindset’

untitled Cosmopolitan, Macy's To Debut AR Makeup Ads In October Issue | AList Macy’s has partnered with Hearst to place an augmented reality ad in the October issue of Cosmopolitan. The virtual make-up “try on” will allow both brands to promote digital engagement with young consumers. For the first time, digital Cosmopolitan readers with an iPhone will be able to try on make-up using augmented reality. The ads will appear in the online version of Hearst’s lifestyle magazine next month to promote beauty products offered by Macy’s. Macy’s shuttered around 100 stores in 2016 to focus on its digital strategy, which seems to be paying off. Cosmopolitan‘s core reader base is between the ages of 18-34, so the publisher has been focused on integrating digital into its print strategy as well. Offering augmented reality would allow Cosmopolitan‘s advertisers to engage with this core demographic on a personal level, especially when selling make-up. For this reason, augmented reality has been a key piece of technology for the prosperous beauty industry.