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Einsteins Riddle Game - Free Online Flash Games Play Download. Expand your vocabulary! Lateral Thinking Puzzles - Preconceptions. Lateral thinking puzzles that challenge your preconceptions. Brain Teasers, Riddles and Puzzles. Puzzle Pirates.

Puzzles by Eric C. Harshbarger. For my whole life I have been interested in puzzles and games, and in the last few years I have been fortunate enough to turn that passion into a profession.

Puzzles by Eric C. Harshbarger

I design all types of puzzles: paper-and-pencil brainteasers, physical/manipulative puzzles, number puzzles, riddles, and all-day scavenger hunts for people to explore. My work has been for companies all around the world. Puzzles of mine have appeared in the Perplexcity alternate-reality games (by Mind Candy), in Wired magazine, GAMES magazine, at Lone Shark Games events, in puzzle calendars, on-line treasure hunts, and so forth. I host annual puzzle parties where many of my initial puzzle ideas are play-tested by very patient friends. A Simple Guide to Cryptography. Cryptography is an ancient mathematical science that was originally used for military communications, and designed to conceal the contents of a message should it fall into the hands of the enemy.

A Simple Guide to Cryptography

Recent developments in cryptography have added additional uses, including mechanisms for authenticating users on a network, ensuring the integrity of transmitted information and preventing users from repudiating (i.e. rejecting ownership of) their transmitted messages. In today's world of electronic commerce on the Internet, the need for secure communications is obviously crucial. Cryptographic technologies provide enterprises with the best mechanisms of protecting their information, without putting the business at risk by exposing it on the Net. What is Encryption? The safekeeping of keys, in other words their generation, storage and exchange, is of paramount importance to ensure the security of the data. Symmetric Cryptography – Secret Keys Asymmetric Cryptography – Public/Private Keys. Games for the Brain.

Unsolved Problems. Ciphers & Puzzles. Index of free personality tests and intelligence tests. The Perplexus Epic Is The Most Challenging Maze Around. The Superplexus. This is the three-dimensional spherical labyrinth that challenges the limits of your manual dexterity and spatial understanding as you maneuver a 5/8" wooden marble through its entire course.

The Superplexus

The Superplexus is a complex network of chicanes, multi-planar hairpin turns, spirals, and staircases--even a vortex. Hand made from 3- and 6-ply Finnish birch that form the track, over 400 hours are involved in its construction. The labyrinth is set inside a 36" diameter acrylic sphere affixed to a Jatoba base using a stainless steel gimbaled mount that allows you to tilt the sphere in any direction to guide the marble. The entire track laid out on a straight line is 31' longer than a football field. In addition to the track, the ball must travel on a 1/16" diameter stainless steel wire pathway at eight points along the journey.

30 Questions Guaranteed to Make You Think. Instead of giving you information that you want, I’m going to teach you something today by being indirect.

30 Questions Guaranteed to Make You Think

Here’s the lesson: everything you need, every revelation I’ve had, and everything that I could possibly write about on this blog, ca n be found inside yourself. Rubik cube solved in 20 movements or less. Brain Games & Brain Training. mentally stimulating diversions. Personality Tests. List of paradoxes. Some paradoxes - an anthology. Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena. Test Your Brain With Brain Teasers and Games. Below you can find the Top 50 Brain Teasers and Games that Sharp­Brains read­ers have enjoyed the most.

Test Your Brain With Brain Teasers and Games

The Tree of Logic. Optical Illusions. Gotcha!

Optical Illusions

But the rest of these optical illusions are on the level. What are illusions? Illusions trick us into perceiving something differently than it actually exists, so what we see does not correspond to physical reality. Hence, the word illusion comes from the Latin verb illudere meaning, "to mock. " In addition, some illusions show us one thing in a picture, while someone else sees something entirely different in the same picture. Very Difficult Analytical Puzzles. Sliding Block Puzzles. The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever.

The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever is a logic puzzle invented by American philosopher and logician George Boolos and published in The Harvard Review of Philosophy in 1996.

The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever

Puzzles.COM Home. Laser.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) Kuku Impenetrable Metal Ball Puzzle. Account | Wish Lists | Fortunes | Bug Us 1-888-GEEKSTUFF or Live Chat. Magic IQ Gift Box. "A box without hinges, key, or lid, Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

Magic IQ Gift Box

" - Bilbo Baggins If you want something good sometimes you need to work for it. Look at your ungrateful friends and relatives. You give them nice gifts and get a half-hearted "thank you" with no true appreciation for the time you took from your busy gaming schedule to visit a physical store and select something. Finally with this gift box you can give a gift and gain evil vicarious enjoyment for yourself. This devious box of delight can be used to store a small gift, then you can give it to your unsuspecting giftee and watch the fun begin. This gift box is not the same as those Chinese puzzle boxes you may have seen before with multiple sliding parts you push in a certain order. Product Features. Fiendish Japanese Pocket Puzzle. These palm size puzzles are almost too deviously evil to inflict on you and your friends.

Fiendish Japanese Pocket Puzzle

The moment these solid metal precision crafted monstrosities arrived from Japan, productivity at the ThinkGeek world headquarters dropped to an all time low as puzzle solving obsession kicked in. In fact we barely had time to write this description because we've been fiddling with these lovely things for days. Isis Impossible Metal Puzzle. Revomaze Extreme Puzzle. Creativity Challenge . Creativity . PBS Parents. Home » Flex your problem-solving muscles and spark your inventiveness.

Creativity Challenge . Creativity . PBS Parents

Educational Games @ IQ Matrix Blog: Accelerating Your Human Potential. NewMedia Puzzler.